Astrology and digestion

It’s fun to read astrology predictions at the beginning of a new year.  Whether you believe in it or not, some of the advice can be worthwhile.  I found this article, Energies of 2009, by Sarah Biermann which mentioned the digestive system.  She says that the planet Saturn in the sign of Virgo this year will affect some people with unusual digestion and nervous energy. 

What I do know is that I’ve had some digestive rumblings in this first week of the year.  This is definitely unusual for me.  So now that I know the cause is Saturn in Virgo, what’s the solution?  For immediate relief, I like some herbal tea with peppermint, fennel, and maybe ginger.  Maybe soon I’ll have to start my first juice cleanse of 2009.

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  1. Joe’s movie about his 60 day challenge was very inspirational. I just recently got bad news that my cholesterol medication was not working as planned. When I first started this medication a few years ago it was working. I now know that this is up to me changing my lifestlye to get to my target cholesterol numbers and to loose 50 pounds. I hope that my other health issues, mainly migraines, will dissolve over time by feeding my insides in a healthy manner.

    I also decided now is the time as I am turning 40 and want to be here to enjoy my years with my 5 kids and someday grandchildren.

    Thank you Joe for sharing your story with the world.

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