Juice Pulp for Chickens and Turkeys

This week our family encountered something that we never imagined was possible. A wild turkey showed up in our yard. That might not seemed too far fetched for some of you reading this, but let me tell you we live in the middle of the city. In the desert. Here’s a picture of the little guy (or gal) in our tree. To be totally honest I’m not even sure this is a turkey. How should I know? I’m a city gal.

After a couple of days it was still hanging around, so I decided I should put some food out. My first thought went to bird seed and we happened to have some, so I set that out in the yard and went about my day.

In the evening I was in the kitchen making some carrot/celery juice for my daughter who was feeling a cold coming on. As I started to clean the juice machine and looked at the pulp container, I realized the bird could eat the pulp. Of course! So I scooped some of the carrot juice pulp onto a plate and took it out to our little friend.

I’m not sure if the wild bird has eaten the pulp or not. He’s not too keen on letting us humans get close, but I feel good knowing that I’ve provide some healthy nutrition should he need it. He is still here this morning, so he must like our place well enough.

Since I don’t have any proof that our bird eats juice pulp, I thought I’d post a video of some chickens who do eat juice pulp. They love it!  Watch!

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  1. We have those here too. That’s good to know that you can feed your pulp to birds, because we have a peacock! He was at our house when we moved in 5 years ago and he pretty much takes care of himself, but this gives me a use for the pulp and he gets a treat. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Yes, definitely a guinea! and if it makes two different sounds, it’s a female. if only one sound, it’s a male. they are very difficult to raise even out here in the country. they are known as watchdogs because when they see anything out of the ordinary, they raise a ruckus. I’m not sure with just one if you’ll get the full effect of that benefit tho.

    anyway, yes, that pulp, if you aren’t going to use it yourself in sauces, stews or soups, the chickens, turkeys and guineas will practically go into a feeding frenzy to get some and it adds awesome-ness to the fresh eggs!!

    i just discovered your website and am loving it!! thank you!

  3. Sorry if you have posted that info somewhere on the site already. But, I’m so new to juicing that I have a lot of questions….what applications do you find for the pulp?

  4. That’s no turkey, although their in the same family. It’s a male Guinea fowl. My Guineas and hens eat the pulp, but only after they were convinced that it wasn’t out to get them ! Guineas are so goofy .

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