Autumn Colon Cleanse

Colorful vegetables and fruitsAutumn is upon us, and as the days grow colder, it makes us think of storing up for winter. Autumn harvest comes in and warm clothes are unpacked as we settle in for our version of hibernation. Our bodies naturally want to store up for winter also by holding onto some extra nutrition and fat cells.

The best cleansing program for the fall season targets the colon by giving it proper nutrition and support for the coming months. Liquid juice fasts should be kept to a minimum, perhaps one to two days, as the body needs fuel to keep warm. Use fresh greens and vegetables that are in season during the juice cleanse.

Fiber is important to colon health, so some people choose to keep the fiber in their juices by blending them in the mixer, rather than using a juice machine. After the cleanse, additional fiber should be taken to maintain the colon so it doesn’t get “stuck” during the winter. In addition to fibrous foods, the diet can be supplemented with psyllium husks, flax seed, oat bran, or acacia fiber.

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