Autointoxication – The Need for a Juice Cleanse

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Have you heard of the term autointoxication? The American Heritage® Stedman’s Medical Dictionary defines autointoxication as: self-poisoning resulting from the absorption of waste products of metabolism, decomposed intestinal matter, or other toxins produced within the body.

Do the foods you eat contribute to good health or self-poisoning? Foods that remain in the colon for long periods of time form toxins that are absorbed by the bloodstream, and pass to all areas of the body. One of the first signs of autointoxication is lethargy, but you may not recognize it. We tend to overlook our bodies messages until things have progressed much further.

The most common sign that people recognize is chronic constipation. But there are other signs as well. Chronic fatigue, frequent colds, food cravings, insomnia and may all be attributed to a toxic colon. If you have any of these, think of the foods you eat. Does your diet include lots of fresh vegetables and fruits? Are the foods you eat high in fiber? These are necessary for a healthy colon.

If you have chronic constipation and are taking over the counter laxatives, you won’t be addressing the real problem. Your body is not absorbing good nutrients.

Consider doing a juice cleanse with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. If you’ve checked with your doctor and are in otherwise good health, this may benefit you. Over a period of 3-5 days you could regain some of that vital energy and may start you on a new road to being the best you.

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