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Today I’m celebrating the fact that I’ve finished writing my new book Joyful Juicing! It was important for me to share through this writing my approach to vibrant health and how I feel that juicing and cleansing can be a joyful part of that experience. In the book I’ve included a fun chapter called “Setting up a joyful kitchen” plus I’ve created 90 recipes and lots of full color photos.

The book Joyful Juicing will be available January 2014 and I’ll have more details for you as I get them. For now, here’s an excerpt from the chapter on “Juice Cleansing”:

Toxins from refined foods, stress, and the environment also disrupt the pH balance within the body. Ideal pH level is slightly alkaline at 7.35 however toxic conditions cause the pH levels to become acidic. Soda, coffee, crackers, medication and fast food contribute to this condition and diseases thrive in an acidic body. Signs of an acidic body include arthritis, stiff joints, itchy or dry skin, headaches, mouth ulcers, and leg spasms.

Your body does have a detoxification system to render the toxins harmless or remove them from the body. You have seven efficient pathways throughout your body to neutralize and eliminate toxins and these are the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, blood, lymph, and skin. Under ideal lifestyle conditions everything functions seamlessly and results in vibrant health. When your exposure to toxins rises, the body responds by using more energy toward detoxification.

But if the balance tips more toward the side of toxins, your body attempts to store some of those toxins in fat tissues to keep them from harming you. In turn, the body becomes overweight and tired from carrying these toxins. Accumulation of toxins interferes with normal cell functions and contributes to chronic health conditions such as chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer to name a few.

The body is incredible and often has the power to heal itself. Under a state of physical crisis the body will pull its energy together in an attempt to rid itself of the source of the illness. Think about what your body does when it has a viral infection. It turns up the temperature to kill off the virus. The body may give a sign of nausea, which tells you not to eat while it detoxifies and recovers.

Throughout history people have used fasting to assist the body in the detoxification process. Fasting allows the body to rest and gather the strength to correct imbalances.

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