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Breville Juice Fountain Crush BJS600XL


breville juice fountain

Great news for Breville fans! The company has added a vertical slow juicer to their juice machine line. This is a single auger machine (called the Breville Juice Fountain Crush) with technology similar to the Omega Vrt and the Hurom Juicer. Breville may be three years behind in releasing their slow juicer, but hopefully that means they’ve perfected the technology. 😉

Here are some of the details of the Juice Fountain Crush:

  • singer auger “juicing screw”
  • 1 year limited warranty (10 year motor warranty)
  • reverse direction control
  • auto purifying filter basket
  • ultra quiet

Slow juicers produce juice by first crushing the food with an auger (juicing screw), then squeezing the crushed food through a filter basket. A scraper rotates around the basket to to keep the filter clean during the process. The vertical slow juicers can handle leafy greens, even wheat grass, soft fruits and even carrots. You should also be able to make fruit sorbets and even nut butters.

The process of juicing is much slower with these machines. You have to cut up your fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces. However because they operate at slower speeds, and do not cause friction heat, you will get more juice with more nutrients intact. The juice may be slightly thicker than the juice produced with a centrifugal juicer. This is fiber, but the texture is extremely fine.

As of this writing, the Breville Juice Fountain Crush is available on Amazon, but you may have to wait for two to four weeks. No reviews yet, but you can be sure that the product is very similar to the Omega and Hurom as mentioned above.

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  1. Excellent information! I’m a huge Breville fan, so I will definitely look into this. I currently have the Breville JE98XL and love it. But I’ve been looking at getting a slower juicer, and this sounds perfect! Thanks!

  2. I just bought this Breville juicer and really like it. It’s my first juicer, and while I initially leaned away from this type of juicer because of the price and the “cutting up fruits and vegs” before juicing, I’m glad I got this one.
    It’s really quiet. I can talk on the phone while juicing. The food prep required is minimal. Spinach, parsley and lettuces don’t require cutting. I take the large rib out of kale and its ready to go. I cut cucumber, carrots, apples and lemons in quarters (takes no time). The cutting of fruit is nothing like the prep for making soup or even a salad.
    The real bonus is that the juice method allows the juice to retain the nutrients for 24 hrs, so I can juice less often, not multiple times a day. Apparently the traditional juicers produce juice that has where the nutritional value starts to deminish 30 min after juicing.

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