Juicing Versus Blending

juicing-vs-blendingAs my blog title states I write about juice cleansing, but if you’ve been following me you know that I also write about smoothies (or blending).  Both are very similar and in fact, this does create some confusion for many people.  I’d have to say the most common question I get is “Which is better, juicing or blending?”  I believe juicing and blending serve different functions and both are beneficial.  I’ll explain the differences and similarities the the two, so that you can decide which (or both) method is right for you.

Let’s start with juicing.   The function of juicing is cleansing and supplementing.  By cleansing I’m referring to whole body cleansing, but primarily that of the colon and the blood.  Since juice contains no fiber it can bypass digestion and quickly be absorbed into the bloodstream.  This eases the colon and allows more energy to be devoted to removing foods and waste that are already inside the body.  Most of us really don’t pay attention to how much and which kinds of food we’re taking in.  Even a healthy person with a good diet can experience this build up of waste and a slow moving or sluggish system.   Juices provide maximum nutrition and energy so that the body can heal itself.

There are two ways to go about cleansing with juices.  The first is simply to drink fresh juice first thing in the morning, every morning. The first meal of the day breaks the fast that your body experiences from the last meal of the day before.  If your last meal was at 6:30pm and you eat breakfast at 6:30am, you’ve already experiences a twelve hour fast!  Drinking juice before breakfast extends this fasting just a bit longer, plus the nutrition goes straight into action, giving you a super boost.  Now that’s a great way to start the day!  The second way to cleanse with juices is to go on a short term juicing fast for a period of one to ten days.  In this method the colon has adequate time to really begin eliminating and healing.

Now, blending is much the same as juicing in that it contains the vitamins and minerals.  Blended foods are easily digested, but they do still contain fiber so there is definitely digestion happening.  The function of blending is to provide whole food nutritional meals that contribute to building healthy cells. You might want to add extra foods such as bananas, avocados, and yogurt into the mix for extra nutrition and variety.

Most people get stuck on the issue of fiber.  Yes fiber is absolutely necessary for the colon and for a healthy body.  Blending provides this. It builds up the body.  But to cleanse the body you need to remove the fiber.  Juicing is best for cleansing.

In summary, juicing and blending have two different functions. Juicing is for cleansing and supplementing, while blending is for nutritional meals and cell building.  It’s great to include both into your diet even if it’s just for variety.

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  1. Hello, I watched Fat, Sick and nearly Dead and I am really motivated to juice…I ordered a HealthMaster Emulsifier Elite. I would really like to get healthy and lose unwanted pounds. Will this slow down the weight loss process? completely blending everything to a juice, which includes the pulp? Is this considered a cleanse?

    Thank you

    1. Cleansing via blending happens at a slower rate. Since you are consuming whole food, the body must reserve energy for digesting it. Therefore the body doesn’t go into “full on” cleansing mode. And yes you may still experience weight loss.

  2. We’ve been blending for quite a while now, and are ready to begin on a juice cleanse journey. My father and I have been going back and forth about the way juice is made. He believes that you need to use a slow crushing type masticator so that the enzymes are not destroyed in the process by excess heat, or high RPMs. Do you have any research that shows definitively that lower cost juicers that use higher speeds produce a less nutrient rich juice?

    1. George, perhaps more than heat, the speed of centrifugal juicers (which you call lower cost juicers) often introduce oxygen into the juice in the form of froth. Oxidation of juice depletes the nutrients which is why we say to drink the juice immediately. Maybe this research will help you.

  3. I have noticed that there’s a lot of negative comments about centrifugal juicers, but
    Jack Lalane used a centrifugal juicer and he lived to be 92

    1. My question is… I have a Vitamix, so I am using the whole fruits and veggies, should I strain the pulp? It seems like a waste of whole raw food?

  4. In terms of “fasting”, does that mean we drink nothing but juice and water all day with no other meal? Or do we incorporate that as well?

  5. Now this is the first article that broke down the differences in a way that is easy to understand so now I feel I can make an educated decision. Thank you so much!!!!

  6. I’m a bit confused about the fiber thing. If your body cannot digest fiber (i.e. it passes right through you,) how does it activate the digestion system? Fiber is like the champion of “removing foods and waste that are already inside the body.” Isn’t that why fiber is said to help keep you “regular”? So if you blend, doesn’t it seem logical that you’re getting an added benefit that juicing doesn’t have … the fiber is cleansing your digestive system because it’s helping to move leftover food down and out, and the juice is cleansing the rest of your systems when it’s absorbed into the body.

    I just don’t get what fiber has to do with this if your body literally can’t do anything with it but pass it on through your system and out your body….it can’t be digested.

    1. Great question. The fiber thing can be confusing. Yes fiber is good to help the digestion process along and yes in a sense does help to keep the digestive tract clean. The body uses a lot of energy in the process of separating nutrients from the fiber to deliver to the body. When the body is not actively digesting food (and it is receiving the nutrients it needs) then it can get to work eliminating the toxins that have been stored in the body in areas other than the digestive tract. Juicing gives the body the nutrients it needs to begin eliminating toxins. Smoothies are similar, and the fiber in smoothies is already broken down so it’s easier for the body to digest, but during a cleanse, you want to free up as much energy as possible for eliminataing toxins and juicing is the way to go. Hope this helps!

  7. The body is always cleansing itself. If it’s not, then you might want to see your doctor for possible cirrhosis of the liver.

    Juicing vs blending – do whatever you want. There’s no difference in the two. One removes the fiber, the other keeps it intact. Your digestive system is amazing at doing its’ job. It doesn’t need any help whatsoever. Make sure you get in all of your macro- and micro-nutrients, and you’ll be completely fine.

    To those that say that you need to give your colon a rest – no, you don’t. Your heart never rests. Your lungs never rest. Your organs do not need a rest – their jobs are to function 24/7 (or else, ya know, you kinda die).

    1. Makes very good sense to me Steve!

      Question – do you recommend a website that explains macro- and micro-nutrients?

      Thank you

  8. Actually, Steve, the human body is designed to cleanse itself, yes. But, if you don’t eat healthily and you stress your body with too many toxins from processed foods then you most definitely will need to do a cleanse by completing a fasting of some sort. That’s what your body does while asleep…but, if you never give your body that break then you will become ill. Let’s also not forget all of the toxins in the environment from factories, vehicle exhausts, and other pollutants. So, I have to disagree that SOME of the body’s systems do not need a break…they do because most of us overwork and exhaust them with the amount of toxins we plague them with.

  9. The Vita-Mix is not a blender, but a pulverizer, although you can blend with it at lower speeds. The whole food is retained with the juice and pulp still present, and yes, you can strain out the pulp with a fine strainer, whatever it is. In the book Encyclopedia of Healing Juices by John Heinerman, he advocates the Vita-Mix as being the preferred device to use. He also recommends that, with the exception of pineapple, fruits should not be combined with vegetables. In some combinations of foods, he recommends certain orders. I think his book deserves consideration. He cautions the reader about combinations that can be detrimental, for example, too much celery or cabbage, especially when pulverized.

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