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I know I don’t have to say it, but I love Joe Cross. Who doesn’t? Joe’s story of juice fasting has inspired millions of people  around the globe to take control of their own health by getting fruits and veggies into their lives. In an effort to help others succeed Joe created Reboot Your Life, a website for people to learn about healthy living and connect with others who are on the journey.

Beginning in 2013 Joe and the Reboot Team are offering Guided Reboots, healthy diet programs led by Joe’s Reboot nutritionist-coaches. The Guided Reboots are designed to help you successfully complete a juicing plan and kickstart your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle. You’ll have the support of a small online group of fellow Rebooters and you will receive a complimentary copy of the Reboot with Joe recipe book ($20 value). They offer a 5 Day, 10 Day and 15 Day program that includes meal plans, shopping lists, and professional support. The groups are capped at 40 members and are priced between $99-149/person. Whether you’ve done Reboots before, are a first time Rebooter, or just need help hitting the reset button, Joe’s team has a Guided Reboot Plan that is right for you. You can learn more about the Guided Reboots here.

Good News!

Joe and his team at Reboot Your Life loves our community here at My Juice Cleanse and they want to give one lucky winner a free Guided Reboot! Yay! Enter to win etiher a 5 or 10 day Reboot that begins in January 2013. There’s no better way to start the new year.

How to Enter

All you have to do is answer this question: Why do you want to Reboot?

Leave your answer in the comments below this post no later than Sunday, December 30th and I will select one lucky winner to receive the Guided Reboot services for free.


UPDATE: This contest is now over. Congratulations to Chuck T!

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  1. I would like to reboot because I need to gain my health back I am a 30 yr old that feels like I am 50 my body is weak and my energy level is non existent. I also suffer from depression but I think it had to do w/ my health and food choices and not so much w/ needing medicine. I would love the opportunity to do a guided reboot and have someone to be accountable to besides myself.

  2. I want to Reboot because I know it is good for me and i should always be juicing so that i can be healthy and fit. I also watched Joe Cross’s movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead with a few of my friends and my mom and we loved it. Joe is doing great things for people around the world and I believe he will earn great rewards and such. Love, Nicole

  3. I would love a reboot after the holidays to get rid of my cravings for sweets, dessert, sugar. Start the new year with renewed energy, better digestion and health. Please consider me for the reboot. I am 61 years of age, female and live in Rochester, NY. Need to jump start my system… Thank you.


  5. I am 64 years old and in terrible shape. I am literally dying to get my health back. I am a nurse in the operating room and am on my feet all day. I have not gone totally raw, have made tremendous changes to my diet and still am not there yet. I would love to have the guide to help me on my way. Joe Cross was responsible for my beginning to change andI would love to credit him with the rest of my journey. Thank you.

  6. I would like to Reboot for overall health reasons. I am a working mother of two and I’m constantly trying to keep myself healthy and full of energy for my children. I want them to have great memories of me being active with them. I’m constantly on the go and it is difficult to always make healthy choices. I do my best and vow to do even better in 2013. My family is my life and I need to be healthy for them.

  7. I want to reboot so I can regain my health. I am a diabetic. I have tried everything there is to lose this weight and I keep failing. I want to live to see my kids grow up.

  8. I am so sick and tired of being tired and sick. Going on 60 yrs of age and do not want to feel this way. I want to live to see my grandchild grow up and enjoy the rest of my life. I need this program.

  9. I keep falling off the juice wagon. Clearly I need Joe’s Guided Reboot. It’s not easy doing it on your own!

  10. I am 47 years old woman, and have been struggling with a chronic illness (Crohn’s Disease)for over half of my life . I was diagnosed at 11,and have had 10 surgeries to date, I feel different – a brokeness that I just thought everyone felt. Always turning down invitations,sleepovers, playdate,campouts, because of the fear of what was to come. I was living in a prison, with no windows, no walls, and no locked keys. Growing up like that , food was always ENEMY #1. A necessary evil. I have also in the past 6 months, broke both of my arms which both required surgery, I have recently learned much about the reboot program, and for the 1st time, I feel HOPE!!!!!!!
    please choose me and I will make your company proud, and myself a healthy, happy, un-broken
    follower of your program!!!! Thank you so much! (I’ve never won anything in my entire life – so, what da ya say?? the timing for this would amazing!!! Thank you and warm wishes! Lynn

  11. REBOOT my life…clear my mind of the “fog” and detox my body to begin anew in 2013. That will lead to overall health and well being. I turned 56 on 12-12-12, and this is going to be my lucky year. New job, new way of thinking, new body, NEW YEAR! Yeah for me. 😉

  12. Since America insists on ruining what has been a great healthcare system by replacing it with Obamacare, I feel that it is now up to me to be personally responsible for my own helathcare. I truly believe in my heart that at age 62, I will be penalized as a Senior by Obamacare because I will be considered “too old” for certain procedures and medications down the road. I suffer from arthritis and I think rebooting is the best way that I can control that as well as eliminate high blood pressure and other things that seem to be popping up on my radar screen. I have started working out with a personal trainer, and I am now very interested in juicing and looking into wheat free/gluten free options to increase my chances of a long and healty senior lifestyle. I want to be around to enjoy my grandkids. Since I do not feel confident in leaving my health to Obamacare, I wish to take charge and learn about other options for better health so I don’t need to rely on what is becoming a very poor option in American healthcare. I am excited to reboot and would welcome the chance to start 2013 right with personal total reboot guidance. I already have my juicer purchased and I am ready to go! My goal is to eat better/healthier and to lose some weight to get some of this extra pressure off my arthritic knees as well as keep the heart healthy and the blood pressure at a good level. I hope that you will consider me as a worthy individual to win this amazing opprotunity to reboot into a new and exciting direction to take my health into my own hands and go for it! Thanks so much for your consideration!

  13. I need U to give me a push on my back to go back to eating a healthy lifestyle! I cant do this alone..i need a wake up call pls! It is a good thing that i can get myself to type this here :)..what a courageous me i should say! I am putting effort to give myself a punch now i need U to come into the picture and lend me a helping hand!Ive always wanted to be a lean & healthy but it seems food temptation has been a winner all this while! It is important to have a discipline lifestyle about health & food as i believe that is the foundation of good health. Starting from now, i have a wish for myself and i would like to influence the people around me that juicing is part of healthy life long journey. I would like my parents, my brothers & sister and people around them to embark on this beautiful journey of juicing and letting them experience how their body can reboot itself just by juicing alone and not by other artificial things. Like they say,” Charity starts at home”. I would love to start this program within the circle of my own family because they are the people who u treasure most! Please let it be me. It will be a beautiful xmas present from U to me 🙂

  14. I want to reboot because I’m a sugar and caffeine addict. I can’t get through my day without coffee and some sort of chocolate. This bothers me because I am breastfeeding a baby who deserves the best nutrition and because I’m beginning to feel really aweful all the time. I want to reboot so I have more energy for my family!

  15. well after many years of not knowing about juicing and what the benfits of it are, i would like someone to help both my husband and i to be able to do things right and get the max benefit from doing it right .. My husband is over 12okgs and eats heeps of junk food and i try to help him but this would be so great for him to know and have the help he would need … I want to reboot for the healthier life that we both could have …
    thanks tracy ..

  16. I am 65 years old and I have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver, gallstones and macular degeneration. I need to change my diet, but I just can’t seem to do it. I feel completely unable to do what needs to be done. I feel hopeless and helpless.
    Thank you.

  17. I want to reboot to release 100 lbs. I have 3 wonderful babies and want to make sure i am around for all their life events. I feel drained everyday and know if i had the plan i could reprogram my body and miind set to live healthy.

  18. I want to Reboot to lose weight to relieve the weight on my feet. I have arthritis in my feet that is made worse by my weight. I also want to Reboot to reclaim my lost energy and love for life.

  19. I would like to reboot to regain optimum health. I am 34 with 2 kids I started losing weight on my own but I still get headaches and my blood pressure is still continuing to be high I was laid off as teacher assistant, so I have no insurance and decided to make some changes on my own to get healthier. I do not want to be on medication!!! I feel that I am motivated to reboot my life and my health for a better me.

  20. I saw Joe’s movie recently and was so impressed ..
    I will be 73 in January and I am overweight and full of aches and pains and I would like to prove to everyone that no matter how old you are it’s never to late to get healthy..

  21. Hi Joe & the reboot team, I’m an Aussie lady, but at 58 years of age, 5′ tall, and over 22 stone, I am also a pre-diabetic with asthma, very high blood pressure, IBS, odema, hiatus hernia, cronic sinus, recurring heel spurs, and although I could go on, I think you get the picture. Though I don’t smoke or drink, I still know I’m a health disaster just waiting to happen if I let it! After watching Joe’s film “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” I was so inspired by Joe’s success, I’ve decided with fierce determination that 2013 was my permanent weight loss & health re-gain year, with or without anyone’s help….. BUT, with the help of the reboot team I know it would be so much better… And I’d be so grateful to never have to accidentally toot the horn of my car with my belly ever again! …(how embarrassing!) :/

  22. I believe in the reboot and the movie changed my outlook on life and health.
    I would like to first help myself by having better energy and then helping
    others who want to help themselves in the future. I believe in pay it forward
    and by helping myself I help others. Its universal law. I have never done a
    reboot yet but am at the starting gate.

  23. I want to reboot to regain my health. I am 40 and have been overweight for the last 15 years and although I’m not diabetic or am not being treated for health ailments, it’s a matter of time, and I’d like to take charge before I get to that point. A reboot will help kick start the process and encourage a healthy LIFESTYLE. I have been watching food documentaries and there are so many toxins that I want out of my body NOW and more importantly, I don’t want them back in my body. Thank you so much for a chance at this amazing transformation of life!

  24. Honestly, I want this opportunity, but it seems that there are people on here that probably need it way more than I do 🙂

  25. I am the mom of two special needs children. Stress, lack if sleep and turning to quick and comforting foods has gotten me to a place that is unhealthy. I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly dead this summer and did a 15study day reboot followed by 3a months raw foods…. then my son became very ill and I fell of my reboot and landed in old ways. I felt amazing, lost weight and had energy for the first time in years when I was rebooting….. but I need a safety net. I need a cheering squad of my own who can guide me back into my health and be the best mom I can for these two. Thank you for considering me!

  26. Reboot? Better than a kick in the b&^$! Which is what happens if I don’t take of my health. We are what we eat and as the saying goes “If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?”. I want to live here for a very long time! And a reboot w/help would be a well appreciated jumpstart!

  27. I need to reboot again. I did it for 21 days and lost 21 pounds, and now that the holidays are raging down on me, with all the goodies from well-being friends, it’s not going so well. I love the juices and need someone to give me some support in getting back into it.

  28. I did a 10 day juice detox last summer, and with no surprise, my arthritis improved by at least 30 %. I’m confident that if I give it a second chance (reboot), things will improve furthermore.
    And why not take the opportunity to kick the sugar habit and start anew in 2013.

  29. I just need an extra kick in the butt to get this thing off the ground! I’ve been eating mostly plant-based, but I keep backsliding and falling off the wagon! I need a guided program that will take all the guesswork out of it for me to make it easy and simple! Then I know I will make better decisions once I’m on the right track with guidance and support!

  30. I want to get off of disability, get healthy and be able to return to work. I think this Guided Reboot seems that it would be a great motivator and guide to follow through, reach and maintain anyone’s goal and new lifestyle. Who doesn’t need coaching right? I’m so excited to get started!!! 😛

  31. I want to reboot because I want to start the year off on a good foot. This summer I did a 21 day juice cleanse, which was super easy and helped me changed my eating habits and lose weight. Slowly and because of all the holidays my eating habits haven’t been as healthy as they could be. I want to reboot to get my body back to wanting healthy food and I also want to learn what my body wants and needs. With a reboot I can accomplish this.

  32. I’m tired of being tired. Tired of muscle aches and spasms. Tired of forgetfullness and being totally mindless. I’m tired of people telling me that I “carry my weight well”
    I’m tired of always having a mental battle over whether or not I can complete this task
    I’m tired of working against my slow thyroid. I’m tired of swelling. I’m just tired and need this change.

    Therefore, I am ready. To not be tired. To feel energized. To regain control. To stand up and say
    Yes, I can do it. I am that girl who can
    I hope you can help. Everyone needs a little help. Thank you!

  33. I am living in Qatar and trying hard to loose weight on my own. After 18 months of diet and exercise I am left with no energy to take care of myself or my family. Now I realise that my amatuer efforts are not going to give me any further results. I need to adf that I was 94 kg before and now 79 kg! Total loss of 15 kg over 18 months should convince you that I will stick to the program wholeheartedly, as I am still obese with a height of 153 cm. I need your professional help to lead a healthy life…. So please choose me for the free reboot program…

  34. I did one on my own with great results. Would love to see what a guided experience is like. I have gained a good amount of what I lost back and I need to kick start back on that path I need to be down.

  35. On December 30th, I’ll be turning 52. I’m a 6’2″ female and weigh 285, & unfortunately, am the size of a line-backer. Last year, from February – May, on a high-protein/low-carb diet, I lost 30 pounds. However, my hair started falling out, my skin looked gray & pastey, and I had horrible constipation. I looked better in my clothes; but felt horrible. So, I know that, going that route, was not good for my health. I have been loosing and gaining weight my entire life…and am so tired of it. I would love to properly learn how to get healthy, without risking my life doing it. There is not a fruit or vegetable that I don’t like… it’s just knowing what to juice, how to juice, and understand what nutrients my body needs to be really healthy, for the 1st time in my life.

  36. I want to be able to be the best I can be for my family. I have long accepted this terrible level of health and fitness that I exist in — I need a reboot to be better!! It would be an advantage, that I have never had, to be coached towards the level of health that I can be at! How exciting!!!

  37. I’m 53 and a caregiver to my husband of 20 years and we are doing in home dialysis for him. I’ve been trying to reboot but have had no success. Im a carbaholic. My joints are stiff especially in the am. I really need to reboot in 2013 so I am able to continue being there to help my husband and to feel good about myself and my health.

  38. Iam a overweight 33 yr old mother of 4 and a daughter/ caretaker of a blind diabetic renal patient. I have a 12 yr old son that Im afraid will be following in her footsteps. I juice, read and educate my mother, family and friends on everything I’ve learned. I became a vegetarian 5 months ago. I would love to start the year in full force. The more I do and learn just motivates me more to live a healthier life not only for me but for my family. I take full advantage of any chance I can get to educating myself and living a better life. Thank you.

  39. I’m 48 and have been suffering from Psoriasis for the last 12 years which is at its worst since the last 3 years. Appreciate your help as I feel I can get the same benefit that you’ve demonstrated in your movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.
    I could start off on my own but am not very sure of the combinations and am scared of doing the wrong thing.

  40. I would like to give this a try. I have no willpower to make the changes I know I need without something to kick me in the butt and get me going. My dad was always big into juicing and being healthy but it never stuck with me. My mom’s side of the family never cared what we ate and never had anything nutritious around. Now I have 2 kids and one is super healthy and really wants me to change and the other is just as I was and I hate to see what will happen if I can’t make a better example.

  41. I really want to learn how to be successful during my juicing & feel that I need all the help & advise I can get. I lost about 20 lbs and have been stuck here for the last few months but have about 15 pounds til I reach my goal. I would love to keep my mind, body & spirit healthy for the rest of my life. I loved the Fat Sick & Nearly Dead movie that Joe Cross documented. He is such an inspiration & can motivate those who need to make some healthy changes without making them feel bad about themselves-hard to find that now a day. I would love to start the new year out correctly & can’t wait to continue on the journey with some advise. Thank you!

  42. I want to reboot because I’ve been having intestinal issues for several years. I’m pretty sure they’re related to my diet, even though I have drastically changed what I eat in the past six months. I don’t have a juicer, but regularly make green smoothies with my blender. I enjoy their health benefits AND how good they taste! I’d love to get a juicer and be more strategic about juicing to cleanse and detox. The Guided Reboot sounds like it would be just the thing to give me more ammunition in getting to a place of optimal health. I hope to be picked!

  43. I am 44 and want to reboot because in the last year I have had 15 lung collapses, 2 lung operations and been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I am on medication for depression and take up to 12 tablets daily. I am sick of this cycle and just want to feel better. I am an avid juicer but really need guidance. Please help!!

  44. I want to reboot as I have slipped back into old habits that are not healthy. I want to live to a ripe old age & be fit, healthy & active. My mind works better, my emotional life is more even & I can look at myself & be proud of what I am doing when I am on the right track. I also feel that I should be a role model to other people as I work in health & feel I have a personal responsibility to practice what I preach.

  45. I am an osteopath who is totally devoted to my patients. Long days at work have seen my girth increasing and energy levels dropping. I am determined to show myself a little devotion so I have more to give and have the energy to enjoy my wonderful life!

  46. I really want to learn how to be successful during my juicing & feel that I need all the help & advise I can get. I lost about 20 lbs and have been stuck here for the last few months but have another 20 pounds until I reach my goal. I believeits the first step to keep my mind, body & spirit healthy for the rest of my life. I loved the movie “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead” that Joe Cross documented & I’m telling all my friends & family to watch. Joe is such an inspiration & a great force to motivate those who need to make some healthy changes. He does it in such a clever way-without making them feel bad about themselves-hard to find that now a days. I would love to start this new year out healthy & can’t wait to continue on the journey with some expert advise. Thank you!

  47. I am a 57 year old women with type 2 diabetes. I am stuck at between 178 – 182 lbs. No matter what I do I can’t break this plateau. I know from my experimentation with juicing I feel much better, but have trouble staying motivated. I really need help.

  48. When I got all excited about attempting the juicing after being inspired by the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, I began juicing and heading to the Gym. With that said on day (3) I collapsed at the gym, couldn’t get up was taked to the ER, where I had a very high potassium level an ecg reading at a pace over 200 (peaked T-waves were double counting).so pulse was about 100. I lay in the ER hoping my heart was not damaged as this would set me back years instead of improving my life. Being a Registered Nurse, I have to take care of my own health to be able to care for a team of other human beings. So my daughter has my juicer and I never attempted to juice again. I believe the program is a good one, I just need guidance. Thanks Scott

  49. Here goes…..I have been over weight my entire life I have lost and gained back hundreds of pounds in the course of that time. I am 47 with 3 children 22, 18 and 3 at this stage in the game I have become sick and depressed by the whole weight loss system. Is there really a way to loss it and keep it off? I have willpower I know that but eventually the hunger drives me back to the table and back to incorrect eating which seems to fill me and give me temporary satisfaction and forever fat hips urrrrrr. If juicing can really satisfy hunger and make me feel good I’m in because at this stage I’m at the end of my rope literally..

  50. I am a 52 year old woman who has been working towards this for many years. 22 years sober, 6 mos vegan, but still stressing my body with caffeine. I am so close to being where I have been trying to arrive at all these years and frankly, I could use a boost! So many people my age, especially those who abused their bodies in younger years, are suffering with cancer and other health concerns. I want to be as healthy as possible so I can enjoy the life I have worked so hard to achieve!

  51. The reason why I want to try reboot is because I tried so many detox programs and some worked and some did not. However, I did lose weight, my skin cleared up, arthritis in my knee got better and I was much healthier. Since than, the arthritis has returned and the doctors want to have surgery because of the cartilage and the knee cap is bad. The doctors are asking for me to lose 50lbs before surgery and I need all the help I can get. I am currently working out and watching my calories and reboot will get me on the way. Lastly, please consider me to receive a free copy of the reboot to assist me with my weight loss, energy and most of all making detoxing a life style change. Thank you

  52. I would be so greatful to be included in this wonderful opportunity because I am a married 39 year old mother of two, my health is not the best at all. I have joint pains and have had it since 11/89, also high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. I am feeling sluggish and feel like i am just living life the best way that I know, but I know that life could be so much better.

  53. Hello! I want to reboot because I want to get my body prepared so that o can Diego fertlity treatments to have my first baby this year! I want to cleanse my body with juicing so that I can be ready physically and mentally! Thank you!

  54. I’d like to give such a prize of reboot to my girlfriend who suffers MS, is overweight and is taking pills for thyroid. She is so dear and I hate to see her suffer. I got her a juicer extractor, now she needs professional guidance.

  55. I would like to have this experience for many reasons. My husband and I suffered through infertility and pregnancy loss for 6 years before finally having our daughter in May of this year. When I found out we were expecting a girl, I vowed that I would get healthy for my daughter, so that she would grow up with a positive female role model. I never want to diet ever again in my life. I want to learn to eat healthy and make healthy decisions on a daily basis. I want to lose weight and be more attractive, of course, but I want to change my life and that of my family most of all. Weight loss would be a benefit of living better. We feed our daughter fresh pureed vegetables, many grown in our own garden, and are very picky about what she ingests. It came to me the other day that because we love her, we feed her so well. Shouldn’t we learn to feed ourselves the same, and love ourselves the same?

  56. I need a reboot ! I am 43 years old, overweight, with type 2 diabetes. I need a change in my life, I feel that this re-boot is just what will help me with the next phase in my life. I just finished watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, what an inspirational story.

  57. I just need your support and help. I too have health problems I am dealing with. If I don’t win, thank you anyway for giving me this chance.

  58. I want to reboot because I feel this would be the best step for me in my journey. I have been struggling with my weight since 2008 and I want to stop this cycle. I have ballooned so much that I am roughly 80 lbs overweight. The need for a change comes in that my health s suffering. My doctor informed me that my cholestrol is borderline high and so is my blood sugar. On top of that my doctor informed me that I need to lose weight as it is very difficult for overweight women to get pregnant. All of these factors are motivating me because it is a wake up call. I am 32 and I do not want to continue on this downward cycle. Watcing Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead helped me see that it is possible to make a lifestyle change that helps your mind, body and inner soul. I know I can do it, I just need little help and guidance.

  59. I want to reboot because I have had six knee surgeries since I was 19 with two of them being knee replacements and I am only 40. I have a bone disease that was found when I was in the military. After the first replacement I gained 70 lbs. Then after the second replacement I gained another 40 lbs. I need to lose around 100 lbs. I have tried all the diets and exercise as much as my knee will let me. My hip is now diseased and I really need to lose this weight before that gets replaced. I would love to be thin and healthy again which will majorly help my joints.

  60. I need to re-boot because of the poor state of affairs I am in. I am a just turned 30 year old and I am just a few pounds over 300. I have 4 kids and I work 60 hours a week. Even when I have time for the gym something is aching too badly to go (the arches in my feet are deteriorating from plantar fasciitis) or I just simply don’t have the energy to get up and go. I have been having a terribly hard time sleeping from not being able to breathe too well and I have to sleep in certain positions only because I have pretty bad acid reflux and after having an endoscopy they suggested certain ways to lay when sleeping. I have watched the documentary and I was blown away. I did a 5 day juice only cleanse and then for another 5 days I ate 1 solid meal and just juiced the rest of the day. I felt great but I feel I really need the guidance to get through it all the right way. For my children to be able to have their father as long as they need him, I need to re-boot.

  61. I recently watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dying and was completely inspired by Joe. I want a reboot because I am struggling to start one on my own. I am only 21, but I want the chance to begin a healthy lifestyle while in college because now is when the changes need to be made. My weight has fluxed over the past few years, leading to health issues such as chronic headaches and exhaustion. Starting now would mean a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life!

  62. i would like to reboot because im a 30 yr old that feels older than i should. i have two kids and a wife whom i love very much and would love to grow old with them. Ever since they diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes amongother things ive been depressed all i can do is think of my end and i dont want to do that anymore i want to clean my body as well as my mind and start new, and not let any of this affect me so much and i believe if i can do this i will be able to defeat anything not only for my loved ones but for myself too. i want to do something to prove to myself that once again i am strong and can have the will to overcome just like Mr. Cross did.

  63. I feel so down about myself, it’s depressing me.Like I feel uncomfortable in my own skin. 24/7 I think that people are judging me for how I look, what I wear, etc. It’s getting to the point where I wear clothes/act different to fit in with people so they dont judge me.It’s even got to the point where I dont want to be in social situations I judge myself, Im my own worst enemy. Im so emotional too, like whenether someone says something to me slightly mean or whatever, I automatically feel upset, to the point where I want to cry. I also get extremely nervous talking to people. i thank if i reboot i just might fill better about my self

  64. Hi Carey
    i am 41 years old, 20kg overweight, still suffering with acne. now have arthritis, and feel sluggish, sad and fat. i am a professional dieter, been on every diet ever invented, all start out really well, and then cravings for sugar, carbs and junk corrupt things. i would feel so privileged to have the opportunity to have a guided reboot, especially by someone of this calibre. ps pick ME! 2013 HAS GOT TO BE THE YEAR of AWESOME HEALTH, VITALITY AND POSITIVE CHANGE FOR ME- AND MY FAMILY!

  65. I am 49 and I have some health issues (high blood presure, Hypothyroid) that I would love to get under control without the help of medicine. My doctor wants to give me a pill for everything. The last straw was in November when I had a hard time walking and the doctor diagnosed me with Gout and and advised me that long term use of the medicine would cause my Kidneys to fail. It makes no since to me that you break one body part to fix another one. So with that being said I need a Reboot

    1. I would love to reboot to improve the quality and energy in my life. I feel that Joe is real and not a fly by night or copy cat of someone else. I have 3 kids of my own and want to see them grow up and have kids of their own. I lost my mom at 15 yrs old because of her health issues and I have seen what a clean way of eating and taking care of yourself can do.

  66. I am a diabetic, I have had type 1 diabetes since I was 9, I’m now 19. I’m tiered of the way our health system leaves people dependent on healthcare. I want to take control of my life, and my body, and be free to live without concerns. I want to reboot, and live a long term life style of eating healthy, and controlling my disability through diet rather than never ending medication.

  67. Hi Joe, a couple of weeks ago I went to bed and as I channel surfed I happened upon your documentary. I must say not only was I impressed with your story but I admired how you shared your knowledge to help others. I am a 48year old Registered Nurse and have tried numerus times to loose weight with diet and exercise, I have small successes but always hit a wall and slowly regain the weight. Like most nurses I work long hours and rush meals, come home tired and have little left in the care bank for myself. I also suffer with allergies, depression and sleep apnea. At age 8 I lost my father to an AMI and both of my sisters also passed at a young age (38 & 42) I know I have high cholesterol but I cant take Crestor due to the side effects. However after watching your doco I have decided to try again. I actually enjoy exercising (when I do it) and have good will power when I dont allow outside influences to sabotage my progress. I woke up today to find Santa had left me a lovely juicer, and a bunch of kale. (I HAVE been good). So wish me luck and I will let you know how well Im doing. Thankyou for the inspiration….


  69. I want to reboot because after having my first child I have found my body has stalled. I can’t loose weight I can’t gain weight; nothi g is changing despite what I do so I want to do a reboot to get things back on track

  70. I’m a massage therapist and mother of two teenage boys. My husband and I have always wanted a healthier lifestyle, but it has always seemed to expensive and out of reach. We have lived mostly off of fast foods and processed food because of convinence and price. After seeing Joe’s transformation, we as a family would love to try the reboot. I would like to take what I learn and pass that along to my clients to help more in our community to be healthier.

  71. I am at the age, 59, where this is a crossroads. Take the road to health or the road to lots of problems in the future. I want the road to health; and, need the support to get me in motion. I’m ready!!

  72. I have suceeded at the juicing for 3 weeks earlier this year. Tried it again for about 2 weeks at another time. Then I figured I would jump in again like the rest of the world in January. Hoping to make it a great starting point for me to drop about 50 lbs with the new year coming. Like a million of other like minded people wanting to do the same. Thanks for the chance to win. Victoria

  73. I want to try this because I survived cancer many years ago. I am 45 but I feel 60. I want to gain health and go back to my weight. I have gained 40 pounds and I ‘ve tried many diets but nothing works. I have pain in my joins, water retention, migrains, etc. I really want to be better

  74. Good Morning, I just read everyone’s comments and testimonials as to why they should win the juicer. Franky, I wish everyone had the financial means to own a juicer and re-boot, Myself included. I also have watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” many times. I find it very inspirational. I am proud of Joe and his determination to get healthy. May I extend my best wishes to the other people asking for the chance to reclaim their health and rid themselves of toxins.
    Thank you for the chance to win the juicer and start a new lifestyle. Kathy

  75. My husband and I were so inspired last night after watching the “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” last night, that we are starting today the change, and detox. We were laying around on Christmas Day and we came across the documentary and watch a couple of them. We are not obese, but we are starting to get extra weight and feel that our energy levels are going down. We have young children and we want to portrait a good example, we want to teach them right. We also want to eliminate many foods from our diet, stuff that looks good but is not, specially for our kids. Thanks goodness my mom gave us a gift card, we are on our way to buy the juicer.
    If we win this thing we are going to get us much juice as we can out of it…hehehe, if not, we are still doing it. Starting today!
    thanks for your consideration.

  76. I’d like to reboot so that I can think more clearly for my job, have the energy to play with my 4 children more, and most importantly be healthier for myself, my wife, and my kids.

  77. I’d like to win this as I’m facing a massive steroid infusion next week. 1000 mg of IV steroids daily for 5 days. This is to treat an autoimmune condition. To detox after that would be lovely.

  78. I was diagnosed with lupus almost 8 years ago and I am having to make huge changes in the way I am eating to keep healthy and reduce flares. I want to reboot so that I can be healthy an feel better. I want my health and energy back so that I can keep up with my growing boys. I want to be able to get off some of the prescription meds that I am on. My hope is to get to a place where I can live a full, happy, and healthy life.
    Thanks for considering me!!!

  79. I would Love the guided reboot because after rebooting for a few weeks last year my thyroid doe
    se had to be decreased ….and now after the holidays and a stressful 2012 I NEED to get back on track!! HELP!!

  80. Plain and simple…I feel heavy, sluggish and foggy.
    I have little energy these days to take care of my 3 little ones, my home and importantly, myself.
    I’ve been trying to juice, but by the end Of the day, taking care of everything else, and everyone, my mind simply cannot focus on what I need to do …for me. I need help.

  81. My Husband just had to have most of his Thyroid removed due to a tumor on it. He is a power lifter at our local gym and has an awesome testomony on what this has all done for him. We have been juicing about two times a week, and trying to find a diet plan to go along with it.
    Your E-mails and juice recipes have inspired us to get very creative with the juicing, but we really want to make this a life style, not just a diet or hit and miss plan. The food recipes are the hard thing for us to find. This seems to be a perfect opportunity to do both. Thanks for your Love for others, to help so many people!

  82. I want to reboot because:
    I’m 51 yrs old and my weight has been out of control since my first miscarriage at age 19, I now weigh 275 lbs. I’ve never eaten healthy in my life and don’t have the energy or focus to prepare healthy meals by the time I get off work in the evening. My job for years has been performed sitting at a desk all day. I’ve had ptsd, depression and hypoglycemia since I was a small child to the point of a very brief episode of temporary blindness at about the age of 6. I have fibromyalgia, ptsd, high blood pressure, blood sugar that swings high and low, arthritis and depression. I’ve been psyching myself up for a couple of months trying to get the focus and mental strength I need to try a juicing diet starting Jan 1, 2013. I’ve read some about it but I don’t really know enough to be sure I will do everything correct and I hate to be doing it wrong because a friend of mine said she is going to do everything I do. I really want to feel the best I can possibly feel for once in my life. I’ve been in so much pain since I’ve put on this weight and have trouble just walking at times. I’m so ashamed of how I look and feel so bad that I don’t want to go anywhere. I hide at home wishing I could make myself lose weight so I could feel better and claim my life back. I feel like this is my last chance and I need all the help I can get. Please help me!

  83. I am 60 and need to get control of my weight and life. I am appoaching 300 lbs. I have acid reflux and am misseable. I was inspired by the documentary and am going to try the juice fast. It would be great to have help with the guided fast. A better chance for success with built in accountability.

  84. I want to Reboot because I feel that I don’t get my health back on track, I’ll die at the early age of 36. I have not been diagnosed with any life-threatening illnesses, but I fear I will just walk in for my semi-annual check & find that I have a few months to live. My diet is loaded with carbs & sugars & I feel like I don’t have positive support & motivation to change anything. I need a Real, Guided Roadmap & not just another book. Please give me a Reboot. Peace.

  85. I notice that my kids are picking up my bad eating habits and I don’t want them to be unhealthy and having a weight problem like I do. In 2013 I want to start eating healthy and being active. I am going to juice to clean my system and then eat more fruit and vegetable with a small amount of chicken or fish. I want to give up red meat.

  86. Why do I want to win? Well I am 32 years old and have lost 30+ pounds since April. I am at a stall and I kick started my journey with the Joe Cross Reboot and hoping to start again the 3rd when we return from the in-laws. I want to do this more for my children so mommy can keep up with them and live a long life to watch them raise their own kids.

  87. I’m only 22.

    However I have been struggling with eating disorders for almost 10 years now, mainly bulimia.

    I need a reboot. I need to change my relationship with food before it’s too late.


  88. I want to Reboot to be a better example to the patients that are in my care. I am a 45 yr old nurse that feels more like 65 most days. I am always talking to people about their health and making healthy changes and yet as someone who is only 5’2″ and 230 pounds I know I am not a good example of healthy living.

  89. I actually did a 5 day juice reboot with my husband and we both saw some amazing results! We need another reboot to get our lives back! My husband is very ill and the reboot was actually helping to dramatically improve his health quality. Yes! it was working so well that we stopped? No, we stopped juicing due to the high cost of food and doctor bills. Yes, the juice was making a huge difference, but my husband still needed to go to the doctor on a regular basis until he could get off all of his high dollar medications. Even the doctor said that his health was starting to turn around for the better. We want so desperately to get back to that, but we are so poor I don’t know how we can afford to get back on track!? Is there any help for us out there?

  90. All my life I have struggled with food addiction. 2011 & 2012 were positive years for my battle to retrain my mind & body on how to eat for nourishment rather than for comfort, stress relief, boredom or any other excuse I could justify in my mind to make eating all the wrong foods ok. By eliminating processed foods, sweets and breads from my life I managed to lose 70 pounds! I have muscular dystrophy so exercise is next to impossible for me. Unfortunately I ” fell off the wagon” and reverted back to my old, bad eating habits. I have regained 30 pounds and am currently mentally preparing to begin treating my mind & body the way they deserve and not letting food have such a hold on me. I believe the reboot would totally help me accomplish my goal of healthy eating LIFESTYLE, a permanent change in what I eat. I have such empathy and compassion for those addicted to alcohol, drugs and nicotine, as I truly feel my addiction is food and I have certain “trigger” foods that will set me up to fail. I know it is in my best interest to eat a healthy, natural meal plan.

  91. In June 2012 I was diagnosed diabetic and started to change my diet and lifestyle. I had lost seven kilos when my husband had a heart attack which resulted in open heart surgery and of course months of caring for him while he made a full recovery. Now that he is on the mend I have planned to do a reboot starting 1st January 2013, and would be thrilled to have the support and guidance from Joe’s professional team. I was so inspired after watching Joe’s documentary and I know that the juice fast is the answer that I am seeking in my quest for better health and weight loss.

  92. Dear Joe,

    Before 2 days I watched your film and I am really impressed with it. I am quite like you, age is 41 and weight is 78 Kgs. height is 5’10” but before one year I was 92 Kg and suddenly wake up and started exercising and reduce it to 78 Kg. with running and weight training but was not eating properly so by side effect or I don’t know the reason my cholesterol level is increased and it is above permissible limits (I am addicted to Smoking Cigarette). After watching your film I am going to start juice fast in January 2013. If you can provide me free guided Reboot I will be very happy and healthy. I am sure I will complete this and make my health better than now. Thanks for sharing your experience and educating people.

  93. I would love to win a free, guided reboot. I’m 42, a type 1.5 diabetic, and I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead last night at my 24 year old son’s suggestion. I was inspired! I ordered a Breville juicer last night & expect it Saturday. I was researching recipes, and found your amazing blog today due to that search. My son’s girlfriend has the same skin condition Joe discussed in the movie. I want this so we (son, his girlfriend, and me) can get off on the right foot, find success by doing this correctly, and inspire others. Thanks for the opportunity!

  94. I would like this opportunity just like the others here for overall better health, more energy for our families, and to actually feel my age. My husband and I did a short juice stint and I could feel the difference -but I know he felt it too. I feel every person just needs that little push and this would greatly help me. Thanks for your consideration -although it seems there are more deserving folks!!!

  95. I’d like a reboot because I’ve done the gym and running and sometimes it just doesn’t feel right if the body is still filled with junk. I want to try being healthy from the inside out.

  96. I truly believe juicing is not only good for the body, but the mind and the soul as well. My parents; both overweight, unhappy, and sick simply eat whatever they see. Cakes, cookies, fast food, you name it; they eat it. I want to reboot to show them living a healthy lifestyle is possible. I’m a 24 year old full-time student and runner. I would like my father to eventually walk me down the aisle (a long time from now), and I would like to be there when I have my first child (also a long time from now). I want to be the change I wish to see in the world, and I think beginning in the family is a great start! JUICE ON!

  97. As I read the posts of others I can’t help but know that choosing will be so hard for you. Almost everyone has a similiar story and a very real need. Here’s mine; I’m 53, way overweight (250 + on a 5′ 2″ frame) a thyroid disease that makes it next to impossible to lose weight. Two years ago I acomplished a long-time dream of doing a triathlon. I only managed to lose 20-25 lbs in a 6 month process of almost daily exercise and strict eating guidelines. Along with losing my job of 8.5 years 10 months ago, I injured my knee 3 months ago trying to regain my health and overcome depression. Now I have gained back everything and then some. to top it off, I have been told I have calcium deposits on my neck and my arms and legs go numb and tingly from time to time. I don’t know if juicing can help this at all and I feel totally helpless and hopeless of ever getting truly healthy. Can you help me??

  98. I have a couple of reasons I would like to reboot. I have food avoidance issues that I have dealt with for many years. My 44 year old body is signaling me that it has suffered from this…….it just can’t cope with that kind of strain any longer…..I’m literally craving greens and I love the “juice” thing….all of that nutrition wrapped in an easy peasy drink. Another reason is my son…..he suffers from chronic mental illness and the medications have side effects that impact his cholesterol, triglycerides and metabolism. I want to introduce him to a fun and deliscious tool for managing these effects. He will be sixteen on Jan. 6, 2013…..My boyfriend got me a Jack LaLane Juicer for Christmas and I have started on mean green recipe….but I could really use the “guidance” to make a lifestyle change… 🙂

  99. My wife has suffered from urticaria for more than 3 years and has been on antihistamine s ever since. I also suffer from chronic stomach acid overproduction which makes life very difficult at times. If wd could have the result for Sharon that you had Joe it would be life changing and I can’t remember when I didn’t have a bad week with gut problems. I am 50 my wife is 42. We are too young to feel this way. Please help us get our healthy back. We recently watched you movie and are hoping you can help us too. Hope you you can help us both.

  100. Inspired, Appreciative & Hopeful! Your website & reader comments have been very helpful…I tripped over your info after exploring Joe Cross + Reboot. I’m working to overcome an Auto Immune Disease (Multiple Sclerosis)..have tried lots of “doctor” regimens & only suffered side effects. Have been following a paleo regimen for the last year & lots of mind-bodywork…but need more healing.. think a Reboot will help tremendously along with incorporating juice as a regular supplement/regimen in the future…Remission would be a blessing, Along with Sharing Info with others in Need. Extra Guidance will be much appreciated

  101. I need to Reboot! I am 28 years old, married with three children 5, 7 and 8. I am also 5’10 and 429lbs. I have high blood pressure and I’m a boarder line diabetic. I’ve tried everything and always fail. I just want to be free from taking meds, healthy for my family and to set a good example for my kids. Please help.

  102. As a busy mom and teacher, I have never thought about juicing until I watched “Hungry for Change” on Netflix two days ago. I then was convinced this was the missing link I had been looking for! I lost 75 pounds 3 years ago and have kept 50 off, but it is slowly creeping back on. I have always thought I eat okay and keep to my calories and now I understand it is my body that needs to heal! I bought a brand new juicer off of Craigslist today and had my first two glasses of juice tonight. I am so excited, but need guidance! My family thinks I am going crazy and diving in, but I am craving help! I would love to have this opportunity!

  103. I would love to start the reboot program due to mold intoxication. I moved into a home 1 1/2 years ago and have been severely ill since. After discovering my health issues were due to the environment I was in I had to move my family of 7 had to a different home. I have suffered from Chronic daily migraines, fatigue, joint pain, hair loss and the list goes on.
    I’ve had every medical scan possible and am currently on multiple medications.
    I’ve worked through EVERY doctors and specialist checklist in hopes of recovery. I have polluted my system with so many different meds over the last 1 1/2 years it’s time I cleanse my system.

    I have missed 1 1/2 years of my life and my childrens lives. My children need me to be the mom I used to be. I want my life back! I suffer from headaches 24/7 and I’m desperate for a fresh start on life. I can’t go on like this anymore. I will do anything in hopes of getting rid of these symptoms.

  104. At age 55, I’m wondering if I’m going to see 60. I have somewhere between 130 to 150 lbs to lose, and at this rate I’ll have 300 lbs, before too long, on a 5’6” frame. My health is starting to suffer; when I stand I have pain in my knees and it feels like they are going to give out from under me. With sleep apnea, reflux, gall bladder issues and little energy, I feel like I’m 80 yrs old. I ache everywhere all the time. The doctors haven’t been able to determine what is wrong. I’ve been told it appears there is something wrong with my autoimmune system, but what… I still do not know. I’ve never felt like this before and can tell something is really wrong with me. If I don’t do something soon I fear I may not be here for my daughter.
    I used to be a gorgeous Florida girl, with natural long blond hair, who unfortunately never fully recognized it at the time no matter how many times I had been told. Growing up around our beautiful beaches I was always very active and involved in anything that took me outdoors whether it was horseback riding, biking, scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing, traveling to colder climes for ice skating, snow skiing….the list could go on and on. I’d always been super healthy all of my life until now.
    These days I spend almost all of my time indoors, working 12 hour days just to make ends meet. I work 2 jobs from home taking inbound calls assisting people with their airline and hotel reservations. I’m tied to the phone the whole time with the exception of breaks. I’m in a vicious cycle of eating poorly with little time to plan and start a new healthy diet as well as not having much energy to exercise with the remaining time I have left in the day. I feel in my heart the time has come that I must do something now before it is too late. I believe juicing will make a huge difference in my life, and may even save it just like it did for Joe Cross. Having someone to help guide me through the juicing journey would mean so much to me and help give me a much greater chance for success.

  105. I’m 26 years old, a single mum, working full-time, going to school, and my health has been my last priority for far too long! I feel like my body is calling out for help now. I’m 70lb overweight, I’m so tired, my hair has become dull and is falling out, my skin is breaking out like I’m 14. I know that it’s coming from the inside, and that I need to reboot my health! I’ve just started my journey and I’d live to be a part of this program.

  106. Mike, Nic, Casey & beautiful family. I want to be healthier as a whole family & instill good habits in my children.

  107. I want to reboot because 2012 was a year full of trials. After overcoming life circumstances that seemed to never end, I still managed to come out alive! I think that a reboot is just what my body needs after enduring a battle with severe clinical depression, multiple family deaths, including dealing with the loss of two loved one due to late detection of cancer. And recently a close family friend was diagnosed with yet another form o cancer. During all of this I still managed to finish graduate school. All the stress took a toll on my body and spirit. I am ready to start the new year fresh. Taking care of myself is the priority this coming year. And a juice cleanse is a good start!

  108. Hello, I am 27 years old and I have had the auto immune disease Lupus (SLE) since I was 15years of age, I have been on medication all my life, and have tried many different medical procedures and I am still very ill. I have not had the energy to focus on my diet and would love the opportunity to learn more about raw foods. I work 4 days a week and I would greatly appreciate being a part of the guided reboot to better my health and possibly lead a more energetic and pain free lifestyle. Kind Regards, Alaire.

  109. Hi there, i really want to do this reboot because of my health. I have a high risk of heart problems, diabtes, cancer and others all in my family history. I am a mid young aboriginal woman who after having my first child has struggled with my weight and 20yrs later i am still struggling. I can barely breathe due to asthma and i have to be on medication for iron for the rest of my life. I have 3 young kids thst i want to see grow up up. I want to be educated about the advantages of juicing so i can educate my family and friends and to help save their lives too. I am ready and i am keen to do and learn whatever it may take to be fit and heslthy again. Cheers, Sherrie

  110. My health is out of control. I’m overweight with high cholesterol, but don’t want to start with taking medication. I want to take control of my own health and at the same time help my hubby who has to go for a heart valve replacement in the near future and also needs to loose weight before that.

  111. I am a type 2 diabetic, need I say more. I am overweight and unhealthy. If I don’t change my lifestyle soon, it may be too late. I received a juicer, at my request, as a Christmas gift and am ready to make the change.

  112. I want the reboot for my health. I was hospitalized earlier this month with a perforated colon. I lived on ice chips for the first 4 days in the hospital and then on a liquids diet and then slowly to soft foods. This truly made me take a look at my health for the first time and the way I eat. I’m 32 years old, overweight and totally in denial about what I was putting in and doing to my body. It was always “I’ll start tomorrow”…well tomorrow came and could’ve killed me. I’m gearing up now to do a juicing cleanse. I still have doctors appointment and lovely colonoscopies to look forward to as I heal. This was the wake-up call I needed and deep down knew was coming for me. I’ve always been healthy as a horse and this really knocked me out. My mom said to me “The last time you were in a hospital was the day you were born!”

    Anyway, I think this is a great movement and I will be a part of it regardless of winning this or not. I’m on my way to a new, healthier life and better relationship with myself and food!

  113. What a wonderful give away! My brother and I watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” in November. We knew that this was the answer. Our mom and dad, are truly fat, sick and nearly dead. I am commenting for my brother – if he is chosen, we would all follow his example.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  114. During my school age years all the way up until my junior year of high school, I was so thin I looked like a grey hound. I ran track and cross-country, played soccer, and was very active. In my junior and senior year, I got a job working a desk job (sedentary job) and started packing on the pounds, about 50 from my sophomore year to my senior year. I then joined the Marine Corps and lost all that weight and was again excited that I was in such great shape again. That was about 12-13 years ago and I’m 34 now and instead of being the 6′ tall 150-160 pound (very skinny / very healthy) guy I was, I’m instead gaining weight incredibly fast and my lifestyle is very sedentary (I have an 8-5 desk job yet when I come home I’m tired and just want to sit and relax). I’ve gained between 50-60 pounds in just a couple years, 30 of which I’ve gained just in the last few months. My wife left me nearly 2 years ago and divorced me this May. I’m sure that may play some part in my weight gain, but I don’t want my weight to send me to an early grave, especially since I have a 9 year old boy I’m raising. I am literally twice the man I was in high school (299lbs vs 145lbs in High School at the same height). Try walking around with yourself hanging on you all day, that’s literally what my bones and muscles deal with every day.

    I have a Breville Juicer already. I’ve actually lost a quick 30 pounds last time I juiced but slowly lost interest because I couldn’t find any good recipes I liked. This is why I think a guided reboot will be much more productive for me and I think getting help making juices that tailor to my liking will be a huge benefit as well.

    I’m tired of my weight, tired of wondering when I wake up if my pants will fit too tight, and tired of being tired and non-energetic, and tired of having to lie down on my side when I sleep because I can’t breathe as well on my back or stomach due to my size. I want to be healthy both for me, for my son, and so I can better help others when they need able bodied men, and be better fit for mission work that our church does in the mountains of Honduras each year.

    Please, help me Joe. If I can survive the Marine Corps, there shouldn’t be any reason why I can’t beat my weight. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

  115. At the age of 52, weighing in at 250 pounds and being the smallest man in my family yet still fat, I watched Joe’s film and had that “wow” moment that one knows is meant to be life changing. My older brother Ken weighs about 500 pounds, my younger brother Steve is around 350 … if I can do this, just drop 50 pounds so my gender is not so hard to determine, then my goal is to spend a month with my brothers in California and simply try to save their life. They’re internet illiterate and are on death’s door, as am I, but their stoop is much more slippery than mine. I need to save myself and then attend to the passenger on my right as they say or none of us will make it.
    I’m doing with or without this nice offer of a prize–thanks for making a real positive change in people’s lives.

  116. I am a stay at home mom of 3 boys (5,4, and 6 months.) I don’t have the energy to keep up with them and really need a reboot just for first hand knowledge. I’d love to teach my children about this lifestyle now, so it won’t be a stonghod later. I am addicted to sugar and struggled with weight my entire life.My husband has agreed to complete this journey with me and support this change as a whole family! Pick me and 5 lives change! 🙂

  117. I believe that I would be an excellent candidate to consider for a Reboot because I have several different ways that juicing can (and will!!) help me. I suffer from insomnia, arthritis, anxiety, and have a very weak immune system. Im not going to be significant weight loss person, but I believe I can continue to inspire others if I were on a juicing fast. Despite being very new to the juicing scene, I have already shared the inspiring and miraculous accounts of how others have thwarted illnesses and rejuvinated their life. I feel I would be a better advocate if I had gone through a juice feast and could re-count my story to help continue spreading the good green juice word.

  118. My daughter and I both have chronic conditions; she had chronic uticaria between ages 22 and 32; for 10 years she was on a cocktail of drugs and in two Hopkins studies. After seeing Joe Cross’s documentary she did a juice fast for 30 days and is now completely off all meds and is hive-free. I have Sarcoid, a chronic condition as well, am assigned to work in Germany for the next 2 years and really need to get my immune system in a healthy state. I am already dairy free and mostly vegetarian. I am completely ready and prepared to begin a detox program. We are all huge fans of juicing, but I need the added support. Thank you and everyone, stay well and have a healthy 2013.

  119. I am 36 years old with a terrible diet. My active lifestyle has saved me up until now but I’m pretty sure I’m living in a sugar fog and its only a matter of time before all of these bad habits cause issues. I eat plenty of protein but need to find a way to get fruits and vegetables into my diet. It seems I’m the catalyst for our family because I do the shopping and cook the meals. For my family I need to make a healthy change for our future. I’m pretty good once I get momentum but need a jump start!

  120. You know, I just stumbled onto Joe’s movie, while gearing up my husband’s new Kindle Fire yesterday. I was really inspired by it. It’s not like I am new to the concept of juicing–just not like that. I’ve heard of other people doing it, but it scared me. His results, as well as those of his trucker friend, make me think there’s still hope. I am a retail optical store manager. Over the last 16 years, I’ve been through tremendous stress that has reached a crescendo over the last year: 9 yrs of college while working (think 80 hr wks); my husband’s stroke during my grad program and our susequent move back to FL for my new job; getting laid off and having to go back into retail optical; the death of several family members; and basically running a store and a household–taking care of everyone else and everything else–while I get more stressed, out of shape, higher bp, etc. I feel like my life has a life of its own. I’d like to take some control back and do something for myself and lose the 50+ lbs the years have added, while getting healthy again. Either way, I’m doing it…it just would be great to have a coach like Joe!

  121. I am 28 years old, working towards a Master’s degree in Environmental Science, working as a full time dog groomer for inadequate compensation. :p Since childhood my lifestyle and food choices were solely guided on cultural (southern culture to be exact) and family influences. These led me to the state I’m in currently and wish so desperately to change. Within the last year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and severely high blood pressure. I already suffered from joint problems such as detioriorating cartilage and arthritis. Every day I wake up exhausted, feeling about 60 years old facing the day of a full time college student and worker with a moderately active lifestyle. I should be reveling in this life because I’ve been given such will to achieve my dream goals. Though this one, that I’ve struggled with since being a toddler, has proven the most difficult. I have tried and given up so many times to lose the weight I need to be within my BMI, improve the pains of arthriitis and possibly reverse the hypertension and hypothyroidism. I want to give myself, my loved ones and my career all that I have and I won’t be able to continually do that if I can’t get healthy and reboot! I need help and I’m reaching out. I’m able and willing to do what it takes with the right guidance.

    1. I forgot to mention I plan to lose 135 lbs using the 60 day juice fast in combination with a daily exercise routine. I’m on board for this I am just stalling and really need the guidance.

  122. After watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” for the second time, I was thinking how helpful it would be to have a retreat like Phil Staples did when he began his reboot. I then ran across this website while researching recipes. I am a morbidly obese person (75 lbs to lose) with many responsibilities, including caring for elderly parents and a job that requires critical thinking, that keep me feeling worn out and never up to the tasks at hand. Combine that with being “under-capitalized” and an opportunity for a guided reboot would be a terrific blessing! I am ready to get going! Thank you for the opportunity.

  123. I want to reboot because I whole heatedly believe that you can’t help others until you help yourself. I used to be a calm, peaceful being but the stress of daily life, struggling to get by and just keep up with all the demands has left me frazzled and less happy than I should be. I need a reboot to remember who I am. I need a reboot so that I can spread the live and help others reboot too!!

  124. I’m a 37 year old, mom of a 22 month very active baby boy. I’ve been sick since he was a month old. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Doctor prescribed prednisone and told me do not read the side effects. I refused to take it. I do want to be pain free and pain pills free, and be the person I was before.

  125. Hello, my feelings are so hard to put into words, or it’s just hard to put my feelings into words, as everyone has health problems or wanting to feel better for themselves and loved ones. I just got done watching the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” I cried during the movie. I have so many health problems going on that the doctors don’t even understand. Sometimes they don’t even know what to do. I did start a diet ( in the last part of Oct. which I have lost weight but there are days I don’t do well so it sets me back. I don’t believe in alot of meds. so I go without or I just don’t tell the docs what all is going wrong with me. I think about my Mom’s health and don’t want to be on 28 pills a day. My daughter just had my first granddaughter. I want to be there to see her grow. I am the same age as Joe was in the movie. I am going to try the reboost program. It might be a little hard as my husband, daughter and granddaughter are also in the house, so cooking is going to be tuff. I have aready started eatting more fruits and veggies for the Which I do feel a little better, but there are the other health promblem someone like me should not be going through. Since March of 2003 I have been though so many tests and all the doctor say is “we just have to watch it and see if you feel better in a couple of week” or if I go in for a check-up the doctors would say “What do you want us to do for you today Allison” as though I Know what wrong. Then I start to get diagnose, lose weight so I do I go from 205lb to 140lb eating and excusing right, then I gain it back twice as fast it seems. When I start the diet above I was weighting 256lbs. now I’m about 242lbs. but in the last 9 yrs I’ve been diagnosed with over weight, depressinon, fibromyaliga, first signs of MS, IRBS, migrains, menopose, sleep apnea with oxygen, PTPD, bipolar is a posability, first signs of type2 diebetes, ect…. ect…. there’s day I’m not able to walk or it takes me 2 hrs to get up but I push myself because I’m afraid to give up on life. I might hurt alot but I keep pushing myself there’s time I’m so tired that I’m afraid to close my eyes because I might not open them agian. So I’m going to try this Reboost program to feel better about myself, So THANK YOU for making the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” and coming up with these program to help others like me and many more. Thank You so very much Allison

  126. It is difficult to open scars to the world here and share reasons why I would embrace a Reboot within my life at this very moment. However, I’m beginning to understand that harboring the pain is one of the factors of my current situation. I’ve been heavyset my entire life; diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and alcoholism are prominent diseases in my immediate family network. At the moment I struggle with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome which is a pre-diabetic condition that makes losing weight and exercising a bit more challenging.

    Aside from the medical factors, I’m looking to reboot my life in a spiritual way as well. After 10 years together, my husband decided a great Christmas present would be to ask for a separation agreement, which will most likely end in a divorce in 2013. I have given much of my life to helping him grow strong and 2013 is going to be a year of healing and growing my own strength. I am excited to complete this chapter in my life, which has been filled with heartache, stress, rejection and pain. I stand tall and proud to have been through life’s experiences and I’m moving into 2013 with a smile. Because what do we have left if we can’t smile and know that everything will be okay when we reach the other side of the hurt?

    Thank you for reading this post. I wish great success to everyone that has submitted their story. Remember…. If we don’t win this incredible gift, it doesn’t mean we give up on the fight. Continue your search for recipes and so the best you can do.

  127. As I’m sure you read above, my name is Nathan. I used to be in decent shape and happy. That was all until I turned 18. After I was 18 years old I joined the U.S. Navy. As I am also sure that most of you think that are reading this, you likely think “military=healthy.” If you thought so you’d be wrong. Most of the military is taught that you can eat whatever you want just as long as you can pass the semi-annual “PT” test. The amount of processed food that was shoveled into my mouth, due to lack of choice on the open ocean, was ridiculous. During my six years of service in the Navy, I continued to be depressed thinking that the reason I am depressed was because of having no one to love. However, I found that to not be true.
    Since I got out of the military in 2009 I have been pursuing my dreams of becoming a radio DJ, going to college doing stand-up comedy, and falling in love. For the most part I have been sucessful in all of those ventures. However, it just doesn’t seem like it was enough. I noticed that now that I have been getting more in more into my college career and my relationship with my girlfriend we have been eating food that is terrible for us, but makes us feel so good. My sex drive has even decreased. No, I’m not asking for this opportunity just so to screw my girlfriend more. I’m asking for this opportunity because I need help getting out of this terrible cycle depression and I have no one within a physical distance that can or will help me. So, please help me.

  128. Hi There,

    I am a wife, a mother, a 1st grade teacher from British Columbia Canada. Im after having my second child. I gained 65lbs in my first pregnancy… thought I would lose it and then had our second beautiful child, while gaining yet again. I am very overweight (partially pregnancy, partially bad eating). It is a horrible cycle of feeling bad, then eating to comfort yourself only to feel bad again! I went to see my doctor about being overwhelmed with two children, she prescribed anti depressants and chalked it up to postpartum depression. I came home and felt horrible, I didnt want to be a zombie on drugs that was unable to be a good wife and mother!

    Then I watched a documentary that my sister had suggested Hungry for Change. This really made me question if my diet, mind, body and spirt had so much to do with the inadequate feelings I was having. After watching this documentary I then went on to research each of the participants in the movie. One of them being Joe Cross in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. After watching his documentary several times, taking notes and pulling tons of information from it, I decided to give it a go! Right now I am on day 20 of my 60 day journey.

    I think this guided reboot would be wonderful to help me on my journey of health, wealth and happiness. It comes at a time when I need it most. I have always put myself on the back burner with school, marriage, and now children. I have come to a realization that I am important and I need to take care of myself in order to be the best person I can for the others in my life!

    1. There comes a point where you must change. Its that simple. The difficult part is actually putting forth the effort, however, I have decided that this will be the beginning of becoming a happier and healthier me. I’ve watched Joe’s awesome film on more than one occasion and each time I made up every excuse why I wouldn’t be able to accomplish such an amazing feat. That ends now. Whether I’m chosen for the free reboot or not, I’m committing myself to this. There’s no turning back. It would just be that much more empowering to have some assistance, to keep me on track and provide tips along the way. I simply can not sabatoge my health, my body, my mind and my spirit any further. My eating habits are reckless, my fitness is nonexistent and my self appreciation has depreciated. I’ve got at least 60 pounds to lose…pre-diabetic and I’m under 30. I’m finally allowing myself to take care of myself…feels good to finally turn that corner. Please choose me!!!!!

  129. We’ve already bought the juicer for Christmas, we just need help with getting a good plan into place please!! Thank you!!!

  130. Since I donated my kidney to my mother about 4 years ago, I seem to keep gaining weight. I have to admit that I went through a slight depression due to the surgery and going through the healing process. I kept making excuses about my weight gain saying it was because of the surgery. Well 4 years later and nothing has changed except my waistline. I have gained roughly 40 lbs. I am 40 years old, 5’3″ and feel terrible, both inside and out. When I look at myself in the mirror I say to myself “who is that?” I don’t recognize myself and am constantly telling myself that I am disgusting. At this point I am approximately 50lbs over my ideal weight. According to my doctor I am obese and my triglycerides are slightly elevated. I am not on medication, YET… I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of two teenage boys. I have always put them first. I always put everyone before me. I keep saying I will work out, or diet, but I keep having set backs due to health issues. After watching your movie last night, I am ready to put myself first.

    1. Kim, I am a homeschool mom to three teenage boys. I have a horseshoe kidney (only one large one) and it hurts me all the time. I have not been through surgeries like you ;but then again , I do not have insurance (health). I, too am 40 years old. I started a blog today and would like to be partners with you if you want. You can see more about me at I hope that’s the link. I am on Pinterest and facebook also. Melanie Lynch-Evans in TN…Go for it!!

  131. Determined to do this with or without support, but it would be sooo much better with support. 110 lbs overweight..Mom of three teen boys that needs her empowerment and their respect…pitting edema in my legs for a few years now but still have enough vitality to take this journe– I’m hanging on! I am in transition and have a juiceman centrifugal but on the first I start full fledge!!

  132. Im a 44yo mum and nan to a 3 yo who runs circles around me, i am too young to be this tired.
    i had half of my thyroid removed approx 7 years ago and am just so tired:(

  133. I want to reboot because I have been fat and sick for entirely too long. Juggling a 7 year old, full time school, and a job is difficult enough without being 100 lbs overweight. I am in school getting my Bachelor’s degree to be a Life Coach. I am also taking personal training classes. I want to help other people get their life back, like Joe does!! But I have to get mine back first! Thanks for the opportunity!

  134. I’d like reboot because I want to lose 25 lbs in 2013. I started juicing after I watched Joe’s movie. It’s incredible of what he’s done for himself.

  135. I saw the movie. I bought a Breville. I have been trying on my own… no support from my family. I am hoping they will see a change in me and join me. At 51 years old I am ready for a good change.

  136. I want a reboot because I want to detoxify my body and reset it to a more alkaline state. Since being told I need surgery next month to prevent cancer. I’ve decided that 2013 is the year I do helpful & healthy things for my body. No longer will I be a victim of the Standard American Diet, instead I will eat fresh unprocessed and unsweetened foods. I’m hopeful that the reboot will help me to start this journey and give me the tools I need to be successful. Because I have so much to gain from a successful reboot failure is not an option.

  137. Entering for myself and my husband so that we can get our lives back on track to health, happiness, peace and success. We are both excited to be juicing in 2013!!!

  138. I love the way my inside feels when I juice. Living around those who don’t makes it challenging sometimes. I want to reboot because my body is crying for it after the parties and get togethers of the season.

  139. I need a reboot for a few reasons. First of all I am 100 lbs over weight, I’ve had 2 blood clots hit me in the heart, and I just got out of the hospital with pneumonia in both lungs and now type 2 diabetes. I need this program more then anything in the world because I want to beat all of these problems and I know with the right system, I can and will do it.

  140. My son came to me recently to tell me about this wonderous dvd called “Fat, sick & Nearly Dead”.
    He proceeded to tell me how that one video changed his life in many ways. Now up to this point,
    I hadn’t seen my son in almost a month, but we speak on the phone often. I asked him how has this
    dvd changed his life, he replied, its best to see it, than to explain it. He came to visit me a wk or so later
    and I was completely blown away at my sons transformation. He looks great! He lost upwards
    of 25lbs. His skin is beautiful, his eczema that ran ranpid all over his body, had cleared up. He was also
    working out because now he had the energy to do it. He started juicing immediately after watching that
    dvd & rite after buying a juiser. He told me what juices worked for him for what ailments he wanted to
    fix, etc.
    So to answer your question as to why do i want to reboot, that’s a very easy question. I’ve seen what it did for my son. I also saw the dvd & that truly inspired me also. My don knew I had some issues that i needed to
    resolve, thus he shared his journey w/me. I feel its important for me at this stage of my life to begin this reboot, regain control over my health & begin a healthy living, juicing. I’m more than ready for my chance of transformation. Jim Cross, you’re an inspiration to many & a life saver for me.
    Thank you for introducing your methods to us.
    I’m anxious to get started.
    Celia B.
    Balt, Md

  141. I have so much of an interest in Juice Fasting that I have spent the past several weeks doing research and not studying for a major certification exam I have to take on January 31st. I fave a number of problems that led me to want to fast. I am 51 years old with the worst acne I’ve has in my life. I know it’s due to my diet. In addition to that I have 85 pounds to lose. I’ve tried Weight Watchers, Lose It, MyFitnessPal and can’t sustain it because I can still eat sugar which is the culprit. Also I believe, because of my weight, I’ve had foot problems that led to two foot surgeries last year. I still have the pain and it led me to sell my $4000 elliptical which was only 5 months old. I also need to clear my mind. I’m suffering from brain fog. I totally believe a fast is what can help all of my issues. I know I will fail my exam and I am at peace with it because when it comes time to take it next May I will be a healthier and happier person with a clearer focus and in a better position to study.

  142. My reasons for wanting to Reboot are tenfold. I would be here all day telling you so I will stick to the basics which are the most important. I am 50 years old (well in February I will be) who was successful at losing 50 lbs in 2009 and have maintained since. I need to lose more and have been at a standstill for too long. I have numerous health issues and have been struggling with the for years. I never feel well, if it’s not one thing it’s another.
    I WANT TO BE “ME” AGAIN! I barely remember what that is anymore. I am the mother of 3 beautiful daughters, 2 in their early 20’s and one in High School. I work full time, and then some, in a very stressful position, that basically turns out to be an on call situation, 24/7. I have a very loving husband who is the same age and teetering on the edge of health risks from being overweight and eating everything that is bad for him. My daughters are so concerned for him and try to get him to eat right and exercise but to no avail. He will not even go for a physical and hasn’t been in years.
    I have just started out juicing and am reading all I can. I want to change my life for the better and be the example for my family so that they all will have the desire to change their lives by eating healthy. I want this for myself but need it more desperately for my family.

  143. I eat so few vegetables and fruits and am developing so many health problems. I have tried everything and cannot seem to find a way to change my lifestyle. I’m fat, sick and will be nearly dead if I continue as I am over 50 and am running out of time!

  144. My husband and I would like to reboot because we want a healthier lifestyle. We already maintain a fairly healthy eating habits however my husband is subjected to environmental toxins due to his job as a firefighter. Its well know that firefighters are exposed to lethal toxins and despite the use of personal protective equipment and using all available precautions, they are still exposed. He is 45 and also has a higher risk for colon cancer due to his father having it (removed 85% of his bowel). I want to try every opportunity to keep my husband healthy to combat his work hazards so he can retire and life a long happy healthy life. I’m a fire dispatcher and though I try to eat healthy 95% of the time my hours with overtime can reek havoc on my eating habits. I feel my body is out of whack because of my sedentary job and though I stay hydrated with water I fear it isn’t enough.

    Our friends rave about their results which they started 8 months ago and are still going strong. Its a lifestyle change which we are striving towards.

  145. After I watched Joe Cross’s movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, i started talking to my friends and family and want to do this… i’m still looking for a juicer and hope to start after the first of the year… I want to improve my health and truly think I can do this! I’d like to drop 30 pounds and get in better shape. If I am able to do this I know I will be able to move the people around me and show people how to start living healthier!

  146. My reason for my reboot story. I am 24 years old with a medical list of issues longer then anyone should have, I have ibs, migraines, a chronic side condition four doctors can’t diagnose, anxiety and depression, and to add to it a month ago my husband and I were told we are unable to have a baby because of a hormone imbalance that I was just diagnosed with. I have been on medication for most of my life and I want to see if a healthy food choice will help. The first step I did was get a juicer for Christmas but I need help from there. I also want to inspire my husband who is 26 years old 6’5 and 360 lbs. I just got him to start seeing a doctor where he was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, boarder line diabetic, acid reflex, and sleep problems, that will only get worse if he doesn’t lose weight. My family and I have a lot to gain from a reboot and hopefully a lot to lose, like medical problem and weight, and we can hopefully gain the chance to have a baby and start our family on a healthly track.

  147. I simply want to be better….. Mind body and spirit. I love this clean and pure approach to health and vitality. I am excited to clean up my life!!!!

  148. I’m 41 and my husband is 50, were both over weight and need to get heathy from the inside out! I would love to start off the new year with Reboot. I got a juicer for Xmas and love the fresh juice. My husband and I have bikes and plan on making life changes forever. Reboot would help give us the jump start we need to lead heathy lives! Thank you for this website and your continuation to educate others on juicing. Sincerely, Felicia Smith – Slidell, La

    1. Omg…I just watched fat, sick and almost dead! Incredible, Joe Cross your an inspiration to me!!

  149. I have many reasons to reboot. I have always had a slow metabolism and despite being active and eating a diet of maily whole foods have always been slightly overweight and never fully satisfied with my body or health. I have had some digestive issues over the past two years-some of which I believe may have began on a backcountyry camping trip with limited access to facilities! I have lost twenty pounds on the paleo diet last spring but have gotten off track since. I have a healthy appetite for life and food. I work hard, play hard and really do love whole foods and earing healthy, but my hectic lifestyle sometimes leaves gets me off track. After hitting 30 in June I have continued to let my fitness and diet decline. I got engaged on Christmas to love of my life and am more ready than ever to get healthy for my big day and the rest of my life as my future husband and i plan to have a family and long happy life together. We are pinching pennies saving for a new home and wedding expenses and the opportunity to change my life NOW would be an amazing. I received a Breville juicer as a Christmas gift and plan on beginning a juice cleanse and new lifestyle (why I am reading this awesome and helpful blog!) but to have the support and materials that are offered by Joe Cross and his team would be a dream!

  150. God provided these foods for us for reasons and taking advantage of this type of lifestyle would benefit anybody but I would like to change my eating habits because my dad is needing a liver transplant and I might be able to be a donor for him and I would love to get healthy before this process happens. And I know if my dad sees results on me that he would also do it for himself as well. I’m ready 😉

  151. I am a 37 year old mother of two teens with special needs and I don’t feel well enough to do anything with them. I have been ill since I was ten and exposed to someone with Mono. I have never been the same since. My mother is currently suffering from debilitating RA and is on tons of medication. She is almost bedridden and I am scared that I am heading in the same direction. I’m also only 5’3″ and at least 30lbs overweight due to my sedentary job as a work from home knitter. I stay home to care for my kids. That doesn’t do them much good when I am always tired.
    I have a fairly healthy diet and try to walk on the treadmill when I have time and energy but its not enough. Going gluten-free has helped some for the last 4 years, at least I’m not curled on the floor with phantom pains, but its also not enough. I am sure that my children’s need for medications and special care would be reduced if we were all healthier. I need to set the example.

  152. For me, me, me, … and for my son, son, son!!!
    Today we both watched Fat Sick And Nearly Dead together. (my 2nd time) and he was so into it that he wants to reboot too!! I love this kid! I will do anything to see a smile on his face.
    I have recently gotten back into juicing although I want to step it up a lot more that what I do now.
    I come from a small family, I am a single mom, and I know the importance of health. I am 45, my son is 12, and it’s just me and him. I would hate to leave him alone in this world. I need to be there for him until he has matured into a fine adult, found his soul mate, and has his own children before I leave him to this world.
    He is the Ying to my Yang. We both love to laugh and dance, so I want to live to be 100 so I can embarrass him at his wedding (or any occasion) with my “medley of dances thru the decades”.

  153. I recently watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and I am truly inspired by this. I have been trying to lose weight and eating healthy with minimum carbs. I have struggled with my weight most of my life and I will be 45 in January. I really feel that juicing is another addition to my healthy eating plan. I must say I have been reading lots on the internet trying to educate myself with recipes etc. My first attempt today was not very good. I will continue and was able to get a few more recipes. I am not giving up but would sure appreciate some professional help in this journey. I need to increase my iron and my attempt at the pills was not very good. I am really hoping I can get what I need from kale etc. Thanks Sandra

  154. I want to reboot mostly for myself and my future I have been told by a doctor that I am unable to fall pregnant cos of my weight. I have one amazing daughter but me and my partner would love more. I also would like to prove to my partner that you can loose weight as he is bigger than me and has given up I want to show him that we can do it for our family and future.

  155. Would love to do a reboot! I am fairly healthy but recently my Dr. did a gene test and I need to step it up a notch. This support would be a huge blessing!

  156. I want to reboot for many reasons…. I have 3 daughters that i would like to help to get off to a good start with their health. I have uc, and would like to do whatever I can to make sure they do not ever get this. Or at least if they can be healthy and have it under control, that would be good. My father passed away young from leukemia, heart disease, and 2 strokes. I’d like to be proactive in making sure this doesn’t get passed down. I’ve showed my daughters your video, and they are very interested in juicing and becoming healthier. I hope we can all join this reboot:). Thanks for your inspiration!!

  157. I am a 43yr and have been suffering from aches and pains continuously and feel much older then I am. I have been researching for the last 6 months about juicing and the health benefits. This would definately be the push that would get me started towards a healthier new me!

  158. My husband and I watched Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead, and it was the first time my husband showed real interest in any kind of program. He is 6’4 and 360 , I am 5’8 and 220. I have been increasingly worried about our health, we are 40 and 41 and have 3 young boys, I’d like to be around for them.

  159. Hi! I would like to win because I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. Even when I was thin as a young girl and teenager I was constantly told I was too fat and all of the dieting I did (started at age 10) has destroyed my metabolism. I am always tired even though I try to live an active lifestyle. Cancer runs heavily in my family and I recently found a lump in my breast. It may be nothing but has terrified me and I have to change; I would really love the help. Please help me. Thank you. 🙂

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