Purple Passion Juice Recipe

purple passion juice

Who says Valentine’s gifts have to be chocolate?!   I mean, the heart shaped boxes are nice and all, but one pound of chocolate is all too predictable.  It’s also discouraging to those who are following a healthy juice cleanse or weight loss plan.

Ignite the Passion

Shhh! I’m going to share with you an exclusive new juice recipe that will be featured in my upcoming juice cleansing book!

Go make it now for a healthy and memorable gift that is sure to get you a great big thank you kiss!

Purple Passion Juice

2 cups red grapes
1 cup blueberries
1/2 red (purple) cabbage
4 celery stalks
8 oz sparkling water (or filtered water)

Wash fruits and vegetables.  Push through juicer.  Add sparkling water to your pitcher of juice and pour into two decorative and romantic glasses.  Makes 24 oz

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  1. Ok, this tastes HORRIBLE. Does the 1/2 red cabbage mean half a cup or half a head? Because i put half a head in and almost threw up when I tasted it. YUCK

    1. Kristie,
      Everyone has different tastes and that’s okay. Cut back on the cabbage if you like.

      1. hi, am just planning to start the cleanse, i am very interested in getting healthy….this site was referd to me by a friend, who knew i was looking for something like this for a while. i live in a tropical climate, and some of the fruits and vegetables aren’t grown here.

        1. Janine, You could use any combo of one sweet fruit plus one tart fruit plus one green vegetable!

    2. Yes, I think it is the celery! So, I just cut back on celery until I get used to it. Try one or two stalks. Celery has an overpowering taste and smell I found. And I added an apple.

  2. This is a great site… thank you for these awesome recipes!

    I have a question about storing juices, can i store vegetable or fruite juices, if yes, for how long can i refrigerate the juice?


  3. Hi… I noticed that recipes always say apples in juices with any veggies. I am very allergic to apples and pears. I need your help. what you suggest something fruits instead of apples? Thank you, Wendi

  4. This is delicious. Didn’t have enough red grapes or celery in the fridge but it was amazing.

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