Delightful Green Juice Recipe

delightful green juice

This is a good starter recipe for introducing vegetables into your juice.  It is light and slightly sweet.  Make it bolder by adding more greens.

Delightful Green Juice

1 apple
1/2 cucumber
1/4 green cabbage
handful spinach

Wash fruits and vegetables.  Cut to the size that will fit in your juicer.  Push the raw foods  through juicer machine.  Add ice and enjoy.  Makes approx 12 oz juice.

For more recipes check out our juicing recipes page.

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  1. I’m on day 16 of my fast, and I find myself so hungry for protein! A steak, some tofu, turkey, beans -wow! What do I do?

    1. A friend recommended this to me. It’s from the company LifeTime. It’s called “Life Basics, Plant Protein Powder, Greens”. It’s an all veggie protein powder. My friend got it at Henry’s. I’m sure you can find it at a whole foods store.

      Best of luck! I’m on day 3. Feeling great!

    2. How did you do? Did you make it through the protein hunger? Remember that Dark Leafy Greens have more protein for the calories consumed than animal protein does – see Dr Furhman’s web site. Add Dark Leafy Greens if you aren’t already. If you are, add more! Other than that remember you are detoxifying what is in your body and your mind remembers what you use to eat – drink more juices when you are hungry to get through it. Good Luck!

    3. By the way, before I learned about the protein content of Dark Leafy Greens, Kale, & Collard are at the top of the scale at 1000, I use to buy “Super High Protein Powder” (in a RED can) which has 24 Grams of Protein per serving along with Vitamins, Minerals, and balanced Amino Acids. Their web site is: http://www.genisoy.com/mlo/products/ and the product can be found at Health Food Stores and Health areas in many stores. It could help you overcome your cravings to since it is balanced – but Natural Fruits & Vegetables are way better for detoxifying and rebuilding your body. Hope this helps!

    4. Try making a protein drink before bed. Buy some unsweatened almond milk. I really like the unsweetened vanilla almond milk myself and mix in your favorite protein powder. You can also go online and get a liquid protein. When you are hungry throughout the night it is your body searching for protein.

  2. I’ll try this again but it was too much cabbage for my husband…..maybe 2 apples?

  3. Hiya~I meant to comment on the ‘Mean Green Juice Recipes’, but I guess it’s full or something because it won’t let me… Anyways, I was wondering if you could please answer me a couple questions?
    -Is it okay if I mix pea protein powder with it? I know that mixing certain foods together can give people problems, I just don’t know which combinations are bad :S
    -If I make the juice/smoothie the night before, and refrigerate it, will it still have the same nutritional value in the morning? I like to squeeze in as much sleep as possible in the mornings before school, and it would help immensely to be able to just wake up and pour the juice/smoothie into a glass. I think I read that if you cut fruit or vegetables and leave it in the fridge that its nutritional value rapidly decreases; does it do the same thing in juices/smoothies?
    Thanks a bunch!

  4. Can I substitute red cabbage for the green? I know it won’t make it very pretty but that’s okay 🙂

  5. OK, so I am new to all of this as I said on the cranberry post. I am supposed to avoid apples a tleast for a while. Can you recommend another fruit substitue besides appleas or peras? Would any of these work: oranges? strawberries or raspberries? blieberries?

    1. I often substitute oranges for apples. Why don’t you experiment and let us know which tastes the best?

  6. Hi I have just started my fast, its my first day, so far so good, I like the green juices. I am going to experiment with a few more over the week..

  7. Hi, thanks for the recipes. The page for the Mean Green Juice Recipes won’t let me comment there, so I’ve put this here instead. On that page it says “For a juice cleanse you’ll drink approximately (4) 16-20 ounce drinks per day.” Do those Mean Green Juice Recipes make (4) 16-20 ounce drinks, or just (1) 16-20 ounce drink?

  8. @ Carey: so when on a juice cleanse, are you supposed to drink only 16-20 ounces of juice a day? that doesn’t seem like a lot. Or do you just keep drinking green juice to ward off your hunger? I guess what I am asking is can you over dose (for lack of a better way of stating this question) on the green drink?

  9. Hi, I’m new to all this (at least in this decade). I tried juicing probably 15-20 years ago but didn’t stick with it long enough to be effective. Planning on buying a juicer this evening. I watched Joe Cross’s movie Sunday night (4/22/12), and that was one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen! I was so inspired. I had just prayed earlier that day for God to help me lose 150-170 lbs. Then I saw Joe’s film. I feel like it’s an answer to prayer. I love the recipes I’ve seen on this sight. Knowing me, I’ll probably through apples into everything, including the vegetable juices just so I can have a sweet taste. (Honeycrisp apples are my favorite!) OK, thanks for letting me babble. I’ll try to post again soon. Best wishes to all.

  10. I bought my new Jack Lalane juicer on 4/24/12 and tried some carrot apple juice. Absolutely wonderful! Then this morning (4/26/12), I tried the green stuff…..kale, parsley, cucumber, broccoli, spinach….with some carrots and apples added to it to sweeten it up some. At first, my stomach didn’t know what was happening, but I got it all down. Wow! Within minutes, I felt super charged! I have a real sensitive nose, so the smell of all those greens wasn’t the most pleasant thing I ever smelled, but it was more than palpable. I’m looking forward to doing it again. How’s everyone else doing?

    1. Rhonda, how is your weight loss going? I hope you can stick with it! Don’t give up.

  11. my husband and I are getting ready to start the juicing cleanse..this may sound crazy….I teach…and have limited access to use the restroom…do you have to use the restroom more since you are using all liquids?? I wasn’t sure if I would need to let my coworkers know that I may need them to quickly cover my classroom…sorry if this offends…but it is a concern for me…

    1. yes, with all the liquids you may need to use the restroom more on the first couple of days.

  12. I am very curious with the green juicing…do I have to have only juice or do I have at least one meal or what? I have been wanting to do this for a while but am very nervous. Also, I do not have a juicer can I use a blender? It has many different functions on it?

  13. I was trying to juice the leafy veggies, such as baby kale and found out that lots of the leaves ended up in the pulp bin. Is there any trick?

    Thank you very much!

    1. Mike, some juicers do better than others with the leafy greens. The best thing to do it roll the leaves up into a ball and put your juicer on the lowest speed.

  14. I am debating starting a juice fast and see how it goes. Saw Joes movie also and was inspired … But I’m hesitant cause I’ve tried a few juicing recipes in the past and there are few I’ve found that I like, esp ones that involve veggies. Help???

  15. I’m on day 12 and I’m a bit concerned about…well…about Number 2. Its been many days since that was anything to really happen or even notice. I know that a big part of this is to detoxify but without some healthy regularity I just don’t know how it can be working. Can you please advise?

  16. I have a Ninja blender, how should I adjust the recipes since I don’t have a juicer?

  17. This has a very good flavor. I added a 1/4 of a lemon (peeled) to mine along with a bit of ginger and it adds a nice tang to it. Great site, thanks for the post!

  18. I have a question. Everytime I make the mean green, I am left with this weird aftertaste/smell. It’s really offputting. Can anyone give me any suggestions? It smells like mown grass. Am I doing something wrong? I need to lose a significant amount of weight and I would like to drink this on a regular basis. THANK YOU!

  19. I’m looking for the recipe from the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead can you help me? I love your site

  20. I am new to juicing, this is day 1. I also watched fat, sick and nearly dead and decided to do the 60 day cleanse. Has anyone else done 60 days? If so any tips or inspiration would be great.

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