How to Store Your Fresh Juice

store juice

You know that fresh juice right out of the juicer is best, but it’s not always practical, right?  And I know you might not have the time to be juicing several times per day.  So is it possible to make a batch of juice ahead of time and store it for later?  Yes, with a little know-how you can keep your juices for up to 24 hours.


The biggest concern for keeping juices fresh is oxidation.   During the juicing process, fruits and vegetables are broken open and their enzymes and other nutrients are released from the fiber.   When the juice is exposed to air it gives up an electron to the oxygen in the air, thus oxidizing the juice and making it less nutritionally stable.  If you can reduce the amount of time the juice is exposed to the air and seal it up quickly you have a better chance of keeping the nutrients intact.

Juicing in Bulk

One of our readers, Kelly, has been kind enough to share her method and photos of how she stores her bulk juices.  You can read more about her juicing journey on her blog Happy Healthy Inspiration.

You’ll need a few 16 oz. mason jars, a sharpie marker, enough fruits and vegetables to make a day’s worth of juice and some recipes to follow.

Make your first juice recipe and then:

1.  Fill a mason jar all the way to the top with juice.  The goal is no air inside the jar.

2.  Seal the lid tightly.  Keep some extra lids around in case the seals go bad.

3.  Mark the outside of the jar with the ingredients and the date (and perhaps the time) the juice was made.

4.  Store in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

store juice

Extra Tips from Carey:

*  add 1/2 to 1 lemon to your juice recipe.  Lemons contain antioxidants and citric acid which discourages oxidation.

* Rinse your juicer (at least the basket) between recipes to keep the flavors separate.

*  Each jar holds one 16 ounce serving.  Do not drink half and then put it back in the refrigerator.

* You can flash freeze juices following these instructions.

* You can purchase 16oz Ball Mason jars here.

* Glass jars are most ideal.  If you must use plastic, be sure to get BPA free plastic.

images courtesy of Happy Healthy Inspiration.


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  1. What do you suggest for basic juice ingredients (veggies and/or fruit) to always have on hand?

    1. I always like to have apples, cucumbers, and some type of green leafy vegetable. And lemon 🙂

  2. I have a Foodsaver System that includes a jar sealer. Do you think that would be sufficient to remove air and not have to fill the jar all the way?

    1. I thought BPA is only present in plastic and not glass since glass can’t secrete chemicals anyway.

      1. The mason jar lids do have a plastic type material on the lid to create a seal. That is where the BPA may be present.

      1. it doesn’t matter. even if there is no BPA in it, the plastic will contain other chemicals that leeks into your foods or liquids. Plastic is never safe. People think plastic without bpa is safe, it isn’t.
        probably the jars with the rubber bands are better. probably for juicing not so handy.

  3. I make a green juice with all the green leafy veggies, and lemon and apple. My problem is that they seperate. Is that normal….or is there something that I can add to make them not seperate. I have a Omega 350 juicer. Thanks.

  4. I am so confused. My cheap bella juice wont turn on so now i want to up the antie on my juicing. Trying to find which one is best for me. I thought ONLY masticating juicers allow for storage for 24 hours. Before when i looked it up masticating juicers i got more mechanical juicers … now most are the twin gear juicers.

  5. Hey any possible way you could write me out a recipe for when I juice to give me enough for the entire day like the quantity of each veggie/fruit:-) ? Pleaseee

  6. Can I also take a colo cleanse pill from the healthfood store while juicing for 7 days?

  7. How do we properly stock the green vegetables and such?

    I just want to make sure I do this correctly..,I can make all the drinks for a day at night and just store them as directed?

    About the jars, I’m headed to Target or Walmart for the jars, should I be looking for 16oz jars and drink that full jar at the time of drinking?

    Thanks so much.

  8. So I made a mistake while juicing and ended up having to juice a lot of vegetables and fruit and just made way too much juice. Normally, I juice the night before, then store it in this plastic container and drink it all day the next day. I know I lose most of the nutrients, but other than this, is this okay? It’s not dangerous or anything to be drinking homemade juice a day or two after it’s been made, right?

  9. i started juicing today 5-8-13 i juiced three bottles of water and took it o work and i’m done with my second bottle but i crave the meat not much into juicing but will keep going for three months to see how much it will benefit my health but still craving meat solid foods what to do?? should i drink more mean green to get full?? and i love dark chocolate so i cant eat it yet right??

  10. Hey hey hey! I’m afraid it’s gonna be” BIG Albert” from now on! Yeah, I lost a lot of serious “poundage.”One of the most “problematic” things about juicing (particularly green veggies)is that its kinda hard to keep the juice preserved. Man, the darkside (“death”) seems to be everywhere, especially inside my refrigerator!(I sear to GOD that thing’s got to be cursed!)At least my red nopal cactus pears and green cactus pads seem to keep well enough.Yep, I been storing my juices in standard plastic glasses…”ewps.”Ive been sealing the glasses with Stretch-Tite cling wrap…probably another “ewps.”It really is good to know certain things first and formost. Im sure my juice storeage booboos (“ewpses”)are not uncommon.But my stored green juices seem to keep a good 90% of their green coloring. My Nutri-Bullet blender doesn’t “seem” to oxidiadize things TOO badly. I been “feeling” better. I dont know. I seem to be doing “something” right. I’d sure appresciate any “input” you may have. Can I “make-do” with my current juice storing methods? Do I “have-to” change to a slow masticating juicer? Thanks for letting me “post.” P.S, I’m not so FAT no more!

  11. Hi, greeting from Indonesia!! Im just a newbie that want to start juice fasting. But i have a problem since im a student i wonder how im gonna bring and keep my juice as good as i juice it directly from juicer to my uni, if i prepare my juice like what you recomended and bring some ofthe juices without refregirating is it still okay? Or do you have any other tips? Please help me 🙁

    1. Venny,
      How about freezing the juice first, then carrying it in an insulated cooler?

  12. Carey,
    Hello! I am on my second juicing clense and have been juicing in the morning and storing my juice for the rest of the day in the fridge as described in your post (thank you!) My question is, I notice that some of my juices that I prepare in the morning taste GREAT right after they are made (I always try to sample before I store them), but certain veggies take on a different or stronger flavor after they have been stored in the fridge. I have not been able to pinpoint exactly which ones should NOT be juiced and stored because their flavors “change” in a bad way! 🙂 Do you have any idea which kinds of vegetables and fruits are best for juice storage? Thanks for any help you can provide!

    1. Great question Megan! Cabbage does not keep well and in my opinion the carrots also don’t taste as well on the second day. Herbs such as parsley and ginger may taste stronger on the second day. I like to add a bit of lemon juice to my stored juices to keep the flavor fresh.

  13. I have been making juices for over 22 years,it saved my life,and that is a blessing. I have a flash freezer
    and that works great.From the time i juice to the time it is frozen is about 30 min and i can then keep my juice for months.It’s sure makes it easy for me I only have to make juice one time a month.

  14. Dear Pros: Please help this newbie who has a bunch of questions!!

    I “need” to make large batches. I have a Foodsaver that extracts air from mason jars. Will that work? Can they then be frozen? Would also prefer smaller (12oz) mason jars.

    Is it really more nutritious to always juice green leafies? Can’t I eat a salad of them instead–since I’ve started juicing my jaws feel neglected.

    Can limes be used as lemons? Our lime tree is more productive & I prefer the taste.

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