Strawberry Pear Orange Juice Recipe

Here’s a fun juice recipe just in time for Valentine’s Day.  Actually this juice can transform any ordinary day into a special occassion – that’s how good it is.  Serve it to the whole family.  Kids will love the unique sweet taste.  For a grown up beverage add some champagne.

Strawberry Pear Orange Juice

12-15 strawberries
1 pear
1 orange

Wash fruits. Pinch the greens off the strawberries. Peel the orange leaving some of the pith. Break into segments. Remove stem from pear and cut into halves or quarters. Put all into the juice machine. Garnish with a piece of fruit. Makes approximately 12 oz.

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  1. Trying this one today! My parents are visiting and my dad fussed about how many pears I have in the fridge! I told him not to worry, they’d get used!

  2. Now THIS is a juice I can get on board with! I tried this one this morning and it is delicious. I made a few little tweeks though. I added in 2 cups each of red and green grapes, 2 kiwi, and 5 kale leaves. (I make my juice for the entire day at once so I put a lot more in. I used a package of strawberries, (about 16), 2 oranges, 2 pears and added 8 ounces of grapefruit seltzer (the fizz gets my mind off of the fact that there is pulp and seeds in my juice which usually deters me from drinking juice). Very yummy

  3. We loved it! We had done strawberry, pear & apple. It was a huge hit with my kids, but this is really delicious!

  4. YUMMY!!!! I tried this one this morning and even my 4 yr old triplets like this one and they are picky.

  5. Thank you Krystle! I had to make a juice to take with me to work today so I used your add on fruits & Kale. I did not have kiwi, so no kiwi, one extra orange, and no grapefruit seltzer, but came out great! Very tasty!

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