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Prepare Your Body for Juice Cleansing

So you’ve decided to do a juice cleanse. Maybe you watched the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and it inspired you so much that you want to go right out to the store, buy up a cart load of veggies and start your cleanse tomorrow. Am I right? Juice cleansing is a great idea and I’d like to share some tips on how to prepare your body for juice cleansing.

Before you start any juice fasting program you first need to prepare the body to accept the clean and healthy juices. You have to get the body and mind in alignment. Yes, your mind might be ready to jump right in, but if you do that your body will suffer. (Did you skip over that little part in the movie when Joe Cross spent three days in bed because he didn’t prepare his body?) You definitely want to prepare for your cleanse. You will get better and longer lasting results with less pain.

Prepping the Canvas

Your body is like a canvas. Preparing the body to cleanse is very similar to preparing a canvas to paint a work of art. I’ve spent many years as a professional artist and each time I have the inspiration to paint I always prepare the canvas first. ALWAYS. If I don’t prepare the canvas with a gesso, or texture or underpainting, my paints will not give me the desired results.

Likewise, I always prepare my body before cleansing. When I prepare the body for juice cleansing I get results of longer lasting weight loss, less side effects and a generally happier cleanse.

Ways to Prepare the Body (Prep the Canvas)

How you prepare your body’s canvas will depend on your level of health, and the length of your cleanse. I start preparing my body to cleanse at least one week before the cleanse. This gives my body time to adjust and reduces any initial side effects such as headaches.

juice cleansing

Here are some suggestions:

• Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet so that your body will recognize them when you start your cleanse.

• Cut back or eliminate red meats, cheeses, and packaged foods

• Eat fiber rich foods or take a fiber supplement

• Use an herbal cleanse product to tone an build your body’s system. I recommend Total Body Cleanse.

• Drink more water

• Substitute one juice or tea for your morning coffee to cut down on coffee addiction

Do you have any tips to share? Leave your comments below.

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  1. This is kinda like how i quit smoking too, I made myself a quit day, I think it was something like a month away from when I decided to give up, read a fabulous book by Allen Carr, and have been smokefree for about 9 months after over 30 years of smoking. Yes I totally agree preparation of the mind and body is paramount, I am saving at the moment to buy me a decent juicer

      1. Hi Kerryanne

        i gave up somoking the same way… it had now being 5 years.. unfortunatly i then went to food and wrong kind of food.. now i have l this un healthy weight. so i am looking at saving for a decent juicer.

        I have read theat breville is a good brand.

  2. how long should the prep be?
    a day, a week, a month before the cleanse?

    i’ve changed my diet, last august. i’m about 90% vegan/plant strong. i’m not a coffee drinker, and this week i started paying very close attention to my hydration.

    am i ready for a juice cleanse for this weekend, or should i “prep” for it?

  3. I’m about to start a cleanse after watching Joe Cross’ film and i’ve been gathering info in your website which it’s been of a lot of help but I still have a question. Do I drink the same juice everyday when I’m on the fast?

  4. Hi Carey
    I looking at doing a cleanse with the “3 in 1 detox & cleanse” do i still need to take a fiber supplement as well. what would you suggest?

  5. My biggest obstacle is dinner time. We’ve been eating dinner at the same time for over twenty years. Now that I juicing I get really hungry at that time. Drinking more juice or water is not helping. Any suggestions?

  6. I was so inspired after viewing the documentary, “Fat. Sick and Nearly Dead”, I researched the web, bought juicing books and a juicer. After a week of mental preparation I’m ready to begin a 60 day fast. It’s pretty scary, but I think I can do it one day at a time. This first week I’m not working so I can relax, meditate, walk and just plan focus on my fast to develop to habits of the fast. I am curious as to which recipes to use. Do I only drink the Mean Green recipes?

  7. Hi! Thank you for all the information! I saw on a website that i can complement my juice fast with almond milk (in the morning, and before going to sleep) besides the green juice and fruit juice during the day, what do you think about it??
    Im a little bit confused about this!

  8. We are following the weekend juice clean with Joe Cross via Dr OZ. The juices’s recommended are more the 32 OZ each. Is that supposed to be coreect?

  9. Hi My name Is Victoria. I am 30, about to be 31 in August. I somehow found myself at a weight of 170lbs. I am completely shocked at how my body has changed. I believed it was from just not being active enough. I always eat salads and healthy foods and now have decided to do juicing. I just read the above post on trying a detox cleanse first, which makes sense. I bought a juicer early this morning and the last thing I need to do is shock my body and be miserable, I do have a 11 year old daughter. I’ll try and keep you posted, I want more energy and above all weight loss. I’m just comfortable being 135, I am 5’4″ and I was just wondering with juicing what kind of exercise is healthy to do. I’m used to the insanity and or les mills combat, but if I need to bring it down a notch please let me know, bc I want to best results without killing myself. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the journey.

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