How Much Juice Is Enough

how much juice
It’s the question everyone is just dying to know.  “How much juice should I drink on a juice cleanse?”

I’ll get to the answer in a later in the post, but let’s just look for a moment at the reason for asking this question.

Before you considered cleansing I’ll bet you never asked the question, “How much food should I eat in a day?”  You just ate until the point at which you felt full (or sometimes beyond that point).  It’s interesting isn’t it?

When you decide to get healthy or lose weight, you begin to examine your life and your past behaviors.  Sometimes this isn’t pretty.  And when you realize you’ve been overeating or eating the wrong foods for a number of years you begin to question every thought and every action.  You begin to distrust yourself and you seek help.  That’s okay.  That’s a great place to begin again.

How Much Juice Should You Drink?

When you are on a juice cleanse, that’s drinking only juice for a set number of days, the juice becomes your meal.  So think of it that way.  Spread your juice “meals” throughout the day and aim for four juices per day.

It’s important to realize the function of the juice.  It loads your body with nutrition and flushes your system of toxins.  You want to drink enough to feel full.  If you are getting hungry it is a sign that you need more juice.

So here it is:

A good place to start is by drinking 16 oz, four times per day.  That gives you 64 oz.  You may drink more or less depending on your situation and needs.  For example if you are very active during the day, your body requires more fuel.  Drink more.  If you are hungry or feeling healing reactions (headache, body aches) drink more.

Your body knows how much juice it needs.  It will tell you.  Take a quiet moment and listen.  You will begin to learn the ways your body communicates with you and you can begin to start trusting yourself again.  Happy Juicing!

Your Turn

Are you trusting your body?  How much juice are you drinking on your juice cleanse?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I did my first juice cleanse the first week of the year and I’d say this fit me exactly. I had a couple of days where I got a little headachy and I knew it was because I hadn’t “eaten” enough that day. But, I chose laziness (not wanting to get up and go through all the effort to make the juice) over making the headache go away. 4 16oz glasses of juices was probably just about right for what I needed during that time.

    1. Hello everyone, I started juicing maybe a month ago with my husband. At first I really liked the juices, I guess because I was excited. However, now I’m tired alot, and I really don’t like the taste anymore, so I began dining less. I’m now at the point where I will drink 24 oz. In the morning, and I’m done. I drink water all day after that. I’m so ready to go back to eating. But I’m at day 8, of just juice, no veggies or anything. Feeling defeated:o(.

  2. I drink 20 oz 4 times a day. Breakfast , lunch, Dinner and my hard times were at night so I have a juice at 8:30 – 9 PM at night. I don’t get to bed until 11:30 or Midnight. I start all over at 6:45 AM the next day. Well, after I take my son to school so 7:30 or so…

    1. I am concerned about how much salt I should have on a juice fast. I know the body needs salt. I did a fast for a week and my muscles were cramping. I was giving the advice to have salt. I don’t know how much I need on a fast. Thank u

      1. Next time you make juice, dilute it with filtered water and add a pinch of sea salt. You can also bathe with Epsom Salts.

        1. Table salt, pink salt, sea salt, grey salt are all sodium.
          Epsoms salts is magnesium sulfate

          Although a deficiency in either can create craps they are two completely different things.

        1. If one is doing a fast for cleansing, then eating or “juicing” bananas {bananas are mainly fiber and do not really juice} would cause the body to move out of the purer cleansing physiology stimulating digestion and causing hunger. This is not a problem if someone does not mind going through the process again of re-enter the juice cleansing mode. For many though it can be a challenge once digestion is triggered to then re-engage the juice fast with juices alone. Experimenting in your own body is good and will help you to know what will serve best. Someone with cramping might also try taking in juice that contains 1-2lbs of leafy greens (and herbs, like parsley, cilantro, mint, dill, fennel, and basil) to provide greater nourishment.

          1. Swiss Chard is high in potassium and easy to juice but potassium deficiency is only one of the many cause of cramps.

      2. I have also heard you can drink 16 oz coconut water, between breakfast and lunch, and that will give you some salt, as well potassium.

    2. Sounds like my schedule and I am about to start the cleanse this weekend…late nights is when I get up and start scrounging around for snacks…hoping that will subside…

  3. I am a concerned husband, asking questions about wife and juicing. She has been juicing for a week today, 24 oz 3 times a week. Being that 2 days out of the week she is literally in school from 0900-2400, she can basically juice only twice during those days. Is there a alternative for those days?

  4. I am going to be starting a juice fast this coming weekend. I am wondering if any of you other juicers have experienced any weight loss with this and how much, how quickly have you lost?

    1. Juicing is the greatest diet of all. I have lost 20lbs in 25 days and I am still on the juice fast. I cheat everynow and then but only with the things I juice. I have lived on the mean green juice for nearly a month now. Besides all the benefits talked about in this site, weight loss is definetly helping wipe the slate clean. I have overcome all my cravings and taken control of my eating habits. Thank you for the informative website, many thanks……

      1. Hi , can you say apart from juice should i eat anything like meat ,or else for Lunch and dinner ?

        or i should be on juice diet until losing weight ?thanks

      1. you are saying you drink only juice Full day without eating extra things for breakfast, lunch and dinner ?
        if so , didnt you feel hungry ?

  5. Hi. I’m thinking about trying the juice cleanse. I’m probably somewhere between Joe and Phil’s original build (closer to Joe’s, but a couple inches shorter). Although not diagnosed, I believe I may be suffering from urticaria – but mine is on my calves and ankles. I was wondering – would it be ok to take the juice (directly) from the juicer and mix it with ice in a blender to make a smoothie? I usually prefer my drink very cold.

    1. i am no expert, but in my learning I have come to understand that the heat from the blender base and spinning blade can break down some off the awesome enzymes that you have just recovered. I propose you time your juicing so that you have time to put your drink in the freezer and wait for it to become your desired temperature. Let’s say it takes 2 hours to get right, then make your juice 2 hours before dinner or snack time. Also try freezing fruits and then juicing (a favorite in my omega 8004!)

      1. Most enzymes break down from 113-150 degrees. You will not harm those with spinning blades. The blades (unlike a masticating or auger juicer) do introduce a LOT of oxygen and oxidation which speedily increases the decomposition of the nutrients. With spinning blade juicers your peak drinking time is within the first 30 minutes. Your freezer will not freeze fast enough to preserve this speed very much. Freezing, as compared to fresh, has even LESS nutrients ( as much as 5% less for most and 30% for vitamin C.

        If using a high rpm juicer drink within 30-90 min for optimal. Refrigerate in glass air tight container to preserve longer, maybe up to a day. Use a low RPM low oxygen juicer and drink within 3-5 hours and freeze in air tight container to preserve longer, maybe two days. Just remember every tick of the clock is another nutrient that has decomposed.

    2. Hey Mike, I am the same way. I need to have my drinks cold as ice. I would use ice in the beginning but after a while i felt like I was diluting the drink a bit too much with all the ice i was putting in my fresh juice to make a smoothie and losing the full potency of it. So what I did was i placed a bag of grapes in the freezer; turning them into grape ice cubes. so when i was done with my juicing, all i had to do was throw in a hand full of the frozen grapes and it would ice my drink. After i was done with the juice i would just enjoy the grapes after.

      1. Diluting your juice wont matter as long as you drink all of it, you are still getting all of the nutrients.

      2. @Gabriel…GREAT IDEA WITH THE GRAPES. Thank you, I also do not like warm juice. I usually put the glass in the freezer, but being as clumsy as I am, I manage to break most of them. So frozen grapes it is! 🙂

    1. Drink the juice first, however if you are doing a juice cleanse I recommend not drinking any caffeine at all

      1. Is decaf okay? That is what I have been doing. Having my juice, waiting 30 minutes and then I have my decaf coffee.

      2. Why no caffeine… I was hoping green tea was ok to drink while juicing.. I really need some caffeine as I am cold turkeing my energy dr inks

  6. I will be starting a juice fast this weekend. I drink a lot of sweet (sweetened with sugar) decaf tea. In your opinion, how much will the sugar affect my cleanse?

    1. I don’t know if you experamented and found an answer but I find sugar to be HORRID on my cleansing stomach. I suppose if your juice has a lot of fruit your body won’t notice a difference but I was cleansing with dark green leafy veggies and no fruit. My sugar was from a small amount of carrot in the juice. My body had rid itself of the cravings for sugar and the need and when I had some it smacked my digestion HARD and made me very ill.

      1. This same thing happened to me. I have been juicing for 8 days now and lost 10 lbs and sweets make me sick now, also I have no cravings for sweets or Dr Pepper that I was pretty much addicted to lol.

  7. Do people generally lose alot of weight on this juice cleanse? Would it matter if you had lunch each day and juice for breakfast and dinner?

  8. I eat healthy and exercise..walk for 1/2 hour most days ,I have only a few kilo’s left to loose but cant seem to shift it. If I juice breakfast & lunch time but have a meal for dinner will this be OK I have just seen the show on TV..FAT,SICK,NEARLY DEAD thought it was the best show I have seen to do with weight loss..PLEEZ REPLY.thank you.

    1. Hi Rochelle,

      In my experience, I lost weight having juices and smoothies throughout the day and then a “proper” dinner (as my mother would say). Quite a nice daily progression is juice for breakfast, smoothie for lunch, then a meal for dinner. I totally agree with Carey when she says “You want to drink enough to feel full.” The aim isn’t to restrict calories but to feed and fuel our bodies with high quality nutrition. 1 litre of freshly squeezed orange juice doesn’t even have 500 calories. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no danger of ever drinking “too much”.

      With regards to your evening meal, it kind of depends what you’re eating. Say you have freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast and a green smoothie for lunch, you’d be looking good. But what you eat for dinner has a huge bearing on the quality of your diet. Choosing something like brown rice and steamed veggies covered with a squeeze of lemon juice and black pepper would be a great option. I eat this for dinner 4 or 5 times a week. Before you start thinking that’s boring, it’s not! Just by varying the vegetables, it’s easy to make a “different” meal every night. On top of that, steamed veggies and rice have ZERO added fat!

  9. My husband and I just started juice cleanse this week and we love it!!! I have already lost 10 pounds! We are on day #3. My question is… I have a juicer that has a very small sieve, so there is no pulp. I will compost the pulp eventually… but for now it seems so wasteful.. should I order a sieve that allows some pulp or Do you know of any other uses for the pulp and is there any nutritional value?

  10. Hi All, I was wondering if there are any good recipes that would help strengthen my hair and nails, I had gastric bypass and my hair is thinning from lack of protein (so says the doctor) and my nails are soft. Thanks!

    1. An apple, spinach, beet combo might help. Also broccoli. Check with your doctor if these foods are okay for your condition. Soft nails may indicate low amounts of B vitamins, Vitamin D/magnesium, or iron. Greens can provide this plus protein.

  11. I love you movie, fat, sick and nearly dead. That is how I am feeling. I am only 48 but i have 23 health conditions. Now I bought the machine, I have to find a great place for fruits and vegetables. I am planning to juice full time asap. We are on food stamps for 6 people so it is difficult. I know that God will provide. Thanks for the juice recipes. Back to what I know I need to do. Thanks so much.

    1. i try to save $ on my fresh produce by:
      – for apples and oranges my stores always have the best value per pound in bags at the base of shelf that the fruit is displayed on. Like, 3 lb bag of apples for 2.99.
      -buy the bananas going brown and that cost less because of it. Peel, pre-cut to your prefered size, freeze. Juice these plus berries (twice through for creamier) to make an awesome sorbet/ice-cream.
      -i’m in NYC and I find the cheapest produce in heavily ethnic neighborhoods (all varieties)

      and in general, try to bring your own re-usable bags or re-use plastic bags. Not $ saving, but certainly will make an impact on the environment. So you can feel good about that for free 🙂

    2. I’m a disabled single mother and like you am on food stamps for my daughter and I. I find that I can buy everything I need with no problem. I even buy lots of seafood. We eat beef, pork or chicken (not including eggs) about once a month. We eat turkey, fish, chicken eggs, rice, soy beans, miso soups, tofu, seaweed and fresh fruits and vegetables daily and we juice 4-5 times a day. I buy all the meat, tofu, soy beans, miso and seaweed we need for the month because I can freeze the meats into personal portions so I can take them out and thaw just what I need. The dry foods go on the shelf. . I buy my eggs, milk, cheese, fruits and vegetables one to two times a week and my fridge is always stocked. We make everything including our icecream, made only with non flavored milk, fruit pulp, fruit juice, fruit chunks and vanilla beans or extract (with a small hand crank so it doesn’t affect electric bill and it’s portion control). This makes the food last longer and stops the overeating because it is there or it has to be used. I juice every meal and snack and eat and feed my daughter and there are times my daughter eats all her food and drinks all my juice so I have to make more for me and we still have money left over at the end of the month to carry over. I buy beets, kale, spinach, cucumbers, green and red leaf lettuce, purple and green cabbage, onions, leeks, bok choy, carrots, brussel sprouts, apples, sweet potatoes, oranges, mangos, papaya, kiwi, bananas, squash, etc and other non juicing ones like portabella mushrooms, artichokes and more. I also buy seaweed, soy beans, tofu, milk, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, rice, miso, mahi mahi, cod, halibut, salmon, swai, shrimp, crap meat, squid, cream cheese, turkey bacon, goat cheese, etc. I look to see which is cheaper bag, lb or per since it likes to switch around and I always buy fresh fruits and veggies. I make every meal home made from scratch which saves if you set it into portions and use rice over potatoes (they keep expanding and fill you up, unlike heavy potatoes) you’ll eat less meats if you fill your plates with rice and veggies and put a little meat. If I do have potatoes we still have rice so we don’t eat as much potatoes as we would if we just had potatoes. The rice doesn’t get boring since we do different seasonings on it, you can also do a juice or pulp mix which also changes the color and makes it fun. My daughters favorite is the beet rice (beet juice, steamed rice or beet pulp and steamed rice). Her second is rice with salmon furikake (japanese rice topping or seasoning) If you make a shopping list and allocate so much to meats, so much to dairy, so much to junk food and drinks (assuming the others are not wanting to go without that) and so much to grains and the rest to fruits and veggies, do home cooked from scratch meals, make meals that are mainly rice and veggies with some fruit and a little bit of meat and maybe some nuts, buy only a small amount of junk food and soda, go weekly and get the best deals. You should have no problem do this with your food stamps and still feeding the other five. You’ll have an even easier time if you get them to drink juice or water instead of other drinks since that’s more money for veggies. You can buy bulk of stuff for a month then buy the smaller portions the next month and that will give you less veggies for a month but more for your fruits and veggies for the next month and since you keep buying a little bit each month you won’t being going through the bulk as quickly and you may even end up with roll over. Out of the money that we get I don’t go over it and when roll over is high we buy more bulk and that lasts us and gives us more more for fruits and veggies and more roll over for the bulk to last us for a couple months. You end up using all the roll over on the months that you get bulk but at that point it doesn’t take away from your fruits and veggies.

  12. Thanks for making the documentary. My wife and I watched it the other night and thought it was fantastic. Loved Joe’s personality! I’m starting the juice fast today, and am thinking of taking a supplemental multi-vitamin to ensure I’m getting all the additional vitamins and minerals the raw juice may not provide. I also have to take medication for bi-polar, so I can’t leave that out. Lastly I’m planning to take Omega 3-6-9. Any opinions on the additional items? Do you recommend taking a multi-vitamin of any variety? -thanks

  13. In the movie the men had just juice for 60 days and it seemed they were working out, especially toward the end. Is there enough protien in just juice while working out or should something be added to the juice and or diet? My regular life requires moderate exercise and I do light to moderate exercise/workouts regularly as well. I am still overweight, bordering on obese and I want to do a 60 day just juice diet. Any help would be appreciated.

  14. My husband and I are smokers, how will juicing for a 7 to 10 day fast effect us?

  15. Is it okay to take an all natural metabolism booster (pill) with this all juice cleanse?

  16. I drink Decaff Diet coke…Can you drink it while on the Juice Cleanse program ??

    1. Sharon,
      Unfortunately sodas, especially diet sodas contain unhealthy and even carcinogenic (cancer causing) ingredients. I know from experience that diet sodas also cause joint pain and weight gain. You could improve your health greatly by just getting off the diet sodas altogether. At the same time start by drinking once fresh juice in the morning, then eating a healthy lunch and dinner. This will help you get over the soda withdrawals. 🙂

  17. I want to start juice cleansing but I don’t have a juicer…I have a blender that has a juice option. Will that work the same? I don’t have a lot of money to invest in a exspensive juicer so what are the things I should look for

    1. Blenders will work if you strain the pulp out. You can also buy an inexpensive juicer on Amazon to get you started.

  18. Hi, I watched the documentary and have been juicing for the past couple of weeks, but mostly fruits and carrots. My son, who is a vegetarian, is on the juicing cleanse and getting his very overweight dad on it as well. I have migraines – pretty severe, and do take meds for them but want to go off as they contribute to weight gain. My pcp put me on probiotics, enzymes, bitters and L-Glutamine since I’ve just discovered I’m allergic to many foods including dairy and whey. She put me on those to heal the digestive track so I thought juicing would help as well. I do get hungry and am happy I found this site for recipes. I work in retail so it is hard to eat anything during the day but I have been taking a little juice. Any idea if this will really help the migraines and how long does it take?

    1. Enzymes and probiotics are great for the digestive tract. Yes, add juicing to your routine – drink as often as you like. Migraines can have many causes. Juicing helps to hydrate, nutrify, and reset the body, so migraines are often improved.

  19. I recently discovered juicing and LOVE IT! I’ve never felt better. . .however, I was expecting (and hoping) for more weight-loss then I am currently experiencing. Any recommendations for amount (oz, cups, quarts) per day while only juicing (no solid foods)?

    I am not much for intense excersize. I walk a few times a week but spend most work days on my feet and running around so I don’t feel like arobic type excersize after that. I also have Lupus so try to be gentle on my joints but walking is doable and enjoyable.

    Any recommendations?

    1. Hi Vickie, actually losing the weigh gradually is better then fast so you don’t get saggy skin. Think of people that have gastric bypass surgery. they lose a ton of weight fast and then usually have to go back into surgery to remove access skin.

  20. I just started juicing 2x a day. I have a smoothie with soy milk and whey protein and some nuts and some fresh fruit. I was told to slowly begin a juicing regiment. Is soy and whey okay? Will I lose weight doing this? I also have had a little tofu and hot veggies. It sounds like I am eating to much food. Please advise.

  21. The correct amount of juice to take in on a daily bases is 3 to 6 quarts or 4 to 10 pints minimum.

    Once you start your body is looking for the nutrition that it hasn’t received and will adjust to the correct amount of juice (meaning more or less juice). Generally speaking you will require much less juice.

    That depends on your height and gender. You will lose weight and have a great amount of clarity.

    Hope this helps.

  22. My Husband and I are going to do the 7-10 day juice reboot. I am only 100-102 pounds and work out regularly. 4-5 times a week for and hour or two each time. I am a martial artist and I am getting injured more often lately. I want to reboot my system through juicing to help repair my body and give me more mental and bodily energy. I just can’t afford to lose very much weight. Do you think juicing will cause me to lose a significant amount of weight? And due to my size would I drink more or less juice. Possibly more times a day or just larger serving? I do work full time so I won’t have my juicer available at work.

    1. Juice lots of greens, Shawna. They have protein and help to build up the body. Drink when your body needs it and drink until you are full. If you are working out, you will most likely require more.

  23. I’m planning a juice fast inspired by Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and want to know if I need to do anything prior to the fast to prep my body for what’s coming? Thank you for all you do for the juicing community!!

  24. Today is the first day of my first ever juice cleanse. I’ve been replacing meals all month with fresh juice to prepare, and I absolutely love juicing! I’ve been doing research, and I haven’t been able to find universal rules for doing a cleanse, which led me to believe it’s kind of up to me on what I want to juice. However, some suggest using the same recipe (usually a green juice) all day every day. I’m just not down with that. I love to make random juices, filled with so many different things and I’ve rarely made the same juice twice. I don’t follow recipes, I just experiment. My juices are always made up of mostly vegetables, with a little fruit to sweeten it (always organic!). My question is, is it okay to have variety or should I be sticking with stricter guidelines?

    1. Chelsey, your instincts are correct! Mostly vegetables, organic if possible, and vary your recipes to get a full spectrum of nutrients. 🙂

  25. This is my first day had 16 oz. for breakfast, how often should I juice each day, I need to lose fifty pounds and hope it will help my blood pressure. Please give some tips on the best way to juice Thank you

  26. My husband and I are going to start with just a 3 day juice cleanse. Based on what I’ve read on different websites, I’m confused as to how many ounces of juice we need to consume at each meal? Some have said to do 60 oz total in a day, some have said 20 oz 4x/day. Please help!!! Thanks!! 🙂 🙂

  27. Nevermind, I think I found what I was looking for. According to this website we’ll do 16-20 oz 4x/day

  28. I just finished a 10 day juice feast, and am currently transitioning back to solid food. I drank 32oz of juice 4 or 5 times a day. I just drank how much I wanted and did not get hungry. Lost 13lbs, and would like to keep it off.

  29. Just found this site,so excited.Starting a 10 day juice fast tommorrow.Can anyone suggest a shopping list for a 10 day fast?Disabled and low on funds for grocerys.Any suggestions?

  30. I am on day three of my 10 day juice fast. Feeling better this morning!
    I have already lost 8 pounds! I have TMJ so not chewing is a good thing for me.
    I came up with a great recipe I would like to share, perfect for breakfast. ( It will make 32oz) That’s what I need to start my day. You may want less.
    Keep in mind that not all juicers are the same and you may not be able to juice the same things in a recipe depending on your juicer.
    Check out Discount Juicers
    I found it very helpful in determining what juicier to purchase and how to use it properly.
    I got the Omega 8004.
    The recipe follows.
    1 beet including stems
    4 carrots
    2 granny smith apples
    8 blackberries
    8 raspberries
    1/2 lemon
    3 celery sticks
    2 pieces of broccoli
    about a pinky nail size ginger
    1/4 grapefruit hand squeezed into feeder. (the peel is very thick and I did not want to put it in)

    1. Bananas don’t juice well but you could make some juice and then blend the juice and banana together in the blender.

  31. 38 year old male 5’10” and 210lbs. I am on Day 6 of a Juice Fast that I have not decided the total length for. This time last year I managed a 14 day fast and a total of a month of substituting about 1/3 of my meals with Juice. I lost 26 pounds from the 216 I started at.

    The problem is I had no plan for afterwards and the weight came back quick.
    I think one of the biggest problems is not so much my diet but my sedentary lifestyle. I am an Aiine pilot and spend most of my day on my butt. On the last fast, I started walking the neighborhood a little, but quickly got bored of it.

    This time around I am going to join the local Lifetime Fitness – I used to love Raquetball and activities like Rock Climbing and Swimming are enticing.

    I am concerned that low amounts of energy from just Juice could dissuade my success. I will try it and see how it goes. If I need to return to a solid diet, I will do so with a graduated solution and stop where it is enough; keeping as much juice in my diet as possible.

  32. Oops – 2-3 juices a day. I am not on the road right now – in training. Regardless, I have to make my juice for the day in the morning. I use a masticating juicer and make a 25 oz Fruit Juice to immediately consume in the morning. Then I make a 25 oz Green Juice and put it in a sealed thermos for lunchtime. When I get home, I make another 25oz green or red juice.

  33. This is my second time juice fasting, this is way easier then the first. Once thing different is the amount of Vita Coco water I have been having. Its not from concentrate and feel this hydrates way better than water alone.
    Is this a suitable substitute? Or am I taking away from the fast?
    Note- Most of my juices are about 16 oz, at least half is all green, about 3 a day.

  34. I started the juice cleanse two days ago and after the first day I have noticed that I’m rarely hunger. My question is if I’m not hungry or don’t feel hungry should I still be drinking 4 16oz of juice a day? Yesterday I only had about 16oz all day. Thanks.

    1. You do need to stay hydrated and the juices give you the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy. Your metabolism may be slowing down. Go out for a walk to get your circulation going and stimulate you to drink more.

  35. I’m wondering if I am going to get enough protein doing this cleans.. I workout 6 days a week doing insanity.. If you are Familiar with this workout it is just what it says insane .. I’m worried I won’t get enough nutrients and will be tiered. Any input would be nice.

  36. I am starting a three day juice fast tomorrow. My goal is to boost my energy level and incorporate juicing in my daily life. It would be great however to loose about 8 lbs. 🙂 But that is not a goal I have my heart set on! I am wondering after the three day fast how to incorporate juicing and meals into a healthier lifestyle? I do work out at the gym doing cardio and weight lifting 3 – 5 days a week and want to be sure to keep my energy levels up so I do not become ill. Any and all suggestions are encouraging for me. Thank you 🙂

  37. My question is what type of juice should I drink in the morning, afternoon & evening. In others words, is it better to do a fruit juice in the morning or is it better to do veggies juice in the morning, or is it better to do a mixture of fruits and vegie???

  38. I was wondering does it matter how much juice you drink in order for u to lose weight? Me and my husband are juiceing breakfast lunch and dinner but not quite 20 oz at a time is that ok or do we need to drink more?

  39. Tomorrow is my first day juicing
    I want to exercise 5-6 days a week also
    I was wondering if their was something
    I could take to give me a little energy
    To help me get the best out of my workout?
    Maybe whey protien.? HELP PLEASE.?

  40. Today was my first day of juicing, I feel good, not hungry at all.
    But I had to make more fruit than veggies at night, I was craving food so bad.
    I know cucumbers are good, but I can’t stand the taste, can I replace it?
    Only the green juice will make me lose weight?
    So far so good, but I want to see if I can do the 3 days, then go for the 10 days.

  41. Hey guys,
    Thanks so much for all of our advice! i have been juicing 4 days now and have started getting muscle cramping I drink 14 ounces every two hours and I drink water steadily throughout the day so just wondering if I need to either A. include salt or B. Do i just need to increase my juice ounces every two hours?

    Thanks for the tips!

    1. You might try an epsom salt bath. It contains magnesium which should help the muscle cramps.

  42. Hi, me and my mom are starting a 10 day cleanse. We are worried that when we are done and go back to our normal solid food eating, that our bodies will not be use to the solid foods and get sick. Can you help?

    1. And I’d also like to know if I could be able to take Wheybolic protein because I am lifting weights .

    2. Hi David,
      You will want to start slowly back into solid foods. Start with a smoothie or a piece of fruit. If you are currently lifting weights and need the extra protein, it should be okay.

  43. We are going to be starting our first juicing cleanse this Friday. I am a 25 active at the gym female. And my husband is 27 and in construction. He is all for juicing and looking forward to it. I have a couple questions. With my lifestyle I work out three days a week and lift weights and lots of cardio. Should I take things easy during this time? I can typically get shaky or dizzy at times even now when I am doing a moderate workout. Second, my husband and I want to do no addition foods, just juicing. For me this is not a problem since I work from home and can juice and drink it fresh. I did read the portion on how soon one should drink the juice/save it. Would you still think if I juiced his “lunch” @ 4:30a and drinks it at10a he would be getting the proper nutrients? I would make sure that it is sealed and chilled as best I can. Or do you have another suggestion? Also we were inspired to do this because of the fat, sick nearly dead documentary. We have prepared our minds and bodies for this but were thinking of 20 days of fasting. After reading your suggestion of 3,5 or7 days I am concerned we would be doing this to many days. Any thoughts on duration of the fasting? Thanks for all your help! Can’t wait to get started!

    1. Hi Kristi,
      Cleansing is hard work for the body. Light exercise is optimal. Your body can cleanse if 7 days time, and then you can return to healthy eating and heavier workouts. Best of luck to you!

  44. I suffer from hypoglycemia and was very worried about starving on strictly juice alone. I’m on day 2 of full time juicing and as long as I start juicing right when I feel symptoms coming on (nausea, shakiness, dizzy, etc), I’m good to go. I seem to do just fine on 4-5 quarts! I was very healthy before, so it was easy for me to make the transition. However, I felt badly with the foods I was eating… Veggies, lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats. Anyway, I’ve been very sick for years with auto-immune disorders, but have more energy than I have in weeks with just 2 DAYS of juicing!!! I’m keeping this up for sure!

    I also have to say that this is an excellent article, and your website is absolutely fantastic for juicing information!!! I just keep coming back to it! Thanks for all your hard work and for providing such invaluable info. 🙂 xo

    1. I, too, have been hypoglycemic all my life. With 12 children, and 6 pounds per pregnancy, I have a lot to lose. I decided to go on the alkaline/detox form of the green juicing diet regimen. The lesser amount of calories, higher density of nutrition, and drastically fewer carbs in green superfood powder plus cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, parsley, broccoli, etc make all the difference with me.

      I make one exception to the “no fruit” thing in that I occasionally add lemon juice to my morning water with cayenne and epsom salts to make it more palatable. Then around 12-1:00 pm I have a green drink (never hungry before then). Midafternoon I tend to want a green tea or other herbal tea. While the family eats dinner I will have another green drink, an a cup of herbal tea at night before bed (keeping a glass of water at bedside for late night thirst).

      Adding 1 tsp Sunfood Raw Organic Green Superfood powder daily (anything like it is great, this is just what I found I like best) and 1 tsp Maca Powder (twice a week) seems to make my mitochondria very happy and I have had NO migraines and NO insulin reactions since starting! It has only been 10 days thus far and I am not stepping on a scale. I am going by how I feel and how my clothes fit to gauge my success. I tend to be a bit compulsive so watching numbers would increase my stress level (which produces cortisol) and I am trying to avoid all that.

      I go to the gym sometimes, do yoga most days, and feel the need to walk daily to expend some of my newly rediscovered energy. Mind fogs are a thing of the past, too…wonderful for a woman in her late 50s.

      So I wish to encourage you to at least minimize “sweet” fruits in most of your juices. Certainly no one needs to go extreme to just greens, but I wanted to experiment on myself and am thrilled with what is happening thus far. I plant stay on this indefinitely, adding occasional fruit juicings when I am near/at goal for more variety and enhanced nutrition as long as my insulin levels are not spiking. Best of luck and health to yoU!

  45. Is it ok to drink 100% coconut water (no added sugar) and chew sugar free gum while juicing.

    1. Coconut water yes. It is very hydrating.

      Gum I do not recommend unless you just really feel the need to be chewing something. The reason is because chewing activates the digestive process and it may make you more hungry.

  46. Hi I am breastfeeding my 9 month old and was wondering is it safe to cleanse while still breastfeeding? If not how much should I juice a day jut to add to my normal diet? Thanks for the advice!

  47. What do you suggest for nursing mothers? I’ve read that a strict juice cleanse could potentially lace breast milk with toxins. I would like to lose weight, but do not want to put my baby at risk. What do you recommend? Would your modified diet be ok? I plan to talk to the pediatrician this week, but would like your advice. Thanks!

    1. Yes I do believe there is a potential for toxins to enter the breast milk. I do not recommend a juice cleanse for nursing mothers. Keep in mind that you will need lots of calories for nursing. Juice alone may not provide enough calories for both you and baby.

      I suggest adding one juice per day to a healthy eating plan plus some exercise such as walking, yoga, or rebounding.

  48. I watched the video and now plan to start. My problem is I’m Type 2 Diabetic, and I’m also
    on the drug Coumadin for blood clots, so I need to maybe change the apples with another fruit, and
    modify my green vegetable content, as I’m only allowed 1/4 cup of green vegetables daily
    Any suggestions? Thanks!

  49. I just started juicing 3 days ago and when I first started day one I drank 5 cups of about 15 oz and now on day three it’s like I’m not feeling hungry at all. I can’t even seem to put down the first juice of the morning. I struggle to drink 3-4 cups a day. Is this just my body reducing its need for more food/hunger? I don’t get headache or anything. Just very tired but I wake up around 4 to get ready for work and don’t get to bed until 10pm, so I’m thinking its the lack of rest that has me tired not the juicing. Anyways, I just want to make sure I’m not depriving my body of nutrients by not drinking enough even though I have very little desire/hunger lately to drink my juice or maybe the 3 cups are just fine and I’m over reacting. Thanks for your help 🙂 and good luck to everyone!!

    1. Hello. I am on day 14 of my juicing. I too have a hard time drinking more than 32 oz a day. I don’t feel hungry, and when I do, I juice. I prefer water most of the day. I do get at least 32 oz a day, is this good enough? I am chair bound due to feet issues, but have found some cardio workouts to do. Maybe this will result in needing more juice? But right now I want to know if this is enough? My goal is 30-60 days. So far, so good. And I am a mama of six who homeschools, getting along just fine. 🙂

      1. Hi Heather,
        It sounds as though your metabolism has slowed down from the juice diet and limited mobility. I think you’ll find that as you start some workouts your appetite for the juice will increase. It may be wise to check in with a doctor just to make sure all your vitals are good to continue. Congratulations on making your health a priority!

  50. Hi. I’ve started jucing recently and so far I’ve been doing really well… My queation is, I buy my produce a week at a time and becuase of limited space (I live with my parents) in my refrigorator, I’ve having to store some of my veggies in the freezer.. How do u thaw out veggies without losing it’s nutrients and is it even ok to freeze?

    1. Good question. I don’t freeze my veggies, but I have heard that you can freeze them, even greens for short periods of time (without blanching first). I assume the nutrients would stay intact. You could also try to make juice in bulk and then freeze the juice.

    2. Elizabeth, its best to buy your produce inter daily. I know its easier to do it weekly, but usually produce is rotated on a less than weekly basis, so you want to get the freshest you can find, and not have it sit in your fridge for too long.
      I used to do the same and it only ended up spoiling in my fridge by the time i went to use it. Before I start juicing I sit down with a meal plan and plan my juices in a way where i buy produce for 2 days and work with that. I actually manage to spend less this way

  51. juicing mean green and get terrible cramps in abs ,sides, and one time I got them I had muscle spasms in abs in the sides oblique’s and it brought tears to my eyes …these were intense…this lasted for at least a minute I guess you could call them contractions it almost doubled me over…WOW that hurt.

  52. what can I do to stop these intense cramps ,muscle contractions ive got plenty magnesium in body along with a choline citrate…

  53. hi, on day three of just juicing feeling ok .doctors have given me antibaotics for chest infection will this effect weight loss.also can i have decaff coffee as really missing this.really doing this to lose weight none loss yet but only day three.thanks lisa 🙂

  54. Hi Lisa

    i drink a litre of raw vegetables like celery,carrot, kale, beetrot ,cucumber, green apple inclusing spirulina and wheat grass in powder , starting first thing in the morning and finishing by midday.
    but i have a cup of organic mocca coffee (no caffeina) a banana and slice of toasted bread. i have a light lunch and a fruit during the day, dinner i have a shake or a meal.

    will that help me to loose weight or am eating too much and nothing will happen . ??

    thank you for your support

  55. geee I ask a question on cramping back in November now its February and im still waiting I saw a previous post on Epson salt bath or a pinch of sea salt ….wow …anybody that can give advice to me email me at THANX

    1. Hi, I have been juicing last 4 months, make once in the morning and have it for my breakfast and lunch. I eat regular dinner and my weekends are not part of the regimen.Question- I am not fasting or cleansing. Lost over 24lbs since and feel fantastic. I want to turn this into a lifestyle and continue doing this. Is there a risk in doing this or should juicing routine be practiced in intervals?

    2. Randall,
      Did you ever get an answer for your cramp question? I juice fasted recently, and at about the 5th day I was getting some intense cramps in my abs, obliques, inner thighs, and calf… The pain would wake me up, when sleeping or stop me on my tracks when awake… It would last for a few minutes, and happen quite often (easily more than 15 – 20 times a day). At the end of day 5 I had to stop fasting because I wanted to end these cramps…. The first day of eating normal I still got the cramps, but they went away the second day and didn’t come back.
      I got really good results juice fasting, I had lots of energy, and I wasn’t hungry at all, but these damn cramps stopped my progress. I want to try it again, but I don’t what to deal with cramps again. Any advice would be great.

      1. DAVID..i never got any answers on those damn cramps I started mean greenin on last Monday and started cramping up especially in rib cage and back … muscle spasms that would last up to 5 minutes and after they would release you could feel the burn in the muscle WOW… COCONUT WATER DIDNT HELP magnesium pills didn’t help… xtra water didn’t help

        1. I had an MD tell me to keep a bottle of tonic water next to my bed and drink some before bed every night … That took care of the cramps for

  56. People who are overweight and wanting to lose weight often ask themselves how much food they should really be eating in a day. And, I, as a poor person, with little to no transportation, who has to make every last cent count, ask myself that, relative to the number of rides I am going to get or how much I want to carry home after walking 1.8 miles to the store (or more), and, knowing that, after I shop, I shall have to walk the same distance back home. Which is precisely why I wanted to find out how much -so I could calculate the cost in both actual money and labor to see if I CAN juice full time, even for a short period of time. So, yes, I do ask it, and, now, we have both learned something new about our way of thinking. Yaye!

    That being said, thank you for the information. I almost didn’t read enough to see how valuable what you posted is, because of how you started out. I’m glad I did.

    And, I don’t mean that to sound nasty. It’s not like you really aid anything wrong. You just said something that made it sound like you were coming from a mindset that wouldn’t understand where I am coming from, so, this probably wasn’t going to be the best read for me. Well, it wasn’t “the best” read, but, it was a very helpful one.

  57. Hi-

    I’m doing a 60 days on the juice cleanse and wanting to loose 60 pounds. Is 60 pounds a reasonable amount if I included excersize 5 days a week??



  58. Hi again:)

    I’m on day 3 and have had the worst headache for 2 days strait!!! Being that I’m also wanting to detox during this juice fast, I’m wondering if I can take something for my headache?



  59. anybody else having terrible cramps or muscle spasms that last 5 minutes or more while juice fasting see my previous posts above

  60. im doing a 5 day juice cleanse and at the end of day 4 i had some peanut butter. did this ruin my cleanse? i still have day 5 and was thinking abou tgoing for 6 and 7. did that small amount of peanut butter throw me back to square one or am i still ok?

    please tell me. i feel so guilty.

  61. What do you yal use to make these juices? Main ingredients to make it most effective?

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