Your Top 10 Juicing Questions Answered


Recently I asked you, my readers to submit questions about juicing so that I could better help you in your juicing journey.  I received many great questions -thank you- and I’ve compiled them into the top 10 most asked questions.


Juice Cleansing FAQ

Q.  Do I leave the peel on my fruits and veggies when juicing?  And what about the seeds?
A. Generally, if you buy organic produce you can leave the peel intact.  Non-organic foods should be peeled or at least washed thoroughly. You can make your own vegetable wash with this recipe. Citrus fruits should be peeled because the rind tastes bitter and may contain pesticides, but you can leave the white pith.  Many seeds can be left in the fruit and put through the juicer.  Hard “pit” seeds such as peach, plum, and cherry must be removed first.  Apple seeds do contain a small amount of a cyanide compound, which the body can easily detox in small amounts.  Juice machines do break open the seeds which can release the compound.  If this is a concern for you, then you can core the apple before juicing.

Q.  Can I make a pitcher of juice and store it for the day?
A.  The vitamins and nutrients in juice can oxidize or decrease over time so it is ideal to drink the juice right away.  The presence of light and oxygen speed up this process, but you can slow it down by keeping the juice in the refrigerator.  Be sure to use an airtight container (preferably opaque or dark in color) that is not much larger than the amount of juice and store it for up to 24 hours.

Q.  How many days do I have to drink the juices?
A.  If you are attempting a juice cleanse (juice fast) and have never done so before you may want to try a 1-day cleanse.  It’s a quick way to get your body used to the schedule of fasting.  The most common cleanses last 3, 5, or 7 days.  This is plenty of time for your body to eliminate standard toxins built up in the body.  You can do these short cleanses periodically throughout the year.  If you would like to attempt a longer cleanse, please enlist the help of a health professional to monitor your health and progress for safety reasons.

Q. Do I drink the juice all day or can I eat something such as raw foods when I get hungry?
A.  The reason for not eating during a juice cleanse is so that the colon does not use energy to digest new foods entering the body, but instead removes the built up foods and toxins that have not previously been absorbed by the body.  The reason for drinking juice is to give the body nutrients without digestible material.  There are some modified versions of the juice cleanse which allow minimal amounts of food, but this would be considered more of a maintenance diet and not a true fast.

Q. Can I use a blender?
A.  A blender is different from a juicer.  Blenders do not remove the fiber from the juice, therefore your body is digesting food.  The point of a juice cleanse is to relieve the body from digesting for a few days.  I recommend buying a juice machine, however you may blend your foods and strain them through a nut milk bag or cheesecloth to manually remove the fiber.

Q. Can I use just one recipe for my entire cleanse or should I mix in different vegetables and fruits?
A. It is best to mix up the recipes for a couple of reasons.  First you may get bored drinking the same juice all day for several days.  Also your body requires a lot of different vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal health.  By trying different veggies and fruits in your recipes you’ll be giving your body balanced nutrition.

Q.  Is it possible to do the juice cleanse with a majority of fruits instead of veggies?
A.  I recommend a vegetable based juice cleanse.  Fruits can be great in limited quantities, but fruits speed up the detoxifying process and can make your cleanse symptoms (shakes, headaches) feel worse.

Q.  How do you get enough liquid from the leafy vegetables?
A.  Some of the leafy vegetable just don’t have that much juice in them.  However the juice that is there is very powerful so don’t dismiss them altogether.  To get the best yield out of the leafy greens try rolling them to compact the leaves or wrapping them around a cucumber or carrot.  Making them “bulkier” may help to get more juice.  If you are getting serious about juicing you may want to check out a masticating juicer.  This type of juice machine “chews” the food at slower speed and may work better on the leafy vegetables.  Check out my juice machine guide for more info.

Q.  If I went on a juice cleanse, where would my protein come from?
A.  Vegetables DO contain protein.  For example spinach has about 1g of protein per cup and broccoli has about 2g per cup. Typically as a society we consume too many proteins and we’re conditioned to believe that we will not survive with less.  You will.  But if you are concerned about proteins you can add a powdered spirulina/wheatgrass type supplement to your juice.

Q.  How much weight will I lose on a five day juice fast?
A.  You may lose some weight during a juice fast.  The amount will vary per person but the average is about one pound per day on a five day fast.  Much of this is simply retained water and built up food matter in the colon.  To maintain the weight loss it is important to stick to a routine of healthy eating, exercise, and periodic cleansing.

Happy Juicing!



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  1. I believe there’s enough protein in the veggies and that’s how I respond when others always say to me but what about your protein in a very concerned matter! I think you hit it on the head w/we’re conditioned to believe that we will not survive with less! So true!! Quick question though I’ve heard that you can eat nuts during the fast any kind and as many as you want – but after reading this I am second guessing that since you said the colon will be digesting it so it defeats the purpose, right???

      1. In the documentary ‘Fat Sick And Nearly Dead’ Joe Cross mentions eating nuts and beans? If not by eating, how would you suggest incorporating these into your juicing cleans or reboot?

      2. Hi Carey,

        I have a question. I have done juicing for a while but I recently heard that if I juice for an entire day(s) (which I have never done) I need about 6 juices a day. Is this right? I am guessing it depends on the person but about how many juices a day would you recommend?

        I appreciate it.
        Kind regards,

  2. I just started and is confused on how many times a day am i suppose to drink this. does it make for all day or just 1batch per meal? HELP

  3. These are some very good FAQs.
    Anyone know a good place to find a 3 or 4 basic recipes for a successful 7-15 day juicing fast?

    1. Mauricio,
      Have you gotten my 25 free juice recipes? You can sign up for them in the sidebar of the blog.

  4. When purchasing a juice extractor, the best advice would be to decide which benefits and features you expect out of your machine. The type of juice you expect, from the fruits and vegetables you choose.
    This site has some excellent information and should be bookmarked by anyone that comes here.
    A juicer can be one of the best kitchen appliances you buy. Some juicer extractors are of such quality that they are passed down through the family.After looking through your site,i feel that you have shared some excellent information that will benefit any and all of your readers.

  5. Carey: So, what is the usual digestive experience while on a juice fast? In other words, is our bathroom experiences like a colon cleanse before a colonoscopy :)? I think that needs to be part of my mental preparation and not sure what to expect……sorry, if this is TMI (too much information), but I worry about that.

    1. Julie,
      Juicing certainly tastes much better than that nasty stuff you drink before a colonoscopy! Everyone’s experience will be different, but generally you may have some loose stools in the beginning. After juicing for a couple of days you movements may stop since there is no solid food entering your body. At this time some people choose to do enemas to help any material still in the colon move along.

      1. In all the reading I’ve been doing for the past two months about juice fasting, is the first time I hear the word “enema”. Is that absolutely necessary?

  6. How important is to workout while juice fasting, its my 14th day I lost 18lbs, it has kind of slowed down last 5 days, i was losing more before, I have constipation as well haven’t gone to toilet for almost week, and yeah I haven’t worked out at all not even walking / running, before I start fasting I used to workout 4-5 days a week, any suggestions please, should i start walking / running, also want to mention my 5th day i did colonic irrigation procedure and I think i have to do it again, it was great first time, cleans you out pretty good, I suggest doing it if you are haveing same problem as me.

    1. hii im reading up on juicing to see if it is a good thing to do for my body just wanted to know what is colonic irrigation procedure??? also how long are u on it now? and how do u feel? do u feel any kind of weekness is that y u stoped working out? please let me know cause im thinking about doing it!!

  7. Also This is Really Important question I have to ask, I have been juicing about 40oz a day, last 4 days I only have 4 – 8oz glasses of juice , is it enough if not why its not enough, and how much is better and why, please share with your thoughts.

    1. Hi George,

      I think 2 bottles (24oz) of juice would be a good amount to get your nutrition for the day. People who cleanse usually do 6 bottles for the entire day. So 2 would be the norm for someone who is just supplementing their diet with juice.

  8. I am an avid runner and road biker with an occasional triathlon thrown in. Will this be enough protein and carbs to allow me to continue to exercise 4-5 times per week for 1-2 hours each day?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Stacy and Carey,

      Stacy- How did it go with working out?

      Carey & Stacy,
      I am planning a 7-10 day cleanse while training for several races. I don’t want to stop my training for the entire cleanse, but I would cut back if needed. What are your thoughts on exercising, probably 50-60 min 5-6 days per week?


  9. If I am juicing every morning with the original Mean Green recipe, what is the approximate vegetable consumption equivalent? How close am I to getting a day’s worth of veggies (and what is the target # of vegetables per day… I am guessing 7-9 but not sure!)

  10. I would like to start my fruit and vegetable fast tomorrow since I just found out I have a fatty liver. I think this will be a great way to loose some weight quickly and in essence help me reverse my fatty liver. As I was reading this section of your site, I was wondering if I go through this fruit and vegetable fast can I go without having an enema or is it strongly suggested that I have one? In addition, I’m also on some medication and I was wondering should I get off the medication now or just wait till I’m done with the prescription cycle.
    In addition, I wanted to know what should I expect the first few days of fasting I have heard that some people experience stomach cramps. I always viewed this as a sign of your stomach shrinking at least that is what my gastroenterologist states so bearing through with it is reasonable I guess but when will the symptoms subside.

  11. Starting my first juice fast tomorrow …. Gunning for 10 day, once I get there, I may try a 30 day cleanse.
    Thanks for the recipes, I’m actually looking forward to this!
    Is there a support group type website you could recommend?

  12. Hi Carey,

    I am a strict vegetarian and very active individual. That being said, I do not need to lose any weight. I am very interested in doing a 20 day cleanse for nutritional purposes but I am afraid if I lose too much weight I will look sickly. I am 5’4 and 117lbs. Your thoughts?

    Your advice is appreciated!

    Thank you,


    1. Michaela,
      I’m curious as to why you’ve chosen 20 days? How about a modified juice cleanse (juicing + 1 or 2 solid meals), raw food cleanse, or smoothie cleanse if you are going to cleanse for this long. Either of these would provide more calories and give you a slower detox process. It seems you may already be quite healthy.

    2. From the way I understand it when you do a cleanse like this, if you are over weight you may loose it, if you are underweight you may gain some, if you are at a healthy weight you might loose a few pounds but not much. Also someone who is heavier may loose more weight in the first five days then someone that weighs less. I also noticed that when I have done a cleanse with people who are heavier then me they always have worse side effects like headaches, shaking, dizziness etc. This might be because of the toxins stored up in their fatty tissues, I would cross check that 411 though.

  13. How do I store my juice for the day durring work. I have made vegie juice the night before and by the next afternoon it is not possible to drink. Can’t take my juicer to work so what do I do?

    1. Store the juice in an airtight container filled to the top so there is little to no air inside. Dark containers keep the light out. It needs to stay cool and dark, so refrigerate it. Make the juice in the morning before work if possible instead of the night before.

  14. Hi! My Husband and I just started a juice cleanse today for the first time. My problem is I just can’t stomach the taste of the Mean Green juice (we are drinking the one Joe Cross does in his movie). Every drink I take I immediately have to chase it down with large gulps of water. I really want to do this, but if there any other green juice recipe that isn’t as strong that I might enjoy a little bit more???

  15. i just started the juice fasting today. I know it is recommended to juice and drink it right away but what can I do if I am not able to juice during lunch if I’m at school? If I prepare it before hand and unable to store it in a fridge would would you recommend that I do?

    Thank you

    1. Mike, yes, it’s normal. When my husband and I juiced for 3 days in a row, we both felt nausea. It’s just the rush of your body getting rid of all the toxins, and making way for a healthier system.

      I know this is getting to you WAY late, but maybe this will help someone else with the same question. 🙂

  16. I have a question, what do I eat after the cleansing is over? I understand that its healthy, but what can I add back in that doesn’t mess up the whole detoxing?

  17. I had weight loss surgery about 6 years ago and have put on a few extra pounds. Is it safe for me to do a juice cleanse when I need to eat more protein than the normal person? My body does not absorb protien like it should after surgery.

  18. Hi, I was curious, does the amount of food difer for everyone. What I mean is, my husband in almost 300lbs and I am 150. We both would like to go on a veggie/juice fast but would I need to add as much to a drink as he would for every meal? Thanks

    1. Your husband might need more ounces per drink in order to feel full, so he would probably drink more in a day than you. If you drink 4 drinks at 16 ounces, he may need to double that for instance. Just listen to the body to tell you what it needs.

  19. Question: What vegetables should NOT be juiced? Someone told me that juicing a turnip almost killed a man by taking out his liver function. I can see where most can be juiced. But didn’t I even hear that juicing too much of beets can not be healthy? Where can I read more about this topic?

    Question: What about the food combining issue? Not mixing fruits with vegetables, for instance. Usually when “eating” fruits, they get digested quicker than a vegetable, for instance, as fruits do not digest in the stomach, but in the intestine. So… juicing them together … should it matter? or not?

    1. Turnips and beets contain oxalates which *may have an effect on formation kidney stones. They are also considered powerful liver cleansers and should be used in moderation.

      Yes fruits and vegetables are digested at different rates and require different enzymes which may neutralize each other. I don’t know all the details of this “rule” of eating, however juices are quickly absorbed by the body, so fermentation may not be an issue. Many people cannot tolerate the taste of vegetable only juices, thus fruits are often suggested in recipes.

      1. I have always been a stone maker (kidneys). I’ve had multiple expensive surgeries in the past to remove them. Mine were made up of calcium oxalate . My urologist gave me an avoidance list of oxalate rich foods. Unfortunately this also seems to be all the heart healthy things I loved. When I questioned him about it, he said “Look this list is not to say you can never have these foods again. Its telling you that they cannot sit in the kidney for long periods or they will form stones. You can have them in moderation, however have a full 8 oz. of water straight behind your meal to push the oxalate out of the system.” I follow this rule as well with juicing. Beets, blueberries etc. Having a water between juices is good for you anyway, and an opportune time to flush oxalates and get your electrolytes in. I either do smart water or coconut water. Here is a link to oxalate rich foods.

  20. Does anyone know if taking vitamins and supplements during a juice cleanse/fast is advantageous or would it create confusion within my body by sending the wrong signals which could lead to overdosing.

  21. After you cleanse for 10 days, what is the best way to ease into normal eating? What foods are best to introduce back in my diet?

  22. I have been doing a great deal of research related to juicing, juice fasting, vegan diets. I eat a typical western diet full of processed foods and meats. I am not prepared to go on a juice fast yet, but I have read your article related to it and I am in prep mode. Today I decided to try one of the “Mean Green Juice” recipe. OMG, how does one get past the taste!?!

  23. Here’s a good question, I’m tracking my food intake but as a heavy juicer since January, I’ve had a hard time figuring out how many calories are in a “juice meal”. I tend to make a 1500 mL pitcher in the morning and evening of carrots, beets, broc, apples, and celery. Am I taking in too many sugars?

    1. The only calories you’re really drinking are in the carrots and apples. I doubt you’re putting in enough beets to make a difference. Look up the nutrition for an apple and a carrot and multiply it by how many you use and you’ll be close enough. Unless you’re gaining weight from it, I wouldn’t be too concerned. Everything you’re juicing has enough nutrients to more than make up for the sugar, save maybe the apples. When I juice, I allow myself as many veggies as I want but limit the fruits (in your case, apples) to just enough to take the bitterness away from the veggie juice and make it enjoyable.

  24. Hi, I’m planning to start ;my juice tomorrow, except i have a question can i drink water during the day?

  25. How much do the ingredients cost for each batch? And how many servings does each batch yield. I really really wanna do this! I’m just so afraid my low income won’t work with me on it.

    1. Try going to the farmers market or local fruit and veggie stand. Summer is the cheapest time for juicing. I buy what is on sale every few days at several places. That way I get variety and save money. Also , a batch is as big as you make it.

  26. I am starting an 8 day juice fast tomorrow, I plan to use chia seeds along with it, is this ok?

  27. Hi,
    I’m on day 9 of a 10 day juice fast. I am doing a cleanse that consists mostly of vegetables, and I’ve been mixing up my juices to get a range of nutrients. While I feel great, I am a little concerned. I have been experiencing some skin discoloration. Small, dark spots have developed around my wrists and a couple of larger, dark blotchy spots on the back side of one of my hands. I also noticed a few dark spots showing up on my stomach. I’ve been doing searches online and can’t seem to find any information on this, or other people who have experienced it. Do you happen to know what may be going on here?


    1. Chanelle, One of the pathways which the body uses to remove toxins is the skin. Believe it or not I have heard of old scars and old sunburns showing up in the detox process! If this is toxins trying to exit, I would recommend some light exercise such as walking or rebounding to encourage circulation and some sweating. Keep drinking plenty of water to replace the water loss through sweat and to help flush the body. Have you included any herbs in your juicing? I would suggest adding some parsley, cilantro, and ginger as these help with detoxing. Keep an eye on the skin for further changes. If it doesn’t clear you should visit a doctor just to be sure.

      1. Those should be checked by a doctor. It sounds like a hemolytic disorder that is not connected with juicing. I would ask for labwork.

  28. To those who’ve wondered about making a day’s worth ahead of time and taking the juice to work, I’ll share what I’ve done every time I’ve done a juice fast that works well for me. I make the amount for the entire day in the morning before work (approx 64-72 oz depending on how big or small the pieces of fruits/veggies are). Half of it goes into a tightly covered mason jar (plastic lid) and stored in the fridge until I get home from work. The other half I put into a large thermos with a couple of ice cubes. More often than not I still have a few small chunks of ice left by the time I’m ready to drink it at noon or 1pm. Just make sure to shake the thermos before drinking; sometimes it separates a little. But it tastes as good as when it was first made…if a bit colder. 🙂

  29. i was wondering if it was ok to blend the juice from the juicer to make a smoothie?

  30. I just want to thank you for putting this information together. Saw the movie a few months ago and have been mulling over a change. Borrowed a Jack Lelane juicer from a friend and am now seriously thinking of trying a 30 day fast/cleanse. I appreciate very much the info you have compiled here as I need all the help I can get to prepare for this process! Thanks again : )


  31. so do i just have the juice for my main meals breaky lunch and tea or can i have as much juice as i want ??

  32. Firstly, this is a great site to get someone started such as myself. I am preparing mentally before my juicer is delivered. I have given up all alcohol (it’s been 4 days) and really a habit more than a need. Started drinking more water and I’ve always eaten fairly well at only 58 kilos.(don’t know what that is in pounds, sorry) My question is, can I drink an all fruit juice for lunch instead of the green juices as I think I’ll get bored too quickly and is that too much sugar in one hit?

  33. hey guys i just have a couple of questions, i have just reached my 60th day of nothing but juicing. i feel great, i have lost 61 lbs. i was wondering how do i come off it, like what types of smoothies or drinks or food? thank you so much

    1. Paul,
      You can start by making smoothies with the same ingredients that you juice. This will get some fiber into your system. Next you can start eating a piece or two of fruit during the day. Then a salad, etc until you are back onto whole foods. (keep juicing during all this). The transition may take several days. Your body will tell you what it is ready for.

  34. I was wondering if anyone, while on a juice cleanse has made vegetable juice and heated it making it into a soup/broth? Will the heat take away some of the nutirients?

    1. Great question Sam. When heating the juice, do so very slowly and preferably do not heat above 117˚F. This will retain all or most of the nutrients.

  35. I watched the video joe cross did and im on the 4th day of my fast. Yesterday was hard and was in the bathroom pretty much all day. Today im very weak but drinking alot of water and still juicing. When does the body start to gain energy back.

  36. Hi Carey,

    I have a Omega VRT330 HD and use it to create the mean green for breakfast and lunch. I tried getting up early to do so but have now moved my exercise regimen to the morning and have begun to juice my next day’s juice supply the night before. I fill two 16 oz freezable canning jars to overflowing and seal them. I put one in refrigerator (my next day’s breakfast) and one in the freezer (my next day’s lunch). Since I work in an office, this is the easiest approach I’ve found so far. Then in the morning I drink the one in the refer and set my frozen one out at my office thawing just in time for lunch.

    #1 – I’m just wondering if this is a reasonably safe approach. #2 – Am I losing a bunch of nutrients by doing this?

    Thanks so much for the website & the recipes! They kill it!



    1. Hi Mike, You’re doing everything correctly in order to keep the juice as fresh as possible and the Omega VRT reportedly makes a high quality juice, so no worries. Happy juicing to you!

    1. Chia seeds are great and I have them often in my smoothies. However if your goal is fasting they would not be appropriate because they need to be digested.

  37. Hi i have been on the fast for 6 days i have 3 pints a day and about 6/7 pints of water a day, i have not had a bowel movement, would you suggest aloe vera or colon cleanse tablets as i cant afford to get a colonic done. i have started taking wheatgrass as well today.


  38. how much (many) juice can u have a day, is it ok to add a detox smoothie when doing a juice diet.

  39. Hi Carey,

    First off, thank you for compiling all this information! I stumbled across the ‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’ documentary on Netflix, and found my way here. I just ordered a juicer, and I am looking forward to starting this process. I just have a couple questions before my juicer gets here 🙂

    1) Are multi-vitamins suggested at all? Or any other supplements?
    2) I’ve read that there are some “digestive irregularities” that can come with the start of juicing. I’d like to try and have that trial fall on a weekend. Are there days that this typically falls on? (i.e. day 2 or 3, day 6, etc.)

    Thanks for all your help and advice!

    1. Hi Lola,
      THanks for visiting my blog and I’m glad you’re getting into juicing!

      To answer your questions:
      1. Juices are the vitamins 😉 If you juice a variety of fruits and vegetables you should be getting complete nutrition.
      2. Everyone responds to juice cleansing in their own way. Typically, though days 1-3 involve the most “irregularities” as the body and mind adjust to the new routine.

      Happy juicing!

  40. Most of these recipies call for cruciferous vegetables. People with hypothyroidism like myself can’t use these veggies in our vegetable juices. So what can we use? I can get tired of always using just cucumber, carrots, beets, celery….anything else?

    1. This is a common question, Hermi. Unfortunately there is a lot of conflicting information on the subject. You may be able to try blueberries and oranges. I know these are fruits and you may be concerned about sugar, but they are reasonably low in sugar and high in antioxidants. To slow down the release of sugar, blend your ingredients instead of juicing (the blended drinks also have fiber). You can add chia seeds to your blended smoothie. Chia seeds have fiber, protein, omega-3, and also slow the release of sugars.

  41. instead of starting the fast/cleanse cold turkey, my boyfriend and i thought it would be prudent to ease into it. our plan was to start out by replacing one meal a day with a juice, do that for a week, then replace two meals the next week, and so on until we were only consuming juice. well, we started this morning by following the original mean green recipe to the letter. i drank my juice for breakfast, and securely cold packed his so he could have it for lunch. not 20 minutes later, i was in the bathroom and could not leave for more than a half hour. this was followed by uneasiness and stomach cramps. i had to take off a half day from work! i called my boyfriend immediatly to tell him that he may want to wait and juice at home for dinner.

    i apologize for the nature of this question, but i am very concerned about this bathroom situation. will this be the case for me as long as i am consuming solid food in tandem with fresh juice? do we have to jump in with both feet? will i ever be able to simply incorporate fresh juice into my healthy eating lifestyle?

    1. There could be several reasons for the bathroom situation. Most likely your body is not used to consuming such an intense amount of nutrition. That’s okay, go slow, there’s no rush. One juice a day plus healthy meals is a good way to start. Begin with just a couple of ingredients such as apple/cucumber. Then add a celery stalk or carrot. After a couple of days, add some romaine lettuce. Then spinach or kale. And finally add the herbs (ginger, parsley, etc) and lemon. Make sense? Easy does it, you’ll be fine.

      1. i was so excited about our new juicer and this new healthy direction that i was let down hard by the events this morning. your advice has me encouraged again, though. thanks so much!

  42. Hi,
    I have been juicing for the last couple of weeks! I love it. I am not on a juice fast but will supplement a juice for a meal. But I am getting headaches after I juice. I don’t have headaches prior to Jucing and I am eating a good healthy diet. It doesnt matter what i juice or when i juice. I know juicing can lower your blood sugar . I am not diabetic. I am not detoxing either.
    Do you have any suggestions to what this might be from?

  43. Hi Carey My Question is: If I am Diabetic and on 5mg. Glyberide and 500 mg.of metermin both twice a day do I have to be concerned about the amount of fruits in my juice? I know that juicing is mainly vegetables but this still worries me. Are the recipes you offer for someone like me or do I need special recipes becouse of my condition? I am planning a 10 day fast and if I can continue I will go for the 30 day fast. will have blood tests results back in a couple of days. Looking forward to your answer, Thanks Martha.

  44. I have a question maybe no one has asked before. I am using the Master Cleanse which is essentially juiced lemons, cayenne pepper, and true maple syrup, and it works so great. I lose 2.5 pounds a day using that. But it’s a real hassle. I have to juice one lemon for breakfast, clean the juicer (which takes 20 minutes) and then another lemon for lunch, and do it all over again. My question is this … lemons are pretty good at preserving and also scouring … would it be okay to assume that I don’t have to clean my juicer for the 5-6 hours between breakfast and lunch? That the lemon crud gathered in my juicer wouldn’t cause any harm? The reason I can’t juice the lemons all at one time is because if I juice the lemons and put the remainer in the fridge, it sours (sounds funny, right, lemons “souring” but what I mean is they turn putifried in flavor after only a few hours after juicing them. I can’t bear to drink this sludge 5 hours later. IT must be a fresh lemon every time. But it’s a hassle. Could I just clean the juicing head itself, to clear out the lemon waste, and leave all the other cleaning until after my last juicing? I think lemons should prevent botchelism from occuring that soon, am I right? I don’t want to take a chance, but I do want to simplify this process if I can. Thanks for your advice. Please email me if you don’t want to reply online.

  45. Hi i have a question, my husband has just started his juicefast he has done it before but this time its gonna be longer ( 30 days ) coz he wants to lose wieght, is it okay to eat nuts while juice fasting ? How about fruits? For example if he eats an apple or an orange a day is it okay ? Or if he has almonds or cashews ? Does it get in the way of his weight lossing ?
    Thank u !

    1. Hi Mattie,
      First of all I always recommend consulting a health professional if you’re fasting for more than 10 days, to make sure you know your specific health needs. While fasting means consuming no solid foods, many people opt to do a Modified Juice Fast. You can find more info on that here:

      Weight loss will also vary depending on your health and activity levels. Just remember to eat healthy after the cleanse is over!

  46. Hello ilove the tips, but what do you mean by; do a one day diet for beginners. Like do it for one day then try some other time and try for two?

  47. Hello! Just received a juicer and would love to cleanse for a few days. I am a very active person though, can I work out (lift, ride bike) are a moderate level and supplement some soy protien into my diet?

    1. Jeff if you are already active, then yes a moderate level of exercise would be fine. I don’t supplement but some people do, so the choice is yours.

  48. Hi Carey,

    I came across your website in my research as I am doing a 3 day juice fast/cleanse for the first time in many years. I wanted to get some fresh information. I couldn’t help notice in the FAQ that very little credence is given towards what to do after the fast. I recall from my previous 3-day (really 5-6 days all in) experience that I could barely eat 1/4 a baked potato without being full, and I heard horror stories from people that spoke of breaking the fast with pizza, burgers, alcohol, etc. As well, the concept of chewing was a bizarre and foreign one after the 3 days. I think people need to be aware that the post-cleanse party is very important as well. Thanks for creating this site.


  49. I really love the idea of juice fasting, it seems like the absolute perfect way to hit a refresh button for your body. I actually just really like raw fruits and veggies for everything in my life, really. The thing is, I’m only 14 and I’m in highschool and I’m worried the temptations in the cafeteria will get to me, or my family will pester me or even call my anorexic for ‘fasting’.
    But the one thing that keeps me sticking to something like this is a schedule. So, I was wondering if you had suggestions for a schedule to a juicing cleanse? Like, which juices I should have when, when I have them, and even when I make them before-hand.
    I’m going to be browsing around for quite some time on your site to understand this even more, I’m looking to do the cleanse sometime in between February and April vacation, or the end of the school year. Thanks so much for reading this!

  50. Hi there, when juicing are you supposed to drink the same juice all day or do you mix it up? I’m not sure if you are supposed to drink the same one as breakfast or not…

  51. Hi. I’m about to start my first juice cleanse. My plan is to hit 3 days, with the hope extending it to 7 or 10 days. Do you recommend any certain veggies to add that are high in iron? Is there anywhere you suggest to find a good variety of juice recipes?

  52. Hi,
    I have a question. Whenever I start to juice (even within the very first drink) my tounge will feel wierd. It isn’t painful but kinda feels raw after I have the drink. I am not having a lot of acidic fruits in my juice. My first juice I had was one orange, one apple, 2 carrots and a good sized portion of kale. Why would this happen? In the past when I tried to do this cleanse I stopped it because of how my tounge was feeling. It got worse with each drink. I have had only 1 juice yesterday and it still feels raw. In the past I did it without any citrus. Do you know why this is happening? Does it go away eventually? Thanks in advance!

  53. When trying to attain healthy daily habits, what would you recommend as a once a day morning juice recipe?

  54. hey, I’m planning on doing this for 10 days. I still don’t know if you have to drink the green mean juice for the whole 10 days or if I can combined with other juices.

    Thank you.

  55. Hi I’ve been juice fasting for 5 days now with a combination of fruit and veg juices. The amount of juices I’m consuming is between 4-5 a day depending on my hunger levels. I’m not feeling hungry as such and drinking plenty water. My weight at the start was 237lbs which in the obese range for my height. I haven’t lost any weight in my first five days of juicing I’m very surprised as I am extremely overweight. Any ideas on I’m a little worried thanks.

  56. I would like to start juicing and I just bought a really good juicer. I am breast feeding. Is it ok to do a modified juice cleanse while breast feeding? Thanks!

  57. Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook
    group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thanks

    1. Hi Gerald,
      You can easily share our content with your facebook group, provided you use our link. Find the page you want to share and copy the url from the address bar at the top, then paste that into your facebook group page. Thanks for sharing!

  58. Hi!
    I’ve been dieting and exercising for 3 weeks now, trying to get that summer bod, as I live in Southern California. I’ve been juicing for 3 days now. Day 1 was easy, however Day 2 and Day 3 were much harder because on both days, right around 4pm, I got extremely nauseous, light headed and craved food. So, I juiced a cup of veggies and drank about half and still had this extreme nausea and around 5pm (both days) I gave in and ate some chicken and rice and immediately felt normal again. I’ll add that I am working out after “dinner” and I am drinking 1L of water a day, or more. I want to do a 7 day cleanse but I’m just not sure if my body can handle it.
    Is nausea a normal feeling to have from a juicing cleanse? What causes this? Any recommendations to get past this?
    I don’t know if this helps, but I am female, 5’10”, 160 lbs and I think I have high metabolism.
    Thanks for your help!

  59. Can I add vitamins such as vitamin C or multivitamin to my juicer along with the vegetables?

  60. I am on day 5. Should I be making bowel movements by now. And how exactly is my body loosing weight juicing.

    1. probably cause you are eating extremely low in calories…. the weight might come back once you start eating normally.

  61. Carey, I know your body can only absorb so much nutrients at one time. How much juice should i drink at one time and how long should I wait until my next serving so I am not wasting my juice?

    1. George,
      You can drink until you feel satisfied anywhere from 8-20 ounces is typical. If you are drinking small amounts at a time you could drink up to every hour. Otherwise 4-6 drinks per day plus water is good. Let your body tell you when it needs more and vary your juice ingredients so you are absorbing a variety of nutrients.

  62. Is it possible to do a juice cleanse with store bought juice or do you need to make your own?? I am very excited to try juicing but cannot afford a juicer right now. Any tips would be appreciated!

    1. Yes, it’s possible but not the best option in my opinion. Store bought juices can be quite expensive especially if you are drinking 4-5 of them daily. You can buy an entry level juicer for around $50. My first juicer was a Hamilton Beach Big Mouth. It was cheap but it worked well for a few years.

  63. Today is day 5 of my fast (mostly green juice) (go me! 🙂 ) I still workout during my fast because i have the energy and is yet to experience the crash phase most talk about. I feel GREAt!! my question is can i take my pre and post workout supplements mixed with water (all vegan by Vega Sports) ? i have not been taking them because i was not sure and want the full benefits from the fast. on day 2 i had a handful of grapes, what’s your take on this was this ok?


  64. Hi Carey,

    Thank you for the great site. I have a few questions and would really appreciate your help.

    Is it ok to add celtic sea salt to the juices? If yes how much? How does adding salt negatively effect the juicing cleanse? I heard the trace minerals were a good addition.

    Is it ok to drink warm organic chicken broth with sea salt and pepper? Do any of these negatively effect the juice cleanse?

    Does freezing compromise the juice? I usually prepare enough juice for a day or two in advance. I dont want to lose many nutrients. Not sure if freezing will help.

    I read that boiling flax seeds, then straining and eating only the hot water with the slimy stuff flax seeds leave behind can assist well, especially with moving bowel on. Would you reccommend this? I actuallly combined that with the chicken broth, sea salt and black pepper.. (No seeds of course). Tasted similar to hot and sour soup because of the consistency. It was pretty satisfying, feeling like i was eating a soup.

    Thank you for your help in advance!

  65. Is it ok to do the cleanse (I’m thinking 3 day cleanse) while I’m breastfeeding my 8 month old?

    1. I do not recommend a juice cleanse while breastfeeding. First, you’ll be getting limited calories, and second, there is a belief that the toxins trying to leave your body may get transferred into the milk. How about a glass of fresh juice each morning plus healthy meals?

  66. I just purchased a Breville juicer (after watching Joe Cross’s documentary)and my husband and I love our green juice. We’d really like to know what constitutes a serving of veggies. I calculated the nutrition values for the spinach, kale, cukes, celery, carrots and apples (subtracting the fiber calories)and came up with 24 calories per ounce. Any idea how we calculate servings?

  67. Hi Mandy. I started my first juice fast two days ago. It was supposed to be a 3-day but at the end of day 2, I caved into my hunger. Feeling a little depressed about it, but realizing I went from a really crappy diet that was high in carbs, salt and caffeine. Do you think it is better to perhaps spend a couple of weeks first weening myself off of the bad foods and then try again? I really want to succeed and cleanse my system, but all the cravings were crazy.

    Any help would GREATLY be appreciated.


    1. Dee,
      Don’t be depressed, you’re turning your life around, it takes time. Keep going! It’s all worth it. If you juice at least once per day for a few weeks you will develop a healthy habit and it may be easier the next time you cleanse. Cheers to you!

  68. Hi, I am starting a juice cleanse plan and i noticed that almost every juice includes apples. could you still drink the juice without the apples or would it affect the cleanse?

  69. i juiced fresh beets and also greens two weeks ago that have been in the fridge … is it safe to still drink ?

  70. Hey Carey,

    Not sure if you know the answer to this question or not… But i’m aware that vegetables contain protein but I am curious if that protein is removed during the juicing process at all within the fiber?

    I ask this because I want to juice some things after my workout but if it loses the protein, even half the protein in the fiber it won’t be as effective for rebuilding and repairing muscle.

    Would appreciate your thoughts!


  71. I just started a cleanse but I’m easing into it. Smoothies first (got the blender for free after having an epiphany one night and starting on a whim).

    Once my girlfriend and I buy an actual counter-top juicer I will switch to juice. She just told me about the broccoli thing which is part of the reason I thought this might be easier.

    What about exercise? I’m currently overweight and thought some short jobs during this time would be ok but really pushing the limits wouldn’t be advisable on a such a low-calorie intake? advice?

    1. great that you’re getting started. Movement is good to help the body cleanse, but you’re right, don’t overdo it.

  72. Thank you for answering peoples questions! today is my first time juicing and today is my first day! these questions and answers helped me!

  73. I want to do a 30 day juice fast for health and fitness reasons. I like running and I like exercising. How much activity is recommended for this fast? What specific exercises would be helpful? Which ones would be hurtful?

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  75. In the morning i take grass of vegetables and fruits and at 10:am i take tea and sweet potato lunch small portion super small portion will i reduce weight?

  76. While doing a juice fast is it ok to have some sort of chicken broth or vegetable broth? Of so how much is ok and how do I know what kind is ok to have?

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