Making Juice for the First Time

Making juice for the first time can be an overwhelming experience if you’re not prepared. This blog post will show you the ins and outs so you can make juice with ease!

Have you heard the story of how I first started juicing? About thirteen years ago I bought an inexpensive juicer after watching Jack LaLanne’s juicing commercial. He was so excited about making juice and his energy was so contagious I went out right away to purchase the juicer.


I had no idea which foods to put in the juicer. So it sat on my counter, looking all pretty and days passed. Weeks passed. I was paralyzed by the thought of making the juice. What if I failed? What if I hated it? Finally I put the juicer away in the cabinet so I wouldn’t have to look at it.


I did really want to make juice. So I pulled the juice maker out of the cabinet. I remembered that Jack juiced apples and carrots and that’s where I started. It was delicious.

Getting Started Making Juice

Are you just getting started with juicing? Maybe you’re like me and you’re procrastinating because you don’t know where to begin. Or maybe you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum (like many of my readers) and you’re itching to throw every vegetable and fruit you have into your first juice. This “everything but the kitchen sink” approach gives many people an upset stomach or diarrhea. I know because I’ve received countless emails from people who have done just that.

Yes there is a middle road and it is easy to follow.

Simple Juicing Guide

To me it doesn’t matter which brand or what type of juicer you use when you first get started. It only matters that you DO get started! The best way to begin using your machine is to juice one or two foods at a time. Simple juices have many health benefits.

Juice #1. Fruits are easiest to start with, so choose two of the following: 2 apples, 1 orange, 1 handful of grapes. Juice the two you’ve chosen. This is all you need for your first juice. Make note in your mind of the taste. Is it sweet, tart, heavy, or light?

Juice #2. Use the same two fruits as in juice #1. This time add one half of a cucumber to the juice. Cucumbers add a crisp refreshing taste to the juice and help to hydrate the cells in your body. You may notice some complexity to the taste of the juice as we begin to add other foods.

Juice #3. After you are accustomed to the taste of juice #2 you can begin to add vegetables. Let’s make a new juice. Start with  1 apple or 1 orange, and 1 whole cucumber. Now add 1 or 2 carrots and 4 romaine lettuce leaves. These new ingredients will add a bit of sweet earthiness to the juice. If the taste is too strong for you, either add a small amount of filtered water or a few ice cubes.

You Did It!

Once you are accustomed to the taste of the juice with green veggies, you can sneak in a few more!  Add a handful of spinach, a few leaves of kale or a small wedge of cabbage.  A couple of stalks of celery can be added or you can use the celery in place of the carrots.  If the taste is too heavy add one half lemon. Lemon is often used to brighten the taste of green juices and cut back on the bitterness.

Finally, when you feel comfortable with the combination above you may start adding herbs such as ginger, garlic, parsley, and cilantro.  Herbs help the detoxification process by stimulating the immune system, building up the blood and chelating toxic chemicals to remove them from the body.

From this point you can begin experimenting with your own recipes.  They can be simple or complex. It’s all up to you.  I like to recommend at least a 70% vegetable ratio to 30% fruits (unless you are making an all fruit juice). As you begin to develop a taste for vegetable juices you will naturally cut back on the fruits. So bring out your juicer and become your own juicing chef!

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  1. My first juicing, a few weeks ago, was carrots and apples. I started with foods I already knew I liked and thought would be good together. I’ve discovered pears are sweeter than apples and I love them in the juicer with a bunch of other vegetables, and I’m also addicted to ginger. Never tried ginger root before I started juicing and now I want it in every juice! Another first for me is beets – I never tasted beets before in my entire life, and last week at the store I was browsing the produce section and picked it up just to try it – not quite as addicting as ginger but still really love it in alot of my juices. Still learning and experimenting, lots of other vegetables out there that I’ve never tried.

    1. Start simple with foods that you already know, that’s a great plan Naomi! Glad you’re having fun with juicing!

  2. Nice intro for us that are starting with juicing. I really like your three tiered approach to easing into it and slowly growing accustom to the taste.

    However, I would suggest that people add in some sort of cruciferous vegetable in Juice #3. Among the other benefits stated here, they will provide detoxifying properties and help to control blood sugar levels that may spike with the intake of sugar from the added fruits.

    What are your thoughts?

    1. Great idea Julie. Most people will probably start with one juice per day in addition to regular meals, so blood sugar levels may not be a problem, but that would definitely be the next step!

  3. I want to.start juicing for my 5 year old who is at the top of the percentile range for her weight. What recommendations do you have?

    1. Hi Kelly, please see my recommendation to Kerrie on this page as it also applies to children.

  4. Me and my husband want to start juicing, but want to include my 11 yr old daughter. She has had weight issues for the last 8 years and we want to know if it is safe for her to do this as well? We want her to be healthy and possibly lose some weight as well. What are your thoughts? Thanks

    1. I would encourage you to start slowly. Have her drink one glass of fresh vegetable juice or smoothie daily plus healthy meals the rest of the day. Children have certain nutrition needs because they are growing so it’s best not to do a full cleanse until she gets a little bit older. Besides you don’t want to give the impression that she must go to such great lengths to lose weight. When she starts eating the proper foods and continues to have some exercise she may begin to see the weight issue balance itself out.

  5. Hi Carey,
    I really wanto try this cleanse out but I don’t understand how the cleanse works or how many juices a day to make? Is there somewhere I can read up on this? Thanks!!

  6. When a juice calls for ginger, is that ginger root? How much do I need to use. I’m new to juicing and have never used ginger root in anything before.

    1. Yes, that’s fresh ginger root. You can start with a small slice of about a quarter inch.

  7. Miss Carey,

    I’m really inspired by you to start juicing , eating vegies to be healthy. What are the best components if fruits or veggies for constipation. Please reply
    Thank you,

    Saudi Arabia

  8. Hi!
    I just started the juice diet and im 17 years old. im trying to juice for a month and day one is so so hard! And its hard especially because im at school so I make my juice the night before, but dont store in a mason jar, just a normal bottle.
    No idea what to do, please help!

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