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Preparing for a Juice Cleanse

Juice cleansing really isn’t something you should decide to do today and start the very next day. Your body, your mind, and your refrigerator need some preparation. Here are a few things to remember when planning your juice cleanse:

Set the date – Plan to do a cleanse on the weekend or during a period of low stress.  Set this date to begin about a week or more in the future to allow yourself enough time to get used to the idea and follow through with the steps below.

Get rid of toxins – You might think that by juicing you’re removing all toxins, but think again.  Do you consume alcohol, caffeine, red meat or dairy?  These are sources of toxins and if you continue to eat these, you’ll hinder your cleansing process. To help your body cleanse, begin eliminating these things from your diet a week before the cleanse.

The mental zone – Your state of mind can either make or break your success with a juice cleanse.  During your cleanse, once your hunger has subsided, your mind may still think it needs food.  Prepare for this possibility with daily affirmations.  Have faith that you will be able to finish the cleanse.

Equipment and recipes – You will need a juice machine to make the juice.  This is different from a blender.  A juice machine separates the juice from the fiber.  If this is your first cleanse, you may be wondering about recipes.  You can find some recipes on my site here, or consider purchasing a book of recipes.  The one I recommend is called The Juicing Bible.

Prepare your fruits and vegetables – It’s best to shop for your produce a day or so in advance.  You can wash the vegetables and cut most of them so they’ll be ready to make juice on the spot.  Remember to cut them into sizes that will fit into your juicer.

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  1. I just finished the documentary and will be discussing with my fiance about changing our lives! We will hopefully be starting to juice in six days from now! Thank you for waking us up!

  2. I am so excited to get started on my juice cleanse. My fabulous juicer has been ordered and should be here in a few short weeks. I will be taking this time to prepare for my cleanse. I thought I would start off with a goal of ten days and see what happens from there. This is an exciting time indeed.

    Ari L

    1. Vegetables, especially the green ones contain protein. The fiber is removed for a reason, so that the body does not spend energy on digesting food but instead uses energy to detoxify. A Juice cleanse is short term detoxification process, not a long term diet. Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks Carey. I was just thinking that shouldn’t my Vitamix be well enough to do the job instead of purchasing a juicer. I really can’t afford a juicer right now and was hoping that my “fancy” blender would be sufficient. So, if I understand correctly, a juicer separates the fiber from the juice and then the body works more on detox versus digesting fiber ?
        So, regardless, I need a juicer versus just a blender, correct ?
        Just curious because there are many green smoothie recipes that came with the blender, but I’m assuming these just aren’t the same and won’t achieve the same effect. Am I on the right path ? Thanks for all that you bring to us 🙂
        ~ a newbie

        1. Yes Sarah, You are on the right path 🙂 There are many inexpensive juicers on Amazon, you don’t have to buy top of the line. One of my juicers is a Juiceman Jr. and it works just fine.

      2. “Thank you” Carey, I have been researching information about why juicing is the way to go over blending and you have finally answered this question. I also read that the juice should be consumed right away, as soon as juicing is completed, to prevent any contamination. Does this mean that it cannot be stored in the refrigerator until consumption at a later time?

  3. Thank you Joe Cross for opening my eyes again. I knew about the benefits of juicing as I juiced in the past when I was on a cancer recovery program. But since that time back in 2001, I have managed to get myself back to being fat and sick.

    I started my juice fast today and I am planning on doing the 60 days. I am thankful for the information you have out here. Wish me luck!


  4. Today (3-10-12) I just got in my juicer/food processor and is the first day of my 60 juice diet,.. I’m thus fasting from McBlubber, Burger Fat, and other processed gue food. I current weigh in at 336 and my target is 195!

  5. A friend of mine who drinks juices on a daily basis with her family advised that while on this juice fast I should also consume nuts – almonds or whatever. Is this okay to do? I have ordered my juicer and plan on starting in five days.

  6. Hi this is Art- I saw the documentary Fat Sick and Almost Dead, on the 4th of July
    That ment, I decided to stop eating meats and other foods. Today, July 7th was my very first attempt at juicing for myself. I have no desire to return to eating meats any time soon if at all, ever.
    My current weight is 196. I miss having a washboard stomach, and not being tired.
    I have the inner strength, Faith, and mind to complete this cleansing and lose the ugly weight I no longer desire
    To carry around.

    We all have similar yet different reasons for wanting to make this change, I wish you all the best. I’ll
    End using a quote from P90X –

    “Decide, Commit, Succeed!”

  7. My husband and I started our juice fast 3 days ago, after watching Joe Cross take his journey. We didn’t really eat red meat as part of our diet, we eat mainly veggies. So we really felt this would be easy for us. …..but….I wish I knew about the darn headaches we would get, the are a bit like a migrain.

    I am an avid runner and even doing that with the head pain is so hard….I took a few day off from running. When the head pain goes away I will be running again.

    Any idea how long this might last? Anyone gone through this? Please let me know…;)

    Not giving up, this too shall pass!

    Thanks for all the great blogs and advice everyone is posting.


  8. Also when juicing do you have to stick to veggie juices or can it me mixed up by adding a fruit juice daily?


  9. I am truely AFRAID. Afraid of the fact that I might not finish what I started,Afraid of FAILURE.I am a mother of four and they have always came first. How do I seperat the two,How does this become about me and for only me.I need to do this for myself and for my family because without me there’s no them.I’m 175lbs overweight and 31 yrs of age, true I’d let my health go but I want to do something about it, I want to be healthy first and if losing the weight follows then thats great to. I HAVE TO BE FIRST this time around for me. Are there any tips?

    1. Marielle, Taking care of yourself is one of the best things you can do for you AND your children. No one loses here! As a mother I know that guilt creeps in and tries to sabotage your efforts, but it will pass if you don’t give in to it. Just know that you are beautiful and you deserve to be healthy. Period.

      Even if you only juice for one day, you have to look at it as a success. That’s one day you didn’t eat hamburgers! Take it day by day. Believe in you!

  10. My son and I started juicing today and it is hard. But we decided to stick with it. we both are overweight and need this.

  11. i cant find the plan..like how many times a day do we drink the juices..and stuff whats the process??

  12. I am on Day 1 of juicing program and I am ready to cheat but I know I can do it. I am a little confused cause I feel so hungry…

  13. Hi, I was wondering did you eat any solid food at all on the 60 day diet?
    Of course we all saw the juice but just wondered about the nuts and beans you mentioned.

  14. I am nearing the end of the planning stage and beginning my juicing experience. The juicing makes complete sense to me as does Dr. Furman’s Eat to Live book which I plan to follow after juicing. I am not obese, but do feel I should lose about 20 pounds. I have a life-long history of sugar addiction and am 57 years old. In addition to losing a few pounds, I want to end my sugar addiction and the feelings of failure associated with it, not to mention reducing my heart attack and cancer risks. I don’t know any one to invite to join me in this experience as it’s pretty extreme to my friends and acquaintances so I will rely on blogging and look to the support of fellow bloggers and my husband. I am married but my husband has already lost 10 pounds on the Eat to Live program. I am grateful he is willing to make over his diet and become a vegan. After all, he is The Barbecue Master! It’s Friday, and I plan to start tonight.

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