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What is a Modified Juice Fast?

modified juice fast
Does a the thought of doing a 10 day juice fast seem like more than you can handle?  Why not try a modified juice fast!

The modified juice fast or modified juice cleanse is a great way to test the waters and gain some confidence in starting a new healthy eating routine.

So what is a modified juice fast?  Basically the concept involves changing the juice fast to fit your nutritional and emotional needs by adding some solid foods and/or supplements.  This type of cleansing also modifies the rate at which your body will detox and eliminate toxins.

I’ll explain the details of this cleanse below but first….

Who should do a modified juice fast?

Are you wondering if this might be for you?  Have you wanted to start a juice cleanse but keep putting it off?  Do you think you are too busy to do a long term fast?  Is your situation on this list?

  • Procrastination in getting started
  • Too busy to fit anything more into your schedule
  • Worried about not getting enough calories on a juice cleanse
  • Have a weakened immune system
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Emotionally not ready to handle the detox process

Are any of these situations familiar to you?  If you want to begin a healthy lifestyle but any of these apply to you, you may be a good candidate for the Modified Juice Fast.  Keep reading.

Keep Juicing

Juicing is still the basis for this cleanse.  I recommend you drink juice first thing in the morning just like a regular juice cleanse. Depending on your situation you may modify the cleanse in any one of these ways.

  1. Continue drinking juice throughout the day until dinner.  For dinner eat simple, whole, and natural foods.  Fresh steamed vegetables, brown rice and a green salad (no store bought dressing) are good choices.  Do not eat dairy, meats, or caffeine on this cleanse.  Keep portions small.
  2. Drink a combination of juices and smoothies.  The same ingredients can go into your smoothies as in your juice.  You’ll need a blender.  Peel all your vegetables and fruits.  The skins will wear down your blade unless you have a heavy duty blender such as a Vitamix.  You may need to add filtered water to make the consistency drinkable.
  3. Add supplements to your juices.  There are many powdered supplements available such as green whole food supplements, protein powders, ground chia or flax seeds which you can add to your juices for additional nutrition and calorie boosts.  Some people don’t consider this a modification of the juice fast but rather an essential part of a cleanse.

Is It Right For You?

But wait.  You may be asking yourself, “Isn’t this cheating?” or “Will I really get results from this?” or “Is this really detoxing?”  The real answer to these questions sits only within each person.  You will gain some healthy benefits from any of these modifications though perhaps not as noticeable, as with a full juice cleanse.  You may not lose as much weight for instance.

The point of modifying the process is to make cleansing achievable for anyone.  If you are still on the fence about starting a juice fast you should consider this.

Your turn

Would you ever try a modified juice cleanse, especially if it was your first time?  Let us know in the comments below.  And please share this article with a friend who may find it useful.

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  1. As somebody who lasted 3 days on a total juice fast, I fully support a modified juice fast. I could totally handle juicing until a healthy dinner. I would personally like to do this modified version once a month. Also, I think it would help me with better food choices in between the juicing, before and after.

    1. Hey Kelly Jo, I noticed you said you did 3 days, I wanted to say I’ve done Juicing twice first time for 5 days and second for 10 days I’m attempting a 15 day one and may add protein powder if I struggle. but I wanted to tell you every time I’ve done it Day 3 was by far the most miserable and by Day 4 I felt amazingly better. You should aim for 5 days it really is worth it even though the first 3 days are tough.

      1. hi i just wanted to no why everyone says it is so miserablereally untill day 3? what do you feel like after that? im considering a juice cleanse but very on the fence.

        1. Donna,

          The first 3 days you go through “withdrawal” from all sorts of things. The first time you do a fast it is the worst. However if you can live through it then you will feel wonderful afterwards. I believe the first 3 days withdrawal is caffine related…I have done fasting 5 times now. After the second time I now only get the “withdrawal” symptoms the first day instead of the first 3.

          Good luck…

          1. i am on my day 8 of the juice cleanse…. the first three were really bad and i just stayed in my room when everyone else ate and i did not want to be around food… i dont usually drink caffeine but it does make sense…. my problem was the fact that I WAS ADDICTED to food.. i know everyone needs food to survive but no i was ADDICTED! when i had one small bit of cake it ended up being 2 pieces! so i really think the first three days are also emotional as well.. trying to get over the fact that food does not control you! so yes i agree dont just do 3 days try for 7 to 10 the first time…. im going for 30! WISH ME LUCK! and GOOD LUCK YOU YOU ALL!

      2. I am on Day 2 of juice and smoothie and raw vegetable cleanse. I’m worried that I won’t be able to finish to my 10th day which is my goal. Based on your comment, I will wait till day 4 to think about brown rice. I am doing salads and fresh fruit – no dressing. Day one was easy – this is getting tiresome.

  2. I guess you could say I’m doing a modified juice fast. I didn’t feel I was ready to commit to 10 days, so I’m just doing a 5 day juice fast, followed by 7 days of strictly fruits and veggies (including continued juicing). I’ve been blogging about it and it’s going quite well, overall. Today is the 5th day and it’s not been a big deal. The third day was the hardest.

    1. Hi Julie,
      I read your blog posts, so cool that you’re tracking your progress. I’m sure it will inspire others!

  3. Hi I am interested in a juice cleanse, but not to lose weight. in fact I believe Im a little undersized. At 6′ 1″ i weigh only 165 ibs. I am looking mostly for a cleanse. Is there anyway I can still juice fast without losing more weight and possibly even gain some?

    1. How did your cleanse go? I am trying to do the same – already low weight but wanting to cleanse. I have resorted to using a little salad dressing on big salads – along with juicing and smoothies containing veggies greens and fruits. I am on day 5 of a 10 day and losing pounds. Let me know if you have some advice. Susan

  4. If I prepare a batch of juice in the evening and store it in the fridge, will it be good the next day? Mornings are too hectic for me so just don’t have time to juice in a.m.. I rather do it in the evenings.

    1. Juice will last maybe up to 24 hours. The longer it sits, the more nutrients lost. You’ll have to decide what is best for your situation.

      1. Also, be sure to use a sealed GLASS container to help retain some of those easy-to-lose nutrients.

    2. to be honest i have been doing my juicing 2ice this week and storing it in the freezer and then thawing them out the night before … YES IT IS TRU THAT MORE NUTRIENTS ARE LOST.. but hell! half the nutrients in the juice is 100% better than what i have been putting in my body.. however if I did not do it like this then i would not be able to do the juice fast and i am on day 8 now and feeling really good.

  5. Hi Carey,

    My wife and I just got into juice fasting after watching Joe’s documentary. We’re now on our 6th day (we’re going for 15 days) and everything is just doing great. I love all the information that you’ve shared in your blog and I want to thank you for writing such quality posts.

    I have a couple of questions:

    1. How often do you do a juice cleanse? Joe Cross does a juice fast after every 3 months. How often do you cleanse?

    2. What’s your advise regarding dietary changes after a 15-day fast? How do you break a fast? We’re really determined to change our eating habits for the better. We also follow a Paleo type of diet.

    Thanks so much and keep up the awesome work!

    1. Hi Raymond,
      Congratulations to you and your wife for starting a juice cleanse. And thank you for your kind words.

      I cleanse a couple of times per year, usually spring and fall. Two to four times is common. The more often you cleanse, generally the shorter each cleanse is.

      It is important to break a fast slowly. For instance, keep juicing but add a smoothie or piece of fruit into your first couple of days after fasting, then maybe add a smoothie during the day and a green salad for dinner. Slow transition. Healthy foods. Small portions.

      I’ve gotten so many great questions like this, so I’m writing a guide book to juice cleansing to help people through the process 🙂 Coming soon!

      1. Thanks for the prompt reply Carey. I guess we’re going to do a 5 or 7-day cleanse after every 3 months. My original plan was to go straight ahead to a steak house after the cleanse but I guess I have to delay that for a while and follow your fast breaking tips. hehehe. Looking forward to your juice cleanse book and I believe it’s going to help a lot of people. Happy New Year and have fun!

  6. I am discussing the fast with my husband. He has a hiatal hernia, and when he doesn’t eat for long periods of time, he is in intense pain in his lower esophagus. Any ideas?

    1. I can’t address his needs medically, but you can juice throughout the day and add small meals as snacks.

    2. i dont know what a hiatal hernia is but my dad had an ulser and after juicing and going to a strict raw plant based diet .. HIS ULSER IS GONE!!

    3. how is your husband with the hiatal hernia? My mom has it, got it operated and it’s worse than before. She hates eating- used to love it, is so skinny now, and has to sit up and sleep all the time, takes zantac…how does your husband cope?


  7. Hi Carey,
    I am a 51 yr. old female and I want to get on the track of MUCH better eating. I need to lose 70 pounds. I was wondering if people over a certain age should talk to their Doc. first? I am actually in fairly good health otherwise, I do not have high BP, I am not diabetic and I keep really busy and work out at Curves three times a week and walk at least twice a week for 30 min at 2.9 to 3.0 miles per hour in the treadmill. I do take 5mg. od Crestor and a thyroid med. I would really like to try this!!

    1. Denise if you’re on meds it’s always best to check with a doctor, especially if you’re cleansing for more than 10 days. Good luck on your cleanse!

  8. To Julie…Where can we read your blog. I am interested in trying a modified juice cleanse and am interested to have an idea of what to expect. I know everyone is different but it would help. I think I am mentally ready and just plan a 3 day to start. I just want to make sure I have all the info I can get my hands.

  9. Hi Carey
    My husband and I have also been inspired by Joe’s documentary and have spent the past week getting mentally prepared to start a juice fast. We stocked up our refrig with leafy green veggies and fruits and started making mean green juice drinks yesterday. We own a Vitamix which allows us to ingest the pulp, skin, and seeds of our fruits and vegetables. We thought we were ahead of the game by not wasting anything. After all, dietary fiber is generally obtained from plant foods making it easy for the colon to move along easily. We thought the fiber we’re getting from whole foods would be nutritionally beneficial.

    After reading the FAQ and learning about the reason for drinking juice versus eating raw foods is to give the body nutrients without digestible material. Needless to say we were disappointed to learn that what we’re doing is the “modified version” of the juice cleanse and considered to be more of a maintenance diet and not a true fast.

    Can we expect any weight loss being on the modified version?

    1. Yes Muriel you can experience both detox and weight loss on your version (smoothies). Just note that the rate at which it happens will be slower. Most smoothie detoxes are at least 21 days.

  10. I’ve been juice cleansing for 3 days and have had only 1 hard BM… is that normal and/or OK… Am I cleansing? I am doing the original green recipe from fat, sick, nearly dead?

    also, what ingredient is good to combat acid reflux…Thanks

    1. Yes you’re cleansing, but a hard BM may have to do with your pre-cleanse diet, probably not enough fiber. Try making your juice in the blender (smoothies) for a few days to get some fiber in your system, then go back to the juices.

  11. I would like to do a cleanse but have low thyroid issues for which I take Armour Thyroid. Otherwise I am in great

    health. I read somewhere in all this information that people with thyroid problems should steer clear of

    cruciferous vegetables . What can I use in place of the kale in the mean green and be as effective? Do you have

    any other suggestions? Also, if combining fruits and vegetables together is a no no then what about the apples

    in themean green? I am very new to all this and appreciate your help or anyone else’s. Thanks much

    1. Victoria,
      I don’t know much about this condition and I don’t know what you’re hoping to achieve with juicing. Some veggies that might work for you: beets, carrots, peppers, celery, cucumber, squashes. You also may want to consider smoothies instead of juicing. Smoothies retain the fiber and you can add nuts and oils like coconut oil.

  12. Hello, I am breast feeding and would like to do a modified cleanse. Do you have any suggestions as to how much or what types of things i should supplement into the cleanse? thank you!

    1. Hi Kat,

      I am also breastfeeding. I’m planning on a modified cleanse and was wondering how your fast went? Did you notice a change in your supply? How did your baby handle it?


    2. i am all for juice fasting for cleansing and loosing weight however i do know that when you are nursing you need a lot of extra calories than normal or you wont produce enough milk for your baby…. try just going on a whole plant based diet and add some beans and nuts… you can trade one meal for a juice and this will help you get ready for your fast and still be able to nurse your baby.. i know how special that is and how healthy it is for your baby

  13. I’m doing a modified juice fast with only juice except one meal a day, when I have vegan – pref. raw vegan – food. I might do a full juice fast at some point; I haven’t decided. This is just what I’m ready for right now, and it’s working for me. My husband is doing the same. He plans to do a full juice fast next week. We’re going away for a couple of days during the time he wants to fast and he plans to tote along the juicer and a bunch of veggeis and fruits, and just get a hotel room with a fridge for them. He said that if Joe travelled across the whole country and juiced for every meal, he can handle it one state over for a couple of days.

  14. My husband and I are interested in starting a 7 day juice fast with one healthy meal for dinner however I am confused on how much juice we are supposed to drink during the day and are we allow small healthy snack in between?


    1. Stephanie … thanks for this post … since, I too, have the same question … do we juice 3 meals? 5 meals? all day? whenever we are hungry?

  15. hi carey, we are 5 days into our modified juice cleanse. for us, the best way to do was a juice in the morning with a pulp muffin, healthy lunch and a juice for dinner. sometimes we snack on whole fruit or veggies during the day to get us to the next meal time, but we are nw getting used to our routine aand we both feel really positive about maintaining this for a few months.

    1. Pulp muffins, yay!! I’m so happy that you’ve found your groove. Keep the good stuff going!

  16. I will be hopefully starting a juice fast tomorrow after my colonoscopy since my bowels will
    Already clean of all debris. I plan on also eating germinated brown rice to modify my cleanse,
    to stave off that empty feeling that makes me very uneasy. I hope that after a few days I will be able to transition into the full cleanse. I will go off the cleanse the same way, by adding brown rice and then steamed vegetables and then fruit smoothies. I hope I can do it!

    1. Sounds great Eve! Be sure to visit our Facebook page for some community support! We’ve got a great bunch over there!

  17. If i.eat one.and juice the rest of the.meal will i lost weight fast ?I m working out hard so.I.need protein

  18. We just bought our first juicer a few days ago and haven’t seen Joe’s movie yet. I am ‘modified juicing’, as in juicing breakfast and lunch, regular dinner, towards the healthier side, but still including milk/meat/carbs. My hope is to lose weight (I have lost about 32 lbs. in about 2 years but have kind of stalled out, need to lose about 60-70 more). I need a ‘kick start’ but don’t think I could handle juicing ALL the time yet. Hoping to work up to it! Also hoping to quit the caffeine and smoking- I figure one healthy step at a time, and for me, it’s juicing 2-3xs a day and a ‘regular’ dinner. So far I’m enjoying it, too early to see any visible/emotional benefits yet (except I feel GREAT I’m working to take better care of myself, one step at a time).Feel like this is the verge of a ‘health awakening’ for me. Hoping to look back in a year or two in disbelief I was ever so heavy, so unhealthy and a smoker to boot. One victory at a time- wish me luck!

    1. Thanks for the story! Feeling great about what you are doing IS an excellent benefit, then everything else can fall into place. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

  19. Hi Carey
    We are just juicing for now. My husband is on home dialysis so have to look for more recipes that are low potassium. Luckily the green juice is perfect and the dietician oked it. He’ll have a green drink after he gets off the machine since it’s too late to eat a meal. Since we are at home I can make it fresh. Are there any other juice combos that are low potassium like the Mean Green Juice?

  20. I started a juice cleanse today and hoping to keep it going for 5 to maybe 7 days. If I add in vegetables, and some nuts (natural almond butter is a healthy way to get in protein and it feels like a treat) for dinner will I still lose weight?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes! Green juice is great nutrition! You can substitute a meal, or have a glass first thing in the morning, or even as a snack.

  21. I’m concerned about loosing to much weight. I’m very thin, haven’t been eating well. But I’m buying a juicer next week and I’d like to know if the green fast is a good idea for someone that needs to gain weight like me. Seems as though everyone needs to loose instead of gain. What do you and others here think??

    1. Hi Robert, I’ve read about modified fasts where people add flaxseed oil and avocados to the fast to try and get more calories and not lose too much weight. I don’t know how that would work for cleansing though so someone else will have to comment on how much slower or less beneficial your cleanse will be as a result of these kinds of modofcations.

  22. Day 5 of my juicing, I like it and during my walk today, I felt really good. I usually drink 2-3 32 oz juices a day and munch on fruit and raw veggies. I figured this is much better than chips, ice cream and cookies. I will weigh myself on day 7 to see how much weight I have lost.

    I seen a few comments in regards to protien, do I really need to add it? The protien at the juice bar is processed, and I feel good so is there anything else I need to do? I did add some Celtic salt to my salad today because I was concerned about not having any salt intake. Comments anyone?

  23. What are the best vegies to start with, and does itr matter if you use more fruit? I have a juicer and was wondering if i shous?ld invest in a good blender as well? any suggestion

  24. I started slowly because I have digestive problems and did not want to have to “run” to the bathroom. I started with one juice per day the first week with a healthy lunch and dinner. Now I drink two glasses of juices (mostly all green) with a light meal at supper or at lunch. It has been two weeks and I have lost 7 pounds. Not as much as on a pure juice fast, but I am satisfied and find this modified version easy to do. Once my system is really use to the juice, I will try a 3 day fast, then a 5 day, and then a 10 day. Works for me.

  25. Hello,

    I just finished a 10 day juicing mission (first time ever) because I am on Steroids and have just suddenly gained a lot of weight and felt really unhappy about it. Joes`s movie inspired me.

    Day one was a little bit difficult because I missed coffee.

    After that it was “easy as pie” – but after day 7 I thought that actually a week is enough.

    Because days are getting cooler now, I missed warm food in the evening – so what I did is just making “fake soup” – which is basically juicing veggies and warming them up, obviously not in the microwave, but just quickly on the stove, so they won`t lose any nutrition.

    Also I introduced smoothies in the morning, which kept me full for quite a long time.

    I am a sweet tooth and was used to have sweet treats in the evening – with the juicing / smoothing version I still had them – such as banana and cinamon. Yummy yummy yummy.

    I have to say I was never ever hungry during these 10 days and I must have lost quite some weight because my clothes are lose.

    Interestingly my digestion stopped after a few days which surprised me, but then I read this blog and understood that, due to the absence of fibre, there was no bowel movement.


    Today I had my first meal, aspargus and spinach and salmon – which was probably a bit “too heavy”, but I really missed salmon – I could only eat a quarter of the portion.

    To my shame I have to say that I also had half a mustard and cheese roll (because I am a cheese addict) – and I can only say to you guys out there: take it easy after juicing and don`t bombard your stomach with food (such as the person above who wants to go to the Steak House).

    But generally I have to say that I don`t miss food at all and I am not quite sure what to eat now….I will definitely continue to juice, it has become a part of my daily life and it feels weird not to do it.

    Don`t miss chocolate, don`t miss coffee and look forward to juicing being part of my life now 🙂

    Thanks for your great support!



    1. Opinions differ on this but it’s best to go easy on the fruit. Citrus and apples should be fine.

  27. I’ve been on a juice fast for three days. I have flu like symptoms today. I had planned a 10 day juice fast. What’s the best course of action? I know it’s probably the detox, but not sure how to work around it.

  28. HI Carey,
    My sister and I have just started a modified cleanse. We have been having juice all day and one meal, either lunch or dinner (steamed veg and brown rice) Sometimes when we are hungry we have been eating raw fruit and Veg. Why is it more benificial to take the veg through juice rather than slightly steamed and raw? and how does this change the outcome of weight loss and detoxing?
    Love this site!!

    1. Hi Michelle,
      A juice fast or juice cleanse is used to give the colon a break from digesting food so the body can use its energy to remove toxins that have already built up in the body and are hiding out in our fat cells. Many factors affect weight loss and detox, but generally the body can do this quicker if you are fasting (no solids).

      Thanks for your question and keep in touch!

  29. I am currently on my very first juice cleanse…second day. I actually gave in last night and had a small salad consisting of romaine, spinach, radishes, tomato and cucumber with a teaspoon of basil infused oil. I was so hungry and was in pain! So, i thought to myself, this is a cleanse not torture!!
    I am struggling today again…probably will do the same type of salad tonite as well.
    I am thankful I found this website so I now know that it’s after the third day of the cleanse that you start to FEEL better…I feel awful right now! Tired and groggy and bloated!
    So – i’m going to stick it out for 5 days with a modification of whole raw vegetables and fruits.
    I will check in when it is complete! 🙂

    1. You know, I find that the juices blended with avocado sit in my belly for longer or at least make me feel fuller for longer. I read that there is something about avocado that makes your body think it is fuller for longer…cool tip I though!

  30. Hi Carey,

    I have a couple of questions, I just had my 2nd daughter and Breastfeeding, I want to juice to lose a few pounds but also to just be healthier. Is there certain juices to produce more milk? Would juicing make my milk diminish or taste funny? And is there a time frame of when I should start my daughter was born December 26th ’12? Should I wait another month or so?
    I was also just considering juicing in the mornings and having healthy meals.

    Any suggestions and feedback would be appreciated.


    1. Hi Nidia,

      I’m also breastfeeding. Want to start a modified cleanse as well. How has your fast gone? Have you noticed a change in your supply? How has your baby handled it?


  31. I am in love with juicing. I did a 5 day juice fast and felt great. I have suffered from candida this past year and my symptoms simply disapear when I integrate juice into my diet. I would ideally like to continue a modified juice fast (3 juices a day then dinner) as a lifestyle. How healthy is this? I am rarely hungry, but wonder if I am getting all calories and nutrients I need. I would ideally like to loose weight slowly from this process as well.


    1. Cara, if you are accustomed to exercising then yes you can continue. More exercise will require more calories so you may need to either up your juice intake or cut back on your exercise to balance the two.

  32. I am doing my first juice cleanse and can make it the whole day on juices I’m making or getting at the juice bar, but need to chew and eat something at night. I’m finishing day 2 and what I’ve done is have 1/2 a cup of quinoa and a carrot or 2 at night. Is that ok? I am exercising 1-2 hours a day and already feel sharper mentally. But my scale hasn’t changed a bit. Could I be consuming too many calories with what I’m juicing? or am I just not patient enough? I plan on doing this for 6-7 days then incorporating fish and salads into my dinner but hopefully still only drinking juices during the day for another week or 2. Is that ok? Sorry for all the questions but I’ve searched high and low on the web and not having much luck! Thanks!

    1. Hi Danielle,
      The main goal of juice cleansing is to rid the body of toxins by infusing it with vitamin rich juices. Weight loss is a side benefit that most people do experience. I don’t think you are having too many calories. Be patient, everyone experiences a cleanse differently. Try to think of this as “me” time. Relax, don’t go overboard on the exercise, take a bath, read a book, and just enjoy the process.

  33. I just started to juicing today and it was pretty rough. I am actually substituting one meal a day with juice, but today, I was craving fatty foods and got a really bad headache. What am I doing wrong? Are there certain ingredients suggested to suppress my appetite. I eventually want to work my way up to juicing for breakfast and dinner and eating a light lunch. Also, is snacking suggested? I normally like to eat fruits for snacks, but I don’t want to load up on sugars… Help, I am totally lost.

  34. This is day four on a modified juicing plan, I have a Vita-mix, so I’m getting quite a bit of fiber in the mean green drink, I’ve also added some coconut milk to thin out the consistency, and I add a half scoop of protein powder for post work outs and a half of banana prior to my bicycle ride to or from work.
    I’ve dropped 10 pounds, quit having caffeine induced headaches, and heartburn. And I’m sleeping through the night.
    The hardest part was the first two days.

  35. I just wanted to offer up to every one who is having, or thinks they may have, a problem with caffeine that you can prepare a bit before starting the fast. take a week to slowly wean yourself from some of your unhealthy habits; processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, meat, dairy, wheat. Then as you go into the fast/cleanse you will not be fighting with withdrawal headaches on top of trying to remain in the fast. I have fasted/cleansed before and yes, day 3 is a kicker, but keep going. Although I am sure there are still health benefits from a 3 day juice fast, or any fast, I think to really appreciate it and see the benefits on the other side of day 3 it is best to go a little longer. its just my 2 cents, but I have fasted every year in the spring and the more I eliminate before I start the fast (2 days before I am eating just steamed veggies) the easier day 3 is.

  36. I am currently doing the modified juice diet. I breastfeed my 14 month old so full juicing was out of the question for me. I try to drink juice for breakfast and for lunch. But usually by the afternoon I’m so starving I give in and have a snack and then dinner. (I know I should just drink juice again in the afternoon but I don’t always have time between chasing my 14 month old and watching the kids I babysit to make juice and clean the juicer.)
    Is there anything I can do to make them last a little longer? (protein powder is not an option for me. Allergic to soy and every whey powder I’ve tried makes me sick)

    1. Lauren,
      Your body is trying to tell you something – with your busy schedule plus breastfeeding your body requires plenty of calories. Drink more juice or have a healthy snack. 🙂

    2. I bought three 1-liter glass bottles. I fill up two in the morning and them fill the other one in the eve. My husband and I are doing a modified where we juice all day and then eat an early dinner with just regular healthy food – locally raised chicken and veg or something. I realize its not the full-blown cleanse. I suppose we are working up to that. But it’s much better than what we were doing 🙂 Even after Day 1 I was so tired and feeling I was withdrawing – now at day 5 I feel like real food is mildly unappetizing so may start the full blown soon.
      I find that making a few glass bottles of different kinds of juice in the morning helps a lot – not just a time saver but also because having the bottles at the ready (and on the shelf no longer than a few hours) with their pretty colors and funny labels, helps curb the want to eat and snack. My husband drinks the green juice like its going out of style.

  37. Just an FYI to breastfeeding mothers, carrot juice is perfect and aids your milk supply!

  38. I’m new to juicing. I do take fish oil and BP medicine at the moment, while juicing can I continue to take the fish oil?

  39. I am in my third week of no sugars and very little processed foods and feel like I am ready to try a juice cleanse. I am so glad to have this site with all the helpful advice and recipes! Anyone have any thoughts on chia seeds? I am thinking I should add them to my juice rather than putting them in the juicer itself.

  40. I just bought a juicer and raring to go. I’m actually quite skinny but suffer from really bad Gerd (Acid Reflux) and heard juicing could eliminate symptoms. Is it wise to do a 30 day juice diet if im skinny (and probably abit underweight)? My modified juicing diet would be as follows:

    1 morning juice (combination 1)
    1 banana mid morning
    snack of sunflower seeds
    1 afternoon juice (combination 2)
    1 evening banana.

    Would this be ok?

  41. So glad to have stumbled upon your blog and learned the modified juice fast. I just started my 3 day juice cleanse and am experiencing headache. Modified juice fast will surely help get through cleansing.

  42. Hi,
    Its really interesting to read the modified juice cleanse, the part I have problems with (and on all cleanses i do) is not drinking coffee, this is something i know i need stop drinking.. But what can I do to prevent stomach ache and constipation?, can you advise a good juice to flush out the colon and keep bowls moving.. love the blog x

  43. Woohoo!!!! I feel great! My feet were swollen and my energy was nothing. I did 8 days just juice and now I’m onto 10 with juice and a salad without dressing in the evening. I do have a cup of black coffee in the morning. My friend lost 169 pounds in under 10 months just juicing and drinking coffee 2-3 cups a day. I don’t see the issues with coffee. It is a great dietetic when only drinking juice.

    1. I am glad I just read this, I was wondering about the coffee and just wrote a whole post below about it, it is a big reservation of mine, as I am NOT ready to give up all of my coffee, I am willing to go down to 1-2 cups though

  44. I did a juice cleanse for about 2 weeks and felt great. Then started getting really bad pain. Could hardly walk! I mainly used carrot juice. What can I do for the pain and should I use more green juice? My pain was really bad.

  45. I’m wanting to start a juice fast but want to ease into it by doing a juice till dinner fast for a week. I was wondering what amount of juice should I be consuming before dinner. I don’t want to drink too much, too little. thanks

  46. Reading all of these posts are helping me out. I am only on day one….but this makes so much sense. My body really doesn’t like eating in the morning. Coffee was not full strength and used stevia instead of sugar while limiting it to one cup. Didn’t have my second cup until the afternoon…..

    Will work on this harder tomorrow.

  47. Hi, I am nursing my now 3 month old son and desperately want to do a fast/cleanse. The modified fast sounds perfect for me! Any advice on how to do the fast safely and effectively?

    1. I’m not a medical professional but I do know you need all your calories to maintain breast milk. You can’t wait?

  48. My Husband bought a juicer lastnight, and wants to do a 5-10 day juice fast, however, I am not quite ready, so I think I will do a modified version to support him, and try and reap some of the benefits.

    My only reserve, honestly, is that 1st morning cup of coffee. I can deal with cutting my 2-3 cups a day down to one, but I really don’t want to get rid of that 1st cup..its not just a caffeine addiction, I just LOVE that warm, delicious sip 1st thing in the morning. I think the only way I can get through this is to modify it to that one cup…perhaps i can wean off of it 1/2 way through…but I don’t know. I also suffer from migraines which sometimes can be triggered by the caffeine withdrawal, and with 2 of my own kids, and owning a daycare with 6 other kids over the summer I cannot get a migraine. Any thoughts, is this ok?

    I will also most likely do a healthy meal for dinner with a veggie and a lean meat or fish.

  49. Hi Carey,
    I just started juicing, and I couldn’t believe how awful I felt the first two days. Is it okay, to wean myself off of coffee, and still juice? I know the best thing for my body would be to stop drinking coffee, but the pain was horrible.


  50. Hi there! I’m active duty military, very active and weightlifter. Three times weekly running around 4-5 miles. My question would be how do I keep muscle mass while I’m on this juice diet? I started my diet last night. I’m trying to go for ten days. Loosing body fat while (if possible) keeping muscle mass.

    1. Also, being as active as I am, I’m curious as to how often/much to juice or even adding Oatmeal for breakfast with juice is an option. Thank you so much

  51. I am on day 19 of my 60 juice cleanse comprised of about 70/30 ratio of fruit to veggies, 70% veggies, but I have been eating a small amount of a seed and nut mixture containing some unsweetened currants, almonds, pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, cashews, golden raisins, and dried cranberries, 80 percent nuts 20 percent fruits. Is this ok?

    I eat a few small handfuls a day generally between juices and with a lot of water, I chew them into a paste first before swallowing. I also drink Organic Coconut water between juices for electrolytes. Maybe 2 times a day. I take some supplements as well.

    Can you give me your opinion please and if I should not do this?

    Thank you so much!


  52. I’m going to do a modified cleanse because I am afraid I will not be able to keep up my mental stamina I need for work. What I do takes a lot of concentration

  53. hi guys, I started the juice fast 4 days ago and doing good. Everytime I feel like I’m gonna cave in, I’d chew on 5 pieces of almonds. and I’ll do this 3 times a day. Is that cheating?

  54. Hi Carey quick question. I am doing a modified plan but wanted to know if there is any harm I having my one meal at lunch time. I get home late and by the time I finish my workout it’s late. So in order not to eat late I need to juice for brkfast and dinner. Thanks for your help

    1. Great! Eat a healthy lunch like some greens raw or lightly steamed. Easy on the protein and carbs. Good luck!

  55. I am breastfeeding a 5 month old baby. I want to simply replace my breakfast with a lower sugar juice and continue my healthy eating throughout the day. Do you think I will reap any benefits from this?

  56. Hey! I love this post, so much info! I am interested in doing a 5 day cleanse next week (Mon-Fri) but have a few concerns. It’s the last week of my weight loss challenge in which I’ve lost 32 lbs (yay!) in a healthy way, no starvation, lots of healthy foods and working out. I really want to pull ahead so I thought a good juice cleanse would be great for my body and would help me finish strong. I’m paranoid that it will backfire on me (for some reason) and my body will go into starvation mode and I’ll gain (is that possible?) so I was thinking of a modified cleanse and adding in salad w/out dressing at night or for lunch with my juices. Can you share your opinion on this? I’ve done a cleanse before, 2 years ago, and had a really hard time, but I think I’ve attributing that to being because I was in really horrible shape and was eating really bad foods. Now I’m pretty healthy (sans the occasional beer on Saturday). I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!

  57. I’m on my first day had a breakfast juice and having one for lunch then I’m going to have just chicken and veg for dinner. Has anyone else noticed good results with still eating a healthy meal for dinner instead of a juice/smoothie? Also are tea and coffees strictly not allowed?

  58. I just wanted to add that this modified fast has been great for me and my daughter. This is her first time . She is only 17 and struggling with Psoriasis and related arthritis it has been difficult to get her interested in helping herself in any way. However eventually my persistence paid off and we did this detox diet. This diet really helped and her conditions are now much improved. She is delighted much more positive and enthusiastic and I know next time will probably do a full 5 day detox with me.

  59. CRAAAAAAAAVING protein on 22nd day of 100 day juice fast. It is so bad I locked myself in my bedroom!

    I have lemon water with cayenne in the morning, water in between meals, a green veggie juice for lunch (no fruit exempt a touch of lemon juice). Then in the evening I have green tea. The hot ta is soothing.

    I continue to cook for the family, whack is fine as they eat healthy. What I want, though, is to eat a pound of salmon and a pound of tenderloin,

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