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Start a Juice Fast Like Joe Cross

joe cross

Who is Joe Cross you ask?  In many ways Joe is (was) a typical person.  Like many Americans and also Australians (where Joe is from) he worked too hard, played too hard, and ate too much.  After years of this self abuse Joe tipped the scales at over 300 lbs.  The extra weight caused health problems for which he took medication and he was at risk for a heart attack.

With a flash of inspiration Joe realized he needed to change his routine in order to change his life.  “I felt like I needed to give my body the energy it needed to perform the function of self-repair. I thought, ‘If I just get out of the way, it will heal itself,’ ” .

Joe enlisted the help of Dr. Joel Fuhrman in America and began a 60 day juice fast.  He traveled across the country, with a juicer in the back of his car, to share his new found love of juice and talk with people about their lifestyle habits and hopes for the future.  The inspirational journey was documented in the film Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

Remarkably Joe lost 82 lbs on his juice fast and helped many others to do the same.  It has created such a buzz that people are wanting to know how to start their own juice fast like Joe.

Tips for a 60 day juice fast

1.  If you are on any medications or have any health problems, have a medical professional monitor your progress.

2.  Start out with a small goal, say 10 days.  This makes the task more manageable mentally and makes it easier to chart daily progress.  Not everyone needs to fast for a full 60 days.  As in #1, a medical professional can help you determine what is right for you.

3.  Though it would appear in the film that Joe just woke up one morning and started juicing, it is best to prepare mentally and physically for at least a week prior to the cleanse.  You can read about my preparation process here.

4.  Easy does it.  This is not the time to multi task.  Take a few days off or lighten your work and responsibilities.  Your body will be hyper focused on cleansing during this period, so relax and let your body work it’s magic.  Light stretching or walking is all you need to do to assist.

5.  Continue drinking water.  Water has an important function of flushing out the toxins and waste.  You still need to drink plenty of water.

6.  If you experience any adverse effects besides light headache and fatigue in the first few days, consult a professional.

7.  Congratulate yourself on ANY progress made!

Happy Juicing!  BONUS!  Here’s the recipe for Joe’s Mean Green Juice!


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  1. I watched his video, I have talked to my doctor ALL IS A GO! I bought my Juicer. I have several questions and if you can answer them, I will be all set:

    1. Now how many times did Joe and Phil drink the juice a day? I mean was it 4 times a day?

    2. If so, was it 8oz 4 times a day?

    3. Did they ever juice and keep it in a container to drink through out the day?

    Please help and thank you so much. 🙂


      1. Another tip to add..If you absolutely can’t get past the taste of the green juice, it’s more than likely because of the kale, spinach, and sometimes the cucumber peel. I figured out after the first three days that there had to be another way. So simply juice your kale and/or spinach first, into a smaller cup. There really won’t be a whole lot there to be honest, maybe a little over 1/4 cup, and then take it like a shot. Have some water to back it up with. The taste will be strong, but it will be gone in a few seconds, rather than trying to drink 20 ounces of juice that taste exactly like what you just shot down your gullet. This makes the remaining ingredients taste so much better! Try it!

  2. Hi Andy, Congratulations on your decision! How much you drink is up to you and what your body wants. around 64oz is a typical place to start. Or you can go up from there. I tend stay on the lower end. Your juice will retain the most nutrients if you drink it right away. But if you have to go to work or save some for later, keep it refrigerated in a container with a tight lid and discard after 12 hours.

    Good luck and keep us informed on your progress!


    1. No good after 12 hours? That kills my scheduling. Do you have any other suggestions? I work 24 hours, and the only way to bring my juice is in a container. Does it go bad after 12 hours?

        1. From Joe Cross’ journal: at home make enough juices for the first few days of your trip. Freeze them and then take them along in a cooler

  3. for first timers you recommend 10 days, of 32-64oz per day. Any recipe on your site is allowed and nothing other than the juice correct?

    1. Tessa, there are many different forms of the juice fast and yours will be unique to you. These are starting points. You may juice for longer or shorter depending on your situation. Juice fasting does imply only liquids however some people do a modified juice diet and consume a very light meal such as steamed vegetables once per day. Any juice recipe is allowed and you can make up your own. Just be aware that fruit juices have more sugars which speed up detoxification and can sometimes cause the jitters. Not to worry, just add more veggies, especially the green ones. Good luck!

  4. Hi, I would like to start the juice diet but Im not sure what recipe or type of fruits to take. I would like to go on the diet for about 15days….. please can you advise on what fruits and type of veggies to eat…
    Thank you very much

    1. Tomi, just about any fruit and vegetable can be juiced. Most common fruits and vegetables for juicing are apples (green is usually better due to less natural sugar), oranges, cuties/clementines, tangerines, grapefruit, carrots, lettuce, kale, celery, ginger, beets, spinach. I would suggest making a combination of any of these. And switch it up. When you do the leafy greens (like lettuce, kale and spinach) do a little at a time thru your juicer followed by an apple piece or carrot stick or celery stalk.

  5. This may be a stupid question but I wanted to supplement the juicing with meals of fuits and veggies, can you add thigs like salad dressings or butter and seasonings to the veggies? or maybe yogurt with the fruit?

    Thanks! You are a great inspiration to me.

  6. @Jill – remember that by adding solid foods you are no longer fasting. If you want to include raw fruits and veggies try doing so only on the first and last day of the cleanse so that you can have some juice only days in the middle (1-3 days for beginners). Many salad dressings contain sugars and preservatives. This is not recommended for any type of cleanse. Dairy products aggravate mucus membranes, allergies and digestion and are therefore not recommended.

    1. i would like to know what the mean green concoction, what is it??? and how much of each do i need please help

  7. What is your take on drinking green tea while on the cleanse or maybe adding it to the juice. Would this be something that is ok to do or should be avoided? PS- this site is great, Thanks for your time!

    1. Chris, personally I do drink a bit of tea while on a cleanse. Herbal teas (or tisanes) that aid in digestion and cleansing would be the first choice. You may find some nice blends at the health food store. Green tea is also good for its antioxidant properties, but it has caffeine, so easy does it 🙂

  8. So I just made my first mean green concoction. It’s not bad at all! I think I can get used to it. My question is..if I decide not to do an all out cleanse, will I still benefit from supplementing one meal a day instead with this drink? I’d like to loose weight but I don’t care to do it so quickly. I wanna do it slowly while exercising to tighten up. If I won’t benefit from it this way I just won’t bother getting used to it. lol..thanks in advance for your time 🙂

    1. Anna Lee,
      Your health will definitely benefit even from one green juice per day. Many people do this to maintain a healthy weight! Your local health provider can help you work out your specific plan. Best of luck!

  9. Hi, I just wanted to thank you. I have struggled with my weight ever since i was around eight years old. I am currently 21 and i weigh 339 lbs. I thought there was no hope for me. I resigned myself to always being over weight and not being able to have children because of that was hurting me mentally. i now have hope that i can tackle this weight and get healthy for myself and for future children. 🙂 I have done my week of preparation and tomorrow morning I start my cleanse 🙂 I am happy that I have come this far as to having my mind made up about this. Thank you so much! You are truly an inspiration.

  10. I just watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead what an inspiration. I am a mother of 3 and in serious need to regain my health. I went out today and bought a juicer and found several receipes that I would love to try. I need to lose a total of at least 100lbs not all at once but I know that if I can lose half of that I will start working out regularly again. I have not been this excited about a diet in many years. Thanks Joe

  11. Thanks Joe!!! We watched your movie last night and it really inspired me and my family to start juicing again. We did it before mainly with carrots and got burnt out on them. This gave me many more ideas for recipes. We have a huge garden which helps on the pocket book. We had our juice tonight and I LOVE the mean green recipe! I instantly had more energy and clarity. I forgot how good I felt when we were juicing. We don’t struggle with obesity, but I got my pot belly back. I didn’t have one when we were juicing. Cheers!!

  12. i have a question on what to eat after the 60 day fasting. what kinds of foods do you eat? do you eat meat now or do you stick to fruits and veggies. just curious cause i plan on starting soon. thank you!!!!

  13. In the movie you were making juice in your car. I travel a lot and was wondering how you were able to power it?

    1. Go to any office max or even amazon.com and grab yourself a power inverter that has a cigarette lighter attachment.

  14. I too watched your movie and was inspired. I just bought my juicer too. Question – why is it important to give up coffee on a juice fast. I am a coffee drinker, but I like my coffee black, with no creams, sugars or milk. So must I give it up.

    Thank you!

    1. Johnna,
      I can’t speak to your specific case about whether or not you should drink coffee. It a stimulant that does not aid in the detoxification process.

      1. Depending on how many watts you juicer is (how much amperage is required to run it) you may want to make sure your car is running when you do this, or else you’ll drain the battery. If you start the engine, you engage the alternator which will recharge your battery as you consume power. 😉

  15. HI! I just got done with the movie, and I loved it! It is very inspiring. I even teared up a few times. I am not looking to lose much weight, just to finally get healthy. My love of sweets consumes me! Not good. I also want to be a good example to my 3 children. Thank you so much for taking us on your journey. I am looking forward to trying the mean green juice and hopefully incorporate a few of my own concoctions.I really like smoothies with ice so I am thinking of trying the juice that way as well. Again, THANK YOU!!!

  16. you mentioned in the moveing you have your fruit juice in the morning. What is the breakfast mixture?

  17. I was just wondering on here you say “How much you drink is up to you and what your body wants. 32oz up to 64oz is typical. I tend stay on the lower end” and on this site it says “. For a juice cleanse you’ll drink approximately (4) 16-20 ounce drinks per day.” So my question is don’t you have to drink a certain amount to give your body the nutrients it needs to survive a fast??

  18. Can you incorporate nuts into the juices? i have made raw almond milk, so can that be used with any of the fruits or vegetables…so would you just make it into a smoothis instead?
    also, are there certain fruits and vegetables that just should NOT be combined…melons? beets…i’ve read scary things about beets, how you shouldn’t use too much of them and that the green parts might be dangerous? is this correct?
    thanks so much!

  19. I loved the movie just like everyone else. So, my question comes from a lack of information about Joe’s supplememts duting the juice fast. What I mean is, did he take enemas, laxatives, colon cleanse, etc….you get the idea. I’m currently on day three of my 60 day total juice fast/detox and it dawned on me to research some of the folks who’ve already done it as well as some of the supposed gurus of fasting. In a lot of what I read what came up was the notion that people should be taking supplements like algae, colon cleanse, cayenne, and so on to aid in bowel movements and overall colon health. In the three days I only suffered the first day. It was brutal like you wouldn’t believe. I threw up from the pain of the headache I got. It’s ok though because I woke up the next morning feeling fine and have been feeling so ever since. 57 to go. So, hook me up with some answers/info please.

  20. Just to be clear I don’t want to take any supplements, but I also want to do it right. If just juice and water is the way to go then let it be know. BTW…seven pounds so far.

    1. Congratulations @The Juiciest for beginning your juicing journey! There are differing opinions about taking supplements. I personally like to use an herbal cleanse in the prep week before the juice fast. Consult your health provider on your specific needs, especially since you are doing a full 60 day cleanse! Good luck!

  21. I need help!!!! I want to do this diet plan, but i really dont know how!!!! Like what fruits and veggis should we use and what are the ones we shouldnt! when should we eat and how much should we eat!!!!! I need to know the basics!!!!

  22. Hey Guys, I know protein is an important part of the diet, but how is it added during the juice fast? Are you able to eat nuts and legumes on the side or how does that work? Thanks!

    1. Sheri,
      Vegetables do have protein, especially the green ones. You can look at this chart by Dr. Joel Fuhrman which compares the protein content of broccoli, sirloin steak, romaine lettuce, and kale Protein and Nutrient Chart

  23. ya but vegetable protien is differant then meat protien isnt it? and dont you need that meat protien daily?

    1. I watched a documentary on Net Flix called Forks over Knives, it really cleared up any questions I had about animal protein.

  24. so when i am on the juice diet, am i supposed to drink the juice all day long with water. or do i only drink the juice when i would normally eat?

    1. Heidi, You can drink on whatever schedule feels best for you. Keep drinking water, too 😉

  25. I just watched the video and ordered the juicer shown. Hopefully I will hopefully have some success. I did find that the juicer was cheaper from the actual manufacture if you use a quick Google search. It will bring the price down to $119.00. I believe the coupon code is “BRGSURV20” without the quotations.

  26. Its very impressive how mental strong Joe is I’m coming aboard on the juice fasting

  27. Hello Everyone
    Just watched the film by accident (On Netflix)- watched it twice with my family and have decided to give it ago. I am 42 years old- not on any medications (so far)- weigh 295 pounds and stand 5 ft 11- I have been heavy for the past 15 years…I have had enough… How many glasses of these juices should I have per day ? Thank you for your time…

    1. The date is September 27th 2011- I have been drinking the juices for the past two months and I now weigh 250 pounds. I am thrilled to death, I feel great- I fit into my clothes and I have inspired others to try and change their eating habits. I exercise on a daily basis or at least every other day and most importantly I’m never hungry have not had any fast food for the past two months . Did I mention I’m very happy….

      For the record- I have regular meals plus the juices. I just watch what I eat and eat in moderation. Good luck everyone My next target is 225pds.

      1. your story is inspiring also! I am 47 220# and like many i just cant stand it anymore! Juicing here i Go Juicing a here i Go…. all the unwanted weight will be gone!!!! Don’t want to JUST lose… Lose implies you want to find it again!!!!

  28. HELLO. I am 16 and am interested in doing this fast thing but have a few questions before i start first of all
    1.i weigh 185 pounds
    2.i am going to do this for a month and if i see results i might go fo 2
    and 3. i bench press and want to know if it is a good idea to continue bench pressing while fasting or just wait till it is over can you please help me out.

  29. i have been on the south beach diet and have lost wieght but i can,t lose 15 pounds and i am gaining back and fouth i really want to try it

  30. hi i saw the movie with my children 19 an 23 am 49yds old and my kids are buying a juicer and they doing it to help me i have high bp and almost becomin diabetic. am 5″1 tall with 176 pounds. am hoping that i make it i really try alot of diets and i really pray this work.. i want to change my life for better. thanks joe

  31. I am on day one. Nervous but I have everything in place….I hope. All medical tests in order. I have something similar to Joe’s condition, except that my rashes are due to a fungus on my skin. I’ve been to countless doctor’s, alergists, dermotologists, all gave me an opinion instead of a cure. I don’t eat vegetables the way I did when I was young. mostly fast or over processed food. Well I go.

  32. Hello, Just finished watching Fat,Sick,and Nearly Dead.

    And I really want to do this. I have High Blood pressure and just want to be healthy again. I was a circus performer most of my life and was alway’s in shape. But now I am 41, I have two kids, two&four and not feelinging very healthy. and not happy the way I look…
    I work now backstage as a stagehand tec. and had an accident, I had a 30,000 pound set piece roll over my foot, and I lost three toes on my left foot. so i am in constent pain all the time, But am now doing a bit better and back to work after a year and a half of just laying in bed and not walking. I gaind a good 40 pounds and would love to do what Joe cross did in his movie. In one of these post someone said it’s recomaned for begginers just to do 15 day’s, Would it be bad if I tried the 60 days right away?
    thank you and sorry for the bad english spelling.

  33. a few of the nurses at work are on the juice cleanse and doing very well with it. I am trying to find the movie to watch it with my family, hoping for inspiration and answers to some questions about this type of cleanse/diet. Tried local video store. Where do you recommend we find the video?

  34. thanks for sharing, I do know there are many sick people and an educated guess would indicate that 80 percent of the ill are overweight and or undernourished. Some are both at the same time.

  35. I’m doing a juice fast right now and I love it. It has really done wonders for me. I want to find out more information about transitioning off juicing.

  36. Would it be okay If I added some salt and pepper to my steamed veggies or juice?

    1. Maria,
      If you feel as though your body is lacking the sodium you could try a small amount.

  37. I bought everything I need to start juicing tomorrow. I am going to start with a goal of 10 days and see if I can work my way to 60 days. My friends and family are not very supportive but I feel that this is just what I needed to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

  38. Hi there,
    I bought the same Breville Juicer that you said you use. I haven’t used it yet but I am concerned about how it will juice green leafy things like spinach and kale. Does it juice those well?
    Thank you!

    1. Kelli, Mine juices kale very well. Sometimes I roll the spinach up to make it more dense and that works well also.

  39. Hello, I started juice fasting, its my 5th day, i feel good everything is going great except one little problem, I have low blood pressure i think, if I’m laying down or sitting low chair and get up quickly I things get dark and feel like about to pass out or something, but in few seconds I’m good, is it common thing, should i be worried? please help. I will not stop this fasting even if i die though, i need it, i was 354lbs on April 27, 2011 this year and i change everything i did before 360 degrees, start eating healthy and working out and drinking plenty of water, I have lost 105 so far i’m 249lbs 8 pounds thanks to fasting i was 257lbs before i started fasting 5 days ago so, i’m loving this fasting and want to do at least 30 days (hopefully extend it to 60) but please help me what to do with low blood pressure I start having this since fasting.

    1. Hi George, By starting on this healthy journey you are an inspiration to many! It would be unwise of me to address your particular health issues here as your health history is unique to you. Possibly you need to drink more juice and make sure the juice contains a higher ratio of vegetables to fruits. It may be wise to consult a health care professional to monitor the blood pressure or other issues so that you may continue the cleanse.

  40. This documentary was so inspiring!

    I’m weighing in at 175 these days and I want to lose about 30 lbs, and this seems like the perfect way to start it. My budgets a little tight because I’m a college student, what’s the cheapest juicer out there that’s still reliable enough to keep on for a couple months on and off?
    If I mix and match the few recipes on this site, would it still be effective?

    <3, Vyna

    1. i purchased my juicer at a thrift store. took it home, and cleaned it up really well and away i went juicing!!!!!
      the price was way cheaper than buying a brand new one and it works just as good!!!

  41. Hi I just started my juice fast today, with my goal of ten days! But I have a question can I eat nuts seeds and beans on this fast and do they have to be juiced as well somehow? lol
    Thanks so much.

  42. Hello im on day 2 of my 60 day juice fast.Thank you for being here to answer questions.Im wondering why no vitamins or suplements while on this fast.Also my doctor has me on phentamine its a appetite suppressor she said.Im 455 lbs and im also Fat Sick And Tired but im perfect health besides obesity.Ive always eaten well just too much and not consistent.My doctor is very surprised im not falling apart at 37.Im very excited about my new life change to EAT to LIVE Not LIVE to EAT.

    Again Thank You

    1. Merlin, if you are juicing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables this should provide adequate nutrition. Generally then you won’t need additional vitamins in supplement form. Contact your doctor for questions about your specific health needs. Congratulations on your new life change!

  43. I watched the doc fat sick and almost dead, it was amazing first off. Right after watching i juiced myself a fresh glass of so many healthy things! I am 21 and 250 pounds. My ideal weight is 170-190, and i know this will help me greatly. Joe is such a huge inspiration, i’d love to meet him just to shake his hand. (He’s pretty looking 😉 haha

  44. after the 60 day cleanse what diet did they move up to. I remember joe saying juice, fresh fruit and veggies, nuts and beans but i’d like to make this a lifetime change and want to know if there are steps to take to moving up on the same diet he followed. Thanks

    1. I don’t recall Joe giving a name to the diet he followed after the cleanse. It was most likely some form of raw and/or macro diet. In general, avoiding refined foods will help a lot.

  45. Is it necessary to do enemas while on this juice fast. I noticed Joe didn’t mention any of this in the movie, but I know Kripalu wouldn’t do a juice fast for 14 days without daily enemas. nothing is mentioned about this. How do you get all the toxins out otherwise?

    Also, I understand the need for the Breville VS the Vitamix after reading your article on juicing VS blending. Most people cannot afford both for the prices that these machines go for, but what if you get a Vitamix and while on the “juice fast” just strain the juice from the pulp? Is it possible to do this? That way, when you transition back to solid foods, you can have the fiber too. Plus, the Vitamix is easier to clean, whereas the Breville is such a pain. Again, I understand the need to have the juice enter the bloodstream without taxing the colon, but if one can strain the juice, then the Vitamix makes more sense as a whole food meal replacement after the juice fast, and it saves on oxidation of the foods at a higher RPM, thereby losing vital nutrients. Is this a good compromise then?

  46. Happy New Year, everyone!! Keeping in pace with the tradition of New Year resolutions, my husband and I started our juice fast today. The current plan is to do it for 10 days and assess from there.

    My husband is doing great, but I’m having some major problems. All of the juices do not taste good enough for me to drink. I’ve probably had about 6 ounces of juice all day because I just can’t get it down. The Mean Green Juice recipe #1 was most palatable to me, but that was even tough.

    The crazy part is, I LOVE veggies, especially the green ones. I would take a big bowl of spinach or kale over most foods any day of the week. My husband is the opposite– he is not a green veggie fan, yet somehow he loves the juice. And I, a green veggie-aholic, cannot handle a glass of it juiced.

    Any suggestions?? I really want to complete this fast– I feel motivated and dedicated– but I have to consume something in the next handful of days. I’m guessing it’s a texture thing considering the flavors probably are similar, but I don’t know. This is a puzzle to me. I’m so happy that it’s palatable and therefore doable for my hubby, but I really want to participate in this juicing experience. When we move on to incorporating raw veggies into our diets, I’ll be more than good to go. But during this juicing fast (since it’s a fast, I shouldn’t be digesting anything), I have to find a way to get the goodness in me. If I could make a mixture that was tomato-based like V8, that would be great, but I don’t know if tomatoes can be properly juiced. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!! =)

    1. Hi Margo and Happy New Year! It’s so great that you’ve decided to focus on good health with a juice fast! You know, I have the same problem with certain juices. I would suggest that you start simple with just one or two ingredients in your juice such as apple and romaine lettuce. Then start adding one more ingredient at a time, maybe cucumber, then celery. With simple juices it is easier to determine which ingredients you do or do not care for. And yes! You can juice tomato. There is a V-8 version recipe in my free juice recipe book here http://myjuicecleanse.com/join-the-juice-box/.

      1. Thanks, Carey!! I appreciate the advice and the recipes!! I didn’t realize that you offered all of those great recipes in such a nice format. Thank you so much!! I’m heading to the store tonight to pick up some of the produce needed for several of them. I’m definitely going to try the V-8 one. =) Today is Day 2 and so far so good. I’m very hungry, but I’m hanging in there.

  47. Silly question probably….but a handful of the tiny baby carrots would work for 1 carrot right?

  48. Watched the movie and my wife and I (Margo, who wrote earlier) started a juice cleanse. We’re currently five days in. I’m down 10 pounds on Mean Green juice alone, where my wife is at her lowest weight in years on a variety of fruit juices and vegetable juices. We’re both looking to lose 20-25 pounds to be at our goal weights.

    As most folks who are “riding the dragon” of a juice cleanse, I’m not hungry per se. The problem is that there is an emotional NEED (capital letters) to want to chew something. I’ve got gum I’ve been using to keep my mouth moving, but still. All my wife and I do is try desperately not to talk about what we’re going to eat when things go back to “normal”. While she’s just looking to add some cucumbers with salt to her diet, I’m looking to land face first into a double decker cheeseburger. Even a regular salad with some Italian dressing has my mouth watering right now.

    The concern is that the more websites we look into about cleansing, the more we find sites that talk about the weight springing back on when we start “eating” again. My wife’s drinking a few cans of V8 caused her weight to spike back up, presumably from the sodium.

    Also, if you really have a bad day, do you just jump back on the wagon the next and start back in? I’m sure it’s better than nothing, but at the same time, we lose out on that glorious feeling of going “five days straight” on this ride. We’re supposed to go out to dinner Saturday night with friends and don’t want to look like psychopaths drinking our little bottles of green juice (nor do we feel we could emotionally handle watching other people eating in front of us!).

    I’d like to continue juicing as a part of our diet to knock out maybe breakfast and lunch while eating a reasonable dinner as it obviously, but we’re at an impasse where we’re considering breaking the juice “fast” to add light foods into our diet.

    What’s the best path to take here?

    1. Stephen,
      You’re doing a great thing by taking charge of your health. There will be ups and downs, but if you stick with a healthy post cleanse diet and exercise you can maintain good health and balanced weight. It takes work and a little bit of faith in yourself. Take it day by day and be grateful for each small accomplishment 🙂

      Oh, and for dinner out with friends you could ask the wait staff for bowls and spoons, then you can “eat” with the others!!

  49. After the 3 months of cleansing what did Joe and phil eat afterwards? Thanks for the help and support!

  50. hi my name is shawn i just watched the movie fat sick and almost dead and i realy think i want to try this fast for 10 days to start but i cant afford to go out and buy a juicer is there anything else i can try they have these drinks called naked they are all the green vegetables in juice form would this work i really do want to do this

    1. Store bought juices are very expensive and not as healthy in the long run. You can search Amazon for a low end juicer approx $30.

  51. I just started juicing a few days ago.

    I like to mix the following.

    anyone have any suggestions on other things to add?

    also for anyone that is looking to start juicing and having problems picking a juicer.
    i end up going with the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite.

  52. Hi, hope someone can help me out here with the juice recipe. I keep seeing Au or dsp (recipes in jointhereboot for example • 3/4 cup Au. and 2 tbsp and 1 dsp Blackberries) but I have no idea what they mean, can someone explain it to me pls? And the website is super slow, can not even get to community page, really frustrating. Thanks guys, have a nice day 🙂

  53. i want to know if you have a list of things to juice or is it the same every day?
    i saw the movie but it really didnt say.
    so could you PLEASE tell me what i need to juice break, lunch, dinner.
    and is that the only time or if you feel the need can you have more?
    please help, i need all the i need all athe help i can get.
    thank you, Carol :))

  54. anyone feel week or faint?? if so what did you do??
    just want to know if its the fast or if somethings
    wrong with me, thanks for any info. 🙂

  55. I am planning on doing a 4 week juice fast with my mom (I’m 37 and she is 59). I have been juicing off and on with organic greens, etc and I love it. My mom has not done any juicing and she is in need of a serious deep cleaning, detoxifying juice fast.

    Our problems (if you can call it that) is that we are on the lighter end of our BMIs and neither of us want to lose any weight at all. If we are at our optimal weight will our body be able to adjust to a juice-only diet for 4 weeks or will we lose too much weight? I really don’t want to lose any weight or my wife will get mad at me. lol

      1. I read that in order to cleanse your blood, tissue, and organs fully at least 3 weeks or more are needed. That is why I chose 4 weeks. I don’t plan on doing a juice fast this long more than once…the other times I can do little fasts like a week every six months or so. I do a liver cleanse every three months that I am very happy with.

  56. I am looking into trying this juice diet and have a Jack laLane Juicer. Will this juicer do about the same as the other one you reccomend?

    1. Cindi, I know many people who are using the Jack LaLanne juicer and are quite happy with it.

      1. Thanks Carey!!! I am still going over the info on the detox diet and plan on starting Monday. I plan to start with the Mean green juice and then try the cleansing juice recipe. And I have many in my family and facebook friends that have noticed my post and waiting to hear how I like it as they want to try it also.

  57. I am so glad cindi asked the question about the Jack LaLanne juicer, because I was wondering what juicer to buy, but could not afford the cheapest Breville juicer (approx. $150). Also was wondering if Joe Cross has an email address to write to, would just like to say how inspired i was. I am of the old school that does not “twitter” or “facebook” , etc. It would be nice to get a reply to this, but if i don’t at least i know where i am going with the juicer.

    Thanks in advance,

  58. I am on day 3 of the juicing. I stepped on the scale last night and I have already lost 8 pounds. Is this correct? It seems alike alot in 2 days! Also, I have noticed I am having BM but not like I have read some people are… Should I be concerned? I am looking to lose about 60 – 70 pds, how long should I go just strictly on the juice ?

    You are a inspriation Joe!! Thanks for caring enough to do this not only for yourself but for everyone else!

  59. I’m curious, as far as how it affects the body, what is main the difference between juicing and eating raw veggies / fruit?

    Thanks, great site!

    1. With juicing, the nutrients are separated from the fiber and become absorbed by the body quickly without having to go through digestion. It’s like a fresh, natural vitamin boost!

  60. Hi i am starting this today i have a lower back injury with 2 surguries and i was tols to lose some weight .My father in law has been jucing for years and i always avoided it so i am starting it today to lose some weight and get healthy i weigh in at 298 lbs and stand 6’1″ will let you know in ten days when i hope to go to 30 and then 60 starting smal and seeing where i end up

  61. I am on Day 3 of 10 on the Mean Green Juice cleanse, and I feel tired in the afternoons. I’ve read that day 3 is the hardest to get thru and I believe. My coworker brings cookies and soda to work and eats at her desk. Its is torture but also a challenge to see how much will power I have.

    However I haven’t noticed a change in my weight. I still weight the same. 26 year 5’4″ 159lbs. I’m I doing something wrong?

  62. First few days you will be cleansing and you will have less energy than normal, after that you should be able to continue your weight lifting with no problems. Be sure to drink your water.

  63. I am 46 and I weigh 426 as of yesterday morning. What makes this worse is I am a 5’4″ female. Not very attractive, right? Not healthy either! ;( I am on day 2 of the juice fast. I can’t stand the taste of the juice. I count to three and gulp. My options are all gone at this point. Just wanted it out there that I was trying. I know none of you know me, but it helps to let it out.

    1. 😀 I hope you are keeping up with your efforts! Mirrors and crowds can be a big Debbie Downer, but if you can get your momentum going it gets much easier. I previously did Body for Life, and after about the first month it got really easy to just stick to the routine. I lost a lot of weight, did a bodybuilding competition, and was on top of the world. But then I allowed turmoil and loss in my life to affect my eating and workout regiment…gained it all back…lost tons of muscle. I decided to do the juice fast and I am on Day 3. I feel pretty good…and I am rarely hungry. I have decided to nix the weight room for a while (I tended to get too obsessive) and just aim for 1+ hours of hiking a day. I have some stomach issues I am hoping to overcome with this fast…and I have some body image issues I would like to overcome. It is always so hard to just be happy with yourself. DON’T let anyone bring you down while you are doing this! If they say, “that’s not healthy” show them your research or tell them to mind their own business. People will cut you down when you are trying your hardest to be in shape…and then when you get ripped they will come begging for help. It’s a competition thing that we all have in us and you have to recognize that your efforts are HEALTHY and you ARE doing the RIGHT thing! Don’t let people convince you that you “deserve” a treat or you are taking it to seriously…often one step off track will lead to a binge and complete dismissal of your regiment! I really hope you are doing well, obviously your post was from AUGUST and significant time has passed, but I am curious to know if you pulled through and what your progress is? If you got off track…DO NOT WORRY! Start now! Keep in touch with people on this site…they are your friends and want the same thing as you! GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES!


    It does help to let it out and to get feed back (support). I am also 5’4″ and 2 weeks ago I was at my highest weight of 200 lbs. I was never this big even when I was pregnant so it’s scary. I have 3 beautiful kids 5, 6 & 8 and decided I had to lose the weight. My knees were hurting, my legs were killing me and I was always out of breath and tired. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid but I knew next would be diabetes, hypertension, a heart attack or stroke. I was probably just 1 cheeseburger away from a heart attack.

    I read this wonderful book called “The Healthy Heart Miracle” by Dr. Gabe Mirkin and his wife Diana Mirkin. I can’t tell you how much this book inspired me to change my life and choose life. So, here I am today…this morning I weighed 185 lbs in just 2 short weeks. I am eating right and I go bike riding or walking every day.

    YES! it is hard!!! yes! It’s easy to put on the weight but hard as heck to take it off!!! But I did the crime so I’ve got to do the time now!!! I was told before that for every 5 years of abuse to our body, it takes 1 year of recovery. In 1 short year we could change everything.


    After I started Dr. Mirkin’s healthy life diet that actually teaches you how to eat right for life, I watched the video ‘FAT, SICK, AND NEARLY DEAD’ and I loved it. I had always wanted to try juicing. I’ve done ‘The Master Cleanse’ before where you drink only a special lemon tea and I thought I couldn’t do it but I did it for 10 days.

    I ordered my Breville juicer and as soon as I get it I will begin my juicing fast hopefully for 30 days. I’ve got to lose a total of 60 lbs to reach my proper weight!

    Keep working! Don’t give up! Let us know what your progress is! don’t cheat and be strong! YOU…..CAN……DO……..IT…………..!!!!!!! YOU………CAN……….DO………..IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  66. Hi, my sister had me watched Joe’s video about a couple of weeks ago and i was really inspired by it. I decided to give it a try because i was on the same boat, I’m overweight and diabetic. I started juicing last monday and i’ve already lost 15lbs. and really lowered my blood sugar to the point that i have not need to take my insulin this past 3 days. I’m on my 8th day and feeling good. I plan on doing it for thirty days so i have 22 more days to go.
    Thanks again to Joe Cross for inspiring me to do this for myself and my family.

  67. Today is my first day juicing. I have been having stomach issues for a long time. I was in VERY good shape until just a few months ago. I was bodybuilding (naturally-no steroid use FYI) and was very active throughout the day, but no matter how healthy I ate…I was always MAJORLY fatigued throughout the day. My life took some sad turns recently and I have become very depressed and gave up on everything…except food, resulting in weight gain. I have ovarian cysts and some hormone issues as well. I have been getting lumps all over my body due to the hormone issues. I am hoping that this juice cleanse will get me healthy again and kick start a new chapter in my life. I def. want to keep up on this site and will post my progress every 10 days. Thanks for all the tips and recipes! I will keep updating and hopefully it will help others out who are trying to do the same thing 🙂 (Aiming for a true juice fast)!

    1. Elixe,
      Congratulations on starting your health journey with juice! 🙂 You’re not alone, we’re here for support. Keep us updated on your progress.

      1. Day 3 and going strong :)!!!!! Good to know that I have someone behind me…even if it is just and online support buddy! I will keep you updated for sure, for sure! Lost 4lbs already…probably mostly just extra water weight from all the salt and junk in my body, but still a small victory.

  68. Hello all, thanks for this great site and all the info, I’m on a 21day juice only cleanse and I’m 6 days in and loving it.
    I’m a vegan so its not that different, just no chewing or processed stuff, which this cleanse allows me to see how dependant I was on prepackaged vegan foods!
    So far I’ve lost 16lbs!!
    I have noticed that I get cold often and my hands are especially cold to the touch….. this is a bit strange as I’m a larger frame Kappha Pitta body shape and never really get cold!

    can anyone let me know if thats ok? or part of the cleansing process?
    Thanks in advance

  69. Thanks for adding this forum for support. I watched the movie today on Netflix and it was so inspiring. I’ve juiced before, but just not as a fast. I bought mine after watching an informercial of the Juiceman back in the mid 90’s. I still have it so it’s time to dust it off. I watched the movie again with my partner and he is excited and inspired too and said “Let’s do it!” I’m 6’1 280 and he’s 5’11” 250. I want to get my private pilot’s license and if we didn’t lose the weight, it was going to be questionable if we could both fly safely in the same plane. Actually we’d never get off the ground!! HA! So thanks Joe, Phil and all you other juice fasters out there for the inspiration. I’m going to be a little sad at my friends’ prime rib Christmas dinner, but it’s now or never for us.

  70. Hello, I knnow that I am reading these comments pretty late. My husband and I have been inspired to try juicing. We are doing our week prep and will start next monday. I want to do it the right way so I was wondering if there is a step by step we can follow to get best results or can we drink between 32 and 64 oz of any kind we want? My husband needs to lose about 40 pounds and I would like to lose 20. Thank you for the help.

  71. I have just started the juice diet however I have been snacking on almond and walnuts when I am hungry will this slow down my weight loss?

  72. Hello, I was excited thinking this is the answer I’ve been looking for! Day one of fast went great, just dull headache until…10:00pm. started having urinary frequency & severe burning with urination. Now I have blood in urine! I Only remember having a uti one time in & that was when I was pregnant. I really want to continue the fast, I have suffered with chronic hives & angioedema for at least 4 years. Mine is mostly kept calm with healthy diet & antihistamines. Now I’m afraid of mean green but would like to keep doing the fast for at least a week. Can green juice fasts cause the blood & uti feeling? What should I do?

  73. I am really interested in this diet and i wanted to know if it is safe to just dive into it fir a 14 day period, and i wanted to know when to drink the juice is it just 3 times a day 16 oz in a sitting or can i sip the juice all day, just some specifics really

  74. Hi everybody, here every person is sharing these knowledge, so it’s good to read this website, and I used to pay a visit this website every day.

  75. HELP!! HELP!! The juicer (Breville 98) is a monster. I read the manual .. am following the directions, however, when I put certain items (beets) in the machine, it jumps back out at me. I was covered in beet juice, which is fine if you know I am juicing, however; my family walked in and asked me what I had just killed. Ha hahahahaha!! any suggestions? any recommendations? HELP. Michelle 😉

  76. My husband and I made a commitment to trying a ten day fast after the inspiration of watching Joe and Pihl. We are in our mid 30’s and would like to start a family ut I’m conserved about our health and would like to loss at 70 – 100 before pregnancy. I was wondering if a blender would have he same effect at the juicer. I ran out and bought the nutri bullet, and used it without thinking, JUICER. The blender was a great price at 79.00 and money is an issues? Please let me kow, thanks.

  77. I’m on day two – I suffered a serious surprise headache last night (day 1) that popped up 15 mins before bedtime. Had it all night long but it went away with aspirin this morning. Funny, I don’t feel hungry. I juice what ever seems good to me at the time and drink 4 to 6 a day with lots of water. Joe is one heck of an inspiration. I am right there with him 40yrs old 306 lbs. I hope I can hang in there, but I can tell that with time things are already a little better on the cravings. Best of luck to all – let’s do this!

  78. We are doing the Mean Green Juicing routine, using: Kale, beets, celery, apples, ginger & 1T of Ceyenne. We juice all day, and have a salad with a protein at night. We’ve done this EXCELLENT routine before, and my partner lost 40 pounds in a month and a half and I lost 35 pounds. We went off the diet during the winter, and gaine back thatl plus. We started it again a week and a half ago, and I lost 15 pounds, and he’s lost 20 pounds.

    We haven’t been drinking coffe, and are tired. We’re not doing it to detoxify, but to lose weight.

    I have hypothyroidism, and aren’t supposed to use artificial sweeteners. I heard on Dr Oz’s show that it adds to your chances of cancer later in life last week.

    Does coffee decrease our chances of losing weight using natural sugar?


  79. My husband and I are doing a 40 day juice cleanse (we are on day 12) and we feel GREAT! I have one question re. IVL Products “All Day Energy Greens”. It is powdered 38 super foods in one drink that you mix with water. Can you tell me if there are still micronutrients in a powdered drink?

  80. HI Sheri,

    I’m just wondering- I’m a breast feeding mom, i have been breast feeding exclusively for five months now, and baby is very healthy and happy. Unfortunately though I am feeling very lethargic and though we eat pretty heavily on the veggie side I think perhaps I am quite dependant on sugars and dairy to feel full. (we’re not vegetarian on purpose, it sort of just happens to be what we like to eat more of, thats all)

    I want to do a juice fast simply to be in the best health to keep providing my little one with the most nutrients in his milk. i have heard that breast feeding and juice fasts aren’t a good idea because fasting dumps toxins into the milk? Is this true? I’m worried about starting if it’s going to hurt my baby. I do drink juice once a day already.

  81. Joe, 2 years ago I was rushed to the hospital having what we though was a heart attack. I was 236 lbs and on Cholesterol meds, blood pressure meds and sick as could be. I immediately lost 15 lbs thinking a “fasting diet was what I needed, and gained it all back and more. It took me 2 years to realize how sick I was when I watched your film. I was extremely motivated. I have been juicing for 6 weeks, have had blood work done prior and just recently. I stopped taking my meds as I started the juicing just to see what the actual results would be. At the beginning I was on Tricor for my Triglycerides and BP meds.

    Day 1 Triglycerides were at 450 with meds
    BP at 150/110
    Weight 236 lbs

    Day 45 Triglycerides at 150 NO meds
    BP 110/76
    weight 204

    I feel fantastic!! Now I am trying to get my brother who is 10 years older and at 260 lbs meds for everything etc to start.

    Thanks so much for helping with the awareness of these issues and how to attack them in a healthy way.

    Scot Shumway

  82. Hello,
    I have a question…somewhere didn’t joe have a coupon code for the juicer? I’m pretty sure I saw it on the site but can’t find it now. I’ve been checking around and the juicer is the same price everywhere…any advise ??
    Really like your site –lots of info, just what I was looking for.

    1. Hi Adeline,
      You might want to check rebootwithjoe.com that is Joe’s official site.

  83. new to the idea of juicing. my reason. i have heart and pressure problems, plu am diabetic. i am taking wayfarin and changing that is not possible. and have major alergies. under these conditions, is juicing something i should even consider, and if so would my diet consist of. vitamin k is off my diet because of the wafarin and my inr’s. thanks for any and all help

  84. I am on my third day and I have the worst headache ever and also earlier in the day I got really dizzy and light headed, is this normal?

  85. Hello, I’m starting my 15 day juice fast tomorrow and could not be more excited about it! I have one silly question though! I noticed in Joe’s movie, he only drank the “Mean Green” .. However, iv found a lot of juice recipes online with more Carrots, beats, etc. For my fast, do I have to use all greens or can I make some of those yummy looking ones as well!? 🙂

  86. You will also need to be careful with citrus fruit because they
    have a lot of citric acid in them. This will save you both money and time in the long run, with you
    being able to get more juice out of each piece of fruit or vegetable that you put in the machine.
    When compared to a centrifugal juicer, you will see that the juices from this masticating juicer are much darker because of the way
    it extracts all parts of the vegetable instead of just the juice.

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