Fruit Juice Cleanse

Fruit has many benefits for a juice cleanse. Lemons are alkalizing. Grapes purify the blood. Oranges contain loads of vitamin C. Apples may strengthen your bones and lower your cholesterol.

So why do some experts tell you to stay away from fruits when juice cleansing? These fruits, while beneficial, also contains a lot of sugar. Natural, yes, but sugar nonetheless. I have found that when I’m juicing, if I consume too many fruits, it makes me rather shaky. This is because fruits actually speed up the detoxifying process. Detoxifying too quickly can cause many side effects.

If you want to add fruits into your juice detox plan, I suggest limiting them to your morning juice, or adding only one type of fruit to a vegetable juice blend. Prepare for your cleanse by eliminating processed foods and caffeine at least one week prior. This may help reduce side effects.

Should people with diabetes avoid eating fruits? Here is Dr. Andrew Weil’s viewpoint.

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  1. I agree to much fruit juice makes my shaky too. I only drink a glass of cherry juice on the morning and a glass of orange juice with dinner.

  2. My question is how can or how long can the juice stay fresh if you make enough for work or on the go, in a fridge.

  3. The juice can stay fresh for up to three days, especially if the juice is cold pressed. You can also freeze the cold pressed juices and that way they can be good for up to six months. Hope this helps.

  4. Drinking a glass of cherry juice from Traverse Bay Farms every morning for the past year has helped me to lose 30 lbs. It also helped my arthritis pain and sore muscles.

  5. About the freshness of the juice?? I read that you have to drink fruit/veggie juice within 30 min of juicing because they lose most of their enzymes. Is there truth to this?

  6. I find that fresh veggy juice in the fridge starts to taste old after a few hours.
    However, I recently purchased a Foodsave Vacuum Sealer with an external attachment to vacum seal Mason Jars. I’ll Juice a Gallon of Veggies, then immediately pour it into mason jars, then I vacuum seal them. ITs ewasy and wuick, and I find the juice stays fresh much longer, like as long as two days in the refrigerator.

  7. I am doing a 30 day detox, I have a fruit juice in the morning and a veggie juice for lunch. I an finding when I drink the veggie drink for lunch it makes me feel sick but if I drink it in the evening before I go to the gym I am okay. Would it be okay to drink a fruit juice for breakfast and for lunch then leave my veggie juice for when I get home from work??? I just don’t want to gain weight, I’m looking to get ride of toxins and loose some weight. Will drink the 2 fruit juices a day affect my weight??


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