Are you addicted to coffee? It’s a matter of concern for many people. I’ve found six tips to help you kick coffee addiction.

The mere mention of the word coffee arouses your senses, sends a little tingle through your nose and fills your head with images of productivity. Nearly everyone participates in the ritual of drinking coffee. We turn on our coffee makers first thing in the morning.  We utter phrases like “I just can’t function without my coffee” or “Not until I’ve had my coffee”. Our cars are set on auto pilot to the coffee shop. It’s coffee addiction in full force.

But you’re being duped if you believe in a world of perfection fueled by coffee.

Coffee may seem like a magic pill. But sooner or later you crash from your high and you need another cup to make it through the day. Eventually you’re drinking coffee well into the evening and you can’t sleep at night. Coffee is taking over your life and you are addicted.

I’m not surprised when people ask me if they have to give up coffee in order to do a juice cleanse. Yes. You do. The trouble is you’re afraid that you’ll have to sacrifice your productivity and your enjoyment of drinking a cup of coffee. You are worried about suffering headaches and other withdrawal symptoms when you give up the java.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can learn to kick your coffee addiction and you don’t have to stop cold turkey. You can have an occasional cup when you want to and you can say no when you want to. The key is to get the mind and body in agreement that coffee does not run your life. You need to slightly alter your mindset and habits to lower your intake of caffeine and increase your body’s natural energy.

Here are some ways to help you kick your coffee addiction so that you can drink in moderation and say no if you choose.

1. Drink one glass of green juice first thing in the morning. Wait at least thirty minutes before drinking coffee. I find that when I do this I often don’t even want the coffee.

2. Add water. Dilute your coffee with water. This cuts down on the amount of caffeine per cup.  Also make sure you are drinking 6-8 glasses of water during the day. This will keep you hydrated and focused.

3. Switch it up. Drink tea occasionally instead of coffee. Tea contains significantly less caffeine than coffee, but it still gives you the satisfaction of having a warm beverage. There are so many varieties of teas on the market. Go to the store and buy a couple of teas that look interesting to you.

4. Get your body moving. Exercise can energize the body and the mind and help reduce the need for caffeine.

5. Relax your mind. Meditation increases serotonin in the brain, making you happier and more at ease. Meditate for just five to ten minutes each day and you will be less likely to reach for a cup of coffee.

6. Get regular sleep. Our bodies respond to stress better when we are well rested. You know you want and need more sleep. Go ahead and be selfish! Set a regular schedule for seven to eight hours per night. Your body will have more energy and your mind will be refreshed and more focused.

I use this method myself to keep my natural energy in balance and avoid coffee addiction. I am currently in a no coffee phase and I’m feeling great with plenty of energy. If you want to reduce your dependence on coffee give it a try.

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