Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux and GERD

Have  you got that burning feeling? Heartburn, that is. Natural remedies are the best remedies for acid reflux, heartburn, and GERD.

60 million Amercan adults experience heartburn at least once per month and 25 million suffer daily. Heartburn is a symptom of GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease. The chronic digestive disorder occurs when the muscle between the esophagus and the stomach becomes weak or misfunctions, allowing the contents of the stomach to flow back up into the esophagus. The action is called acid reflux and the symptom then is heartburn.

What causes or triggers acid reflux?

diet– acidic, spicy and greasy foods, caffeine, soda, alcohol, soda, large meals

hiatal hernia – when the upper part of the stomach pushes through an opening in the diaphragm, and up into the chest

weight – obesity and pregnancy can add pressure to the abdomen area and sphincter

gastroparesis – a disorder where the stomach takes too long to empty its contents

Adding to the problem

Medical doctors add to the problem by telling us that the problem is too much acid. They prescribe medicines to control acid production but that have many side effects. This may include allergic reactions, headache, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, depression and others. Most commonly used medicines include antacids, H2 blockers (Tagamet, Pepcid, Zantac) and proton pump inhibitors (Nexium, Prevacid, Prilosec). While these medications may subdue the symptoms for a while, many people report them ineffective for long term use as the article Danger in Acid Reflux Drugs reveals.

Dr. Mercola, the natural health doctor also warns patients to never take these drugs because they are dangerous and ineffective. Read his article and if you are currently taking these medications learn How To Wean Yourself Off Dangerous Acid Reflux Drugs.

Natural Foods Heal

Being aware of and avoiding dietary triggers can help to reduce acid reflux and GERD. Adding natural foods and supplements targeted toward healthy digestion may actually heal the condition. Here is a list of things to include:

  • Green vegetables  – are alkalizing foods that cleanse the blood and heal the digestive tract.
  • Betaine HCL supplement – taken before meals may prevent symptoms for some people and aid digestion.
  • Unrefined sea salt – contains trace minerals that the body needs to maintain homeostasis (a healthy balance).
  • Probiotics – can be taken in a pill form. Probiotics increase the friendly bacteria of the gut and balance the stomach lining.
  • Digestive enzymes – taken in pill form or by eating enzyme rich fruits and vegetables helps to properly and efficiently digest food making its nutrients available for the body to use.
  • Vitamin D – helps regulate immune system responses and lowers the risk of bacterial infections

Quick Natural Relief

If you experience an attack of heartburn, reach for one of the following to relieve the symptoms and consider using these natural remedies in your daily diet.

Apple cider vinegar – use 1 Tablespoon in 4 oz filtered water.

Aloe vera juice – use 1 Tablespoon in 2-4oz water.

Licorice root – the herb can be taken in extract form or an herbal tea decoction.

Raw sauerkraut – is rich in vitamin c and digestive enzymes. It can help to heal the stomach lining.

Make your own Raw Sauerkraut


Raw sauerkraut is just so good for your gut and you can make it for a fraction of the cost of store bought. The Blender Babes have outlined a wonderful version of Kimberly Snyder’s raw sauerkraut recipe if you you want to make your own.

Juicing to Relieve GERD

Fresh natural juices feed the cells directly with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to help the body heal itself.  Juicing is one of the quickest ways to reverse chronic health conditions. When juicing to relieve GERD, include some of the following: carrots, cabbage, apples, celery, watermelon, fennel, ginger, parsley, and bananas (for smoothies ).

Green Earth Juice

Recipe by Carey Avalon


Prep time


Cooking timeminutes


  • 1/4 (large wedge) of cabbage

  • 3 celery ribs

  • 1 cucumber

  • 1 cup spinach

  • 2 green apples

  • 1/2′ raw ginger root


  • Wash all the ingredients.
  • Cut cabbage, celery, cucumber, and green apples into small pieces
  • Push through juicer intake tube
  • Pour juice into glass

information sources:

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  1. GERD/acid reflux was the primary reason for me when I started juicing a month and a half ago. To be more accurate, I wanted off the Nexium I had been on for almost 7 years. I had tried to ween myself off several times and could only manage 3 days max without reaching for the bottle of purple pills. I had adjusted my diet to include ALOT of 0% fat greek yogurt, minimized acidic foods, added a licorice supplement…nothing worked. I was only modestly overweight by about 20 lbs and most of that was carried in my gut.

    Fast forward: I started with just a 3 day juicing cleanse over the Labor Day weekend. Eliminated ALL dairy, beef, poultry, pork, etc from my diet (the most difficult things for me to quit were the yogurt and cheeses!). My diet now (and I plan to continue this for the remainder of my life) consists of a smoothie in the morning, a veggie juice at mid-morning, a solid lunch (plant-based ONLY), a veggie juice mid-afternoon, and a juice early evening.

    My morning smoothie consists of the juice of 2 or 3 fruits in various combinations. I share a little of this juice with my 6 year old. The rest goes into the blender as follows: fruit juice, hemp hearts, flax seed, chia seed, walnuts, bee pollen (when available), raw (plant) protein WITH probiotics, coconut water, almond milk, frozen blueberries, frozen cherries, frozen strawberries, frozen mango. I make enough for 16 oz for the wife, 30 oz for me, and 16 oz in a mason jar (saved for a post-run recovery drink most days; my wife drinks them when I don’t run).

    The veggie juices are usually from the Reboot site or one of your recipes. My vegan lunch is a huge plate or bowl of vegetables, black beans, habanero salsa over rice. Yes, habanero salsa!

    Here is the kicker: I have not had a purple pill in over a month! I stopped taking them after just ONE week on this diet. I had a few days in which I had a slight burning sensation in my upper chest though ONLY when sitting or standing! Very weird compared to previously. It went away when I drank water, and I drink a lot of water — at a minimum I drink 80 oz per day. By the 3rd week, the symptoms went away! Completely disappeared! I have not had an incident yet even though I love spicy foods (I am of cajun descent).

    There are a couple of side-effects — the kind I love! I normally take Zyrtec for seasonal allergies (spring and fall). The pollens and dust have been crazy high here. I have not needed the allergy med! The other side-effect? I lost 20 lbs AND the gut BEFORE I started walking and running every day — by the 3rd week! Then, I had so much energy I had to do something. So, I did something I had not done in more than 10 years — I started running. I ran my first 5k a week ago and have my second this coming weekend. I have signed up for six more 5k’s before my first 10k trail run in mid-December. I am currently planning for a 1/2 marathon for this coming spring. I am 53 yrs old. I used to be a runner during my military days in my 20’s and 30’s; however, I NEVER ran that kind of distance. I have no apprehension or doubt I will do this!

    All in the name of dropping the little purple pill! I could not have asked for better results. So, my remedy is actually a combination of your remedy and Joe’s remedy!


    1. Thank you so much John for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to all who suffer from GERD/acid reflux!

      1. John B thanks so much and of course Carey, for your wonderful article. I know I have a haitus hernia (or sliding hernia I think) I had an endoscopy a few years ago as everytime I had 1 mouthful of bread or meat I vomited. Since then I became vegan, (but still overweight as am a night duty nurse and been eating junk (vegan’s can still eat junk!!!) . But I haven’t had the vomiting or reflux like I used too since becoming vegan. I am a bit stressed, and today had one forkful of rice with veg and it “stuck” until I got rid of it all, no choice it wanted to come up again! I have been juicing and doing smoothies and for some time telling myself I needed to make it a way of life. I bought myself a new Omniblend (like my guru natural health advisor has) and it is amazing…so now I am going to start…I do have a doctor apt in 2 days just to be sure, and get this checked out, but I am now feeling that juicing will help reverse this. I looked up “will juicing and smoothies help my hernia” and it took me to this page, so once again thank you and also as soon as I read John’s post it had me….I will be doing more research on your site Carey….Cheers from Vicki in South Australia

      1. i ate thai food last night, 4 star and that was the first time in months that i have not had heartburn! i expected to be in severe plain but was not!

    2. Hi John b I was wondering if u could email me. I m suffering miserably with acidity. Omeprazole helps but a lil. I m very new to juicing. I would really appreciate help. I won’t bug u too much with questions just wanna know how to get started.

      Thanks a lot in advance

      Gurvinder singh

    3. Hi John,

      I too have been suffering from GERD/ Acid reflux (according to my Doctors). I did the scope, CT Scan and blood work and they all came back ok. My problem is I hardly getting the burning in the chest. What I tend to experience was immense burning in the stomach which sometimes results in me vomiting. I have tried all sorts of acid tablets and is currently on Pantecta. My condition isn’t as sever as it was back in February to April. What I currently experience is burning of the stomach in the mornings even though I took Pantecta before dinner and Zantac before bed. Yet on mornings I get up with pain. I want to try juicing or green smoothies but looking for help. Can you email me to offer some assistance so I can get pass this problem.

    4. John, thank you for sharing your story. For I too was diagnosed with GERD. I decided to change my diet. No pork, no fried food. I started eating more veggies and juicing. Since I started doing a little juicing at a time I noticed a change for the better thank God. To the point I no longer take the Prilosec pill. If you have any other pointers please share. Stay healthy and blessed.

    5. Hi John,

      Do you mind to share your juice/veggie recipes for all your 3 meals?

      I’m like Gurvinder, very new to juicing & am suffering from Acid Reflux.
      Currently I would like to stop taking Nexium. 40mg taken twice a day.

      Your help is much appreciated.

      Thanks & regards

  2. I also suffered from acid reflux for many years and took many pills until I decided to start looking for natural acid reflux remedies. Some worked and some didn’t. I definitely am going to try the Green Earth Juice juicing recipe you suggested.

    Very good article with lots of good information on the causes of acid reflux and also the natural foods to help give relief and heal.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing, I’m 23 and have been suffering from acid reflux/ Gerd. You may of just saved my life Paul. Thank You!!

  4. I did a juice cleanse and I think that my juices flared up my indigestion but I think its because I was doing too many acidic fruits like the recipes I had each had like a whole lemon and stuff so it was pretty bad! I’m glad to see juices that actually HELP with indigestion. My indigestion has gotten so bad that it was inflaming my insides and it hurt to breathe for days 🙁 I love spicy foods too… but i definitely dont want to just take a pill everyday like to be dependent on it. So I’m thinking if I do this green drink and other juices that help with indigestion daily maybe that’ll help with my gerd?

  5. I have been suffering from acid reflux from last 2 yrs. I made some lifestlye changes and some dietary changes like including green vegetables in the diet. Along with that I have been also using acupuncture treatment. I would not say that it has gone completely but my condition is quiet better than before

  6. I have been suffering from gerd for the past 4 months. Please help me to get out of this problem I have tried using NEXUM but nothing is changing.

  7. Hi John i juice and i have bad acid reflux please tell me what i should or should not be juicing thanks and hahave a great day

  8. I used to have very bad acid reflux. I was originally diagnosed with H. pylori. Its a bacteria that many people have, but it can cause acid reflux that could lead to cancer. I had to go through 2 rounds of antibiotics and other medication. When I continued to have stomach problems (one time I actually went to the E.R. for them), I had an endoscopy and was told I have a hernia. Now , since I still occasionally have problems, they want me to have an ultrasound and check for gall stones. I also swallow air and the pressure in my stomach gives me heart-attack symptoms. However this year my stomachs fells great. I think what worked for me was upping my dairy intake. I eat a cup of plain yogurt every day and my stomachs never felt better. I tried using apple cider vinegar and ginger in the past, but they made everything worse. My stomach was never worse than when I was drinking apple cider vinegar. Ginger gives me mild heart burn. I stopped using them after I had to go to the E.R. for a severe stomach ache. I felt like an idiot going there, but I was in so much pain that I thought that something else might be wrong. Everyone’s stomach is different. but I think the yogurt helped balance the bacteria in my stomach that went haywire after all the antibiotics and the lack of H. pylori in my stomach ecosystem.

  9. I am suffering from reflux/gerd.can you mail me home remedies which give me a relief. I am 37 years

  10. I found this site looking for juicing recipes for acid reflux. I’ve been suffering with with symptoms for 9 months, had all sorts of tests done and even had my gallbladder removed. My endoscopy showed that I do have a hiatal hernia which most definitely can cause acid reflux. The Dr. prescribed me Prilosec initially when I first started seeking help for this which did not help whatsoever. I recently started having severe symptoms again and he prescribed Pantoprazole Sodium Tabs. I felt immediate relief, which I was shocked because I thought nothing was going to help me. That being said, the pills are helping to reduce my symptoms but I’m still having to do all sorts of things to help keep me in a comfortable state because it’s not gone. I really hate taking pills and it scares me hearing they could be dangerous but this thing has been a living hell and until I find a better solution I’m stuck using them. Ok, so my purpose for this post was to share the things that are helping me in hopes it might help anyone looking for some relief because this has been hell and I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy. For nausea, peppermint tea helps a lot. Tropical Papaya Enzyme Supplement (it’s a chewable tablet that’s kinda like a natural tums) helps a little I think. Eating! I do feel better when I eat, so I basically eat something every few hours. Cheerios and almond milk help the most, I thought it must be the almond milk so I tried just that but it wasn’t as effective. I read that chewing gum helps, I just tried this today and I would say it helped. Lots of nights I wake up around 4am with symptoms and am unable to go back to sleep. 2 nights ago, frustrated and nothing else to do at that ungodly hour I searched for remedies again. Lots of people say apple cider vinegar helps them but I’ve tried that before and can’t stomach it. Then I saw drinking some pickle juice, I was like oooh I can do that .. I just happen to love it, so I ran downstairs and gulped some down. Not long after my symptoms were lessinging and I was able to go back to sleep which was HUGE because I can never get back to sleep. That same night I also found that someone said eating a few slices of apple before bed helped them get though the night without any symptoms. So of course I bought apples that day and ate a whole one not just a few slices before bed that night. By god, I slept the whole night! I’ve only tried the pickle juice and apples once so I can’t say if they are a miracle yet but I’ll be for sure eating an apple again tonight. I hope this helps someone like me who is suffering and desperate for help. I’m still looking for some good acid reflux juicing recipes if anyone has any.

  11. Yes, kicking the carbs is a great way to reduce the burn. Grain-free, dairy-free seems to work extremely well for me. he -only sure fire way to cut my heartburn is to drastically reduce my carb intake. For further information, go to http://www.juicingforhealthlifestyle.com.

  12. I am suffering from h.pylori and gastrits sickness and have take a lot of medicine .no improvement.pls help me. emma from nigeria.

  13. Thank you for the wonderful article and thank you John for sharing your story. I have been suffering from Nocturnal acid reflux for the past 10 months and went for an endoscopy about 4 months back. The gastroentalogist told me that my duodenum was slightly imflamed and there was no H.pylori bacteria or a hiatal hernia. I was relieved to hear that and he prescriped me with Nexium. But I did not take the tablets and opted for a natural remedy just like the ones stated above. For my breakfast, I make green juice (mixture of celery spinach, apples and carrots or beets) every morning and take a small cup of yogurt before leaving to work. Then, for my mid morning snack I take 2 bananas and some water. For my lunch, I have a balanced meal consisting of 2 green leafy vegetables and 1 serving of meat with rice. Then I have a papaya for tea and my dinner consists of mostly steamed food (e.g. boiled potatoes, fish with vegetables or vegetable soup). I kept at it for about 3 months and slowly my heartburn reduced and completely disappeared. Now I still eat almost the same way as described and my digestion has improved by leaps and bounds. I try to minimise alcohol and eating less than 3 hours before going to bed. My GERD has improved tremendously. Hope this helps give an overview to some of you suffering from similar problems. Acid reflux can be very frustrating but please do not opt for medication which only HIDES the SYMPTOMS. Changing your diet can go a long way towards healing your gut and then improving digestion and ELIMINATING acid reflux for good!


  14. Curcumin taken with meal STOPS my gerd cough. (seems to thin the phlegm that gets stuck in my lungs after I eat.)

  15. Hello All…………….I too likely suffer from some GERD, but developed more of a swallowing problem, where food appears to get stuck at the chestbone area. I am still awaiting endoscope and upper and lower GI tests. Like others here I was given a Nexium cousin called tecta to reduce the acid. While it seems to help to prevent svere reflux to the point of a fake heart attack in the past, I find it has other undesirable effects and of course does not solve the problem.
    My questions are as follows: 1) Has anyone heard from ‘John B’ at this point to see if he is still cruising without GERD problems? 2) And how is Arvindt Roghan – also commenting here — doing at this point. 3) Has any of these fellow ever had the ‘slow to get it past the breastbone’ symptom…..or any new poster for that matter? I was diagnosed with a hitial hernia 15 years ago, but sleeping elevated relieved that.
    In any case I made my first 2 batches of ‘green’ juice for today to edge myself into things. Plan to carry it through in the days to come. Looking forward to any suggestions. Have a super day!

  16. I after being rush three times to he hospital they decided it’s not my heart and did the enascopy and I had a doctor (not anymore) who put me on 800,mgs of ibuprofen 3 times a day for 20 months. I started having pain in my chest,vomiting. Henceforth to the my life after enascopy (3 weeks) back in pain. Finally got diagnose of hital hernia. I can eat anything without pain. I am on sculrafrate,Omeprazole,zantac, dicclomine for pain.

    Nothing stops it, I can’t lay down flat. Would juicing help me? I hurt 24/7.

  17. i suffered acid reflux and hiatal hernia pain headache.
    Went on fruit and veg juicing 16 glasses a day apples celery
    Carrots kale. Cucumber watermelon. Apples pears ginger for 27days
    Suffered serious REFLUx. Where food was coming to mouth at night
    Burning in osefugas and mouth Suffered very badly ate only lunch afraid to eat
    It’s 30 days today my condition is very bad still .celery affects me so does kale.
    Creatinine and urea rose high sugar levels went through the roof.
    What was I doing wrong
    My conclusion. Juicing upsets the stomach , blood and kidneys

  18. H. Polory is the cause of my gerd. I tried many treatment but, they keep coming back. I try to keep the numbers down by juicing. Manuka honey protects my throat and stomach lining. I don’t add more than two ingredient when I juice because I feel is too strong and upsets my throat. I dilute the juice with water. I have good experience with green papaya. Anise tea is good also. I heard great things about guanabana I think the translation is guava. I heard great things about Apple cider vinegar but it didn’t work for me I think am allergic to it . I was itching everywhere.

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