I’m so glad you have found this page. I created it just for you, as a member of my community. You can download these files to listen and read whenever you want to remember that you can easily step into radiant health and well-being by following a few simple rules and having fun.


Juice Up Your Life Audio

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In the audio I share:
* The seven essentials for vibrant health
* How to know when you need to make a change in your life
* Three things you need in order to make change work for you
* How to find your purpose and have more joy
* Five juice recipes
* The 7 Day Feel Better Plan – with daily actionable steps you can take to have a better life in one week


7 Day Feel Better Plan

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7dayfeelbetterplan-001 In this booklet I give you five juicy recipes to boost your brain, heart, energy, immunity, and skin. Try one juice each day for seven days and follow my super simple Seven Day Plan and you will feel energized and excited about your life.