Juicing Ginger Root

juicing ginger root

Spice up your juicing with ginger root! Use of the ginger root dates back at least five thousand years and it is one of the most widely use herbs in the world.  Actually ginger is a rhizome (underground stem) with shoots that resemble bamboo.  The skin of ginger is a pale tan color that looks rather woody.  The yellow flesh inside holds the flavor, aroma, and medicinal properties of the plant.  It’s taste is spicy, pungent, and slightly citrus.

Medicinal Uses of Ginger

Most commonly ginger is known to settle and upset stomach.  Remember your mom giving you ginger ale when you had the flu?  Ginger is also used for it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. It’s also considered a “diaphoretic” which means that ginger stimulates sweating and releasing of toxins through the skin.   Here are some other uses for ginger:

  • indigestion
  • motion sickness
  • menstrual cramps
  • colds/flu
  • headaches
  • lower cholesterol
  • inflammatory conditions such as arthritis
  • boost the immune system

Juicing Ginger Root

Ginger can give your juices an invigorating kick and jumpstart your immune system.  It’s strong stuff, though!  Start with about a quarter inch slice and peel the very outer layer.  Put it through your juicer as you normally would.  You might feel the burn from volatile essential oils.  That’s the ginger stirring up your circulation.  If it’s “no sweat” for you,  turn up the spice and add a little more.

Your Turn
Let’s hear it–How much ginger can you handle in your juice?
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  1. I usually put about an inch or so in my juice, but if I’m making enough for the kids too I’ll go down to about half an inch.

  2. I like to put about an inch in my juice. When I’m getting ill I will do a 1 oz shot of juiced garlic followed by a 1 oz shot of juiced ginger.

  3. I love ginger! I started eating a ginger jam in addition to making sure it’s in every juice i drink – since October my left thumb has been acting up and really hurting (I think I hurt it during two household moves and remodeling a home) – and since I’ve been doing this the pain has completely gone away!

  4. Added ginger to my juice and BARF-O-RAMA!!! IT’S SO STRONG! It’s my first time trying it ever.

  5. Awsome, I juice kale, spinach,lemon,apples pineapple and ginger. Absolutely the best great for your ammune system and if you have inflammation trust me everyone has inflammation in the body. Try it and taste the kick of ginger.

  6. CAUTION: it can be strong if you’ve never tried ginger root before!

    If you are juicing ginger for the first time, I would suggest you juice 1/4 of an inch of ginger in addition to your regular fruits and veggies. Juice the ginger first so the other flavors will dilute it. Add more when you’re good and ready.

  7. I usually juice a bit more than a quarter pound of ginger for 5 cups of juice, it’s really strong, and makes the juice really spicey, but i love the feeling of the ginger flowing through your whole body and warming you up 🙂

  8. First time trying ginger and wow very strong but at the same time I liked the feeling of it mixed it with spinach granny apple celery parsley and carrots

  9. I don’t bother trying to “peel” ginger. If it’s clean, I just cut a “thumb-nail size” of ginger into quarter-inch slices and drop it into my slow juicer, alternating it with other produce. The very thin ‘peel’ is probably just extruded with the pulp though I’ve never actually seen any evidence of it.

  10. Holy cow! Yes!! Stroooooooong!

    I eat ginger (real ginger) all the time, in this recipe or that. But I do make a daily green juice, and had meant to try adding ginger.

    I finally did. Today. I took a “small” (by my standards) piece…about the dimensions 2 men’s fingers (i.e. much bigger than an inch!), and plopped it right in there after the greens, etc. It smelled awesome!

    But… …Wow… It’s almost undrinkable! I’m literally online now just to see if others have had the same experience, as I try to choke down the burning liquid.

    Let’s just say I’ve learned my lesson. Muuuuuuuuch less, next time. 😉

    1. I recently had my 1st taste of ginger in my vaggie smoothie, and WOW! it was spicey. No one told me about its kick. Now I only use about a 1/2 pinky nail of it. I’m 54, had a prosatectomy in June 15th. Ingesting the ginger root along with the other vaggies, I’m feeling great. My doctor gave me an overall clean bill of health March 13th. Thanks Ginger.

      1. You get used to the ginger. I used to be the same way, now I use 1 1/2 inches or so 🙂

  11. LOL…JODY!!! I’m doing the exact same thing…I mean I’m embarrassed to say exactly how much I added….WAY more than all of you have mentioned….I have a concoction of spinach, strawberry, apple, celery, beetroot, and lemon and it is STRONG. SUPER SPICY!!! I’m powering through it though…hope it doesn’t mess up my stomach later!! Only 1/2 inch at the most from now on.

  12. Is the 1/2 inch the amount that you should use per 8 0Z of juice? I usually make around 48OZ of green juice using Red Kale, Spinach, Romain Lettuce, and Baby Carrots. I want to add ginger to this but I am unsure of the amount per 8 OZ glass that I should be using. Some clarification would be appreciated..

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