Breville Juice Fountain Crush BJS600XL
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Breville Juice Fountain Crush BJS600XL

  Great news for Breville fans! The company has added a vertical slow juicer to their juice machine line. This is a single auger machine (called the Breville Juice Fountain Crush) with technology similar to the Omega Vrt and the Hurom Juicer. Breville may be three years behind in releasing their slow juicer, but hopefully…


Cleanse is a Verb

Recently ABC News aired a short report on the dos and don’ts of detox. Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder highlighted the fad detox methods such as the Master Cleanse, Oprah’s cleanse, and detox foot pads claiming that each of them are shocks to the system which stir up surface level toxins but don’t eliminate them. Kimberly recommends…